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    Great for wearing around the house or cabin, these mukluks are hand woven with soft wool and are finished with a thin leather sole on the bottom. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so, every pair is unique! Sizing, colors and styles will vary slightly!!

    Since each pair is unique we do not have listed colors to choose from. We will pick out a sweet pair for you!

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    Customer Reviews:

    I May Never Wear Shoes Again!
    I love these! You never know what color will arrive in the mail so I was delighted when my first pair of Mukluk slippers were in a shade of my favorite blue! I normally wear a size 8.5 - 9 in shoe and ordered the small with fingers crossed. PERFECT FIT! Cozy and comfortable - I will definitely be ordering again.
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    Sarah's Warm in Spokane
    sarah manke
    So, I just received my Mukluks, Which was purchased for my birthday; The only thing is the color. Black And White. BUT, as for warmth, comfort and material Very nice. I Will Be ordering again, crossing my fingers for New And Exciting Colors! I also am wearing socks. Comfy either way. More ordering from me. Very Fast Delivery LOVE!!!
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    These mukluks Are so awesome! I've had mine for a while, and I still love them! I like the aspect where we don't get to pick the design, because while it's shipping, you get to think about how they'll look. I love the design I got. I highly suggest getting these!
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    Size XS
    About the product: These are medium/large knit. The design pattern I received was striped-- black, pink, and white. They are a large sock-like design that has a tough piece of leather/suede hand sewn on the bottom. About the fit: I ordered a size XS, and I am normally a 6.5 or 7.5 in street shoes. The leather/suede sole is almost perfect to the size of my foot. My legs are very thin, so these have a slouchy oversized look on me. There is a lot of room inside the slipper and it is not form fitting. My thoughts: I love these. They are extremely warm. They have a wonderful handmade, organic look, which I adore. I received them for my birthday, and I can't stop wearing them! In love.
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    Runs Small
    I ordered the absolute smallest size of these and received them yesterday, although they are an xs, they are still too big for my feet. Other than that, I got dark pink/black slippers, and I love wearing them around the house! They're super warm and look great with my tie dye leggings from Soul Flower!
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    Faerie Queen
    Very comfy and warm, got two pairs for Christmas, ones like the one pictured with the white and brown and a red pair. Loooove!
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    Fun, funky colors and so SOFT!
    Jo S.
    I've had lots of pairs of Mukluks, but the ones I've gotten from SoulFlower are the absolute best. For one, the color combos they've sent me are WAY cooler than any of the ones pictured - one of my pairs even has some metallic gold thread! The fabric is softer than average, too. Regarding sizing for all you mukluk newbies - it varies. End of story. These aren't made in a factory, so... take your best guess and just know that the peeps at SoulFlower will make returns or exchanges easy. Also, you can let them know when you order if you prefer a certain color or need a wide leg opening. Peace!
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    I normally wear a size 9, after reading reviews I ordered a small rather than a medium and they're still too big :( They are super comfy though.
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    I wrote a review previously stating that these dont run small. I have since ordered another pair. I think you just have to get lucky to get a pair that fit and the stated sizing is just a general guideline. I wear an 8.5 shoe. I first ordered an xs and a medium that was intended as a gift. The xs was too small and will be returned. The medium fit me perfectly so I've kept it for myself. I then ordered a large for that intended gift, and it is actually somewhat smaller than the medium I kept. I now own 2 pairs and will try 1 last time for a pair to gift when I exchange the xs. They are super cute and snuggly, though. I have also enjoyed the surprise of not knowing what color they will be. The surprise of what size they are hasnt been so fun.
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    Sizes aren't big
    I listened to all the reviews that said sizes run big. I ordered 2 pairs. 1 for myself a size smaller (xs) than the sizes state I'd need, and 1 that was going to be a gift in a size larger (m) than my actual shoe size. The medium fits perfectly. I wear an 8 - 8.5
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    Iffy on size and quality
    I wear an 8 1/2 shoe. I ordered two pairs in extra small since I read that they run big. I got one pair that seemed fit, but the other pair was way too big. I'm fine with the color. Unfortunately the one pair that actually fit me has an annoying crease in the sole and is uncomfortable and awkward to walk in. So that's nice...
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    So cozy!!
    I absolutely love my slippers! I wear size 6/7 and the xs fits me perfectly! I'm not too fond of wearing them in public because they make my feet look a little big (: I will definitely order a few more pairs for myself, friends, and family.
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    Sizes AREN'T too big
    I listened to the reviews that sizes are big so I ordered small rather than medium. Annoying mistake. Great though but I got black and white so I'm worried that the white will get dirty. :S
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    my Mukluks just came in today and i felt the need to write a review right away! these are great, unique, colorful, and the most comfy slippers iv ever worn. there extremley warm too. Im deffinetly buying two more pairs for my mom and my sister(:
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    Sizes Are Big
    I recommend to anyone who wants to order this, to order at least one size smaller than their regular size.
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    Being the green person I am, I don't keep the heat on that much. (I use natural gas to heat my home). These are perfect to keep me warm. :)
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    I'm about a size 8 shoe. I was given the XS for Christmas. Super comfy! I only knocked off a star because, as has been previously stated, the very top of the leg opening doesn't have any stretch, meaning that I have to scrunch them up a bit, lower on my leg rather than pulling them all the way up my calf. Maybe they'll stretch with wear.
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    Cozy- and again, run BIG
    Just got mine tonight! They aren't a color I expected (didn't know there were colors other than the ones listed) and not something I would have picked out, but now that I have them, I love them anyway :). Part of the fun is the surprise! These slippers are very comfortable and roomy. I wear a size 7.5, and bought the XS, and they are still a little big. Since they are hand knitted, I think it's likely they will stretch to be even bigger after wearing them for a while. The sole is thin, and the yarn underneath is exposed, so I imagine they will wear out quickly, so I think I am going to buy a bigger sole and stitch it onto the bottom so they last longer and I can wear them outside if I want. Very cute though! I think I'll buy another pair.
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    Received my Muks... Ordered a small and I wear an 8.5. Fit perfectly. Leg opening may need to be a little bigger (reason for 4 stars). Very happy.
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    So cozy!
    Michelle Cicala
    I am so excited for some chilly weather so I can sport my new mukluks. I got a pink and brown pair that I love. They do run big so order a size down.
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    Sizes run BIG
    I was disappointed with the color as well as the fit. I was hoping for a colorful pair but I got the black white. That could've been ok except the XS were so big on my size 6 1/2 feet that I just couldn't wear them. I looked like a clown flopping around. I imagine if they actually fit they would be quite comfy.
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    Love 'em!
    I absolutely love my mukluks. I'm a size 7.5 and I ordered the extra small and they fit perfectly. I was a bit hesitant getting them because I am not a sock or slipper person but these are way better!! If I am home, I'm definitely sporting the muks!
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    Love them, but WAY bigger than expected
    I love these, they are so comfortable. The only issue is the size. I am a women's size 9.5, but I saw that they run big. I bought a small (7-8). They are still too big; they slide off when I walk. Love them otherwise.
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    I love my Mukluks!
    So warm and cosy, really comfortable and seem like they're good quality. I'll probably get the smaller size next time but they're still great a little bigger! Was a bit apprehensive about not getting to pick the colour and when they arrived they weren't a colour I'd have chosen but it's growing on me and I take comfort over colour any day!
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    So fun!
    My daughter gave me a pair for Christmas and I LOVE THEM! Warm, roomy, high on the calf so keeps the entire foot comfy! Haven't taken them off yet!
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    i want a million pairs
    these are so warm and comfy! and cute! i am in love with my mukluks. thank you!
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    Super stoked!
    I read all the reviews and decided to order a pair! The picture doesn't do them justice! I ended up with a blue and white pair that are so rad! I love them and can't wait to wear the heck out of them! I'm never disappointed with the quality I get from Soul-Flower!:)
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    i never want to take them off!!
    I order two pairs so i would get a 50/50 chance of liking the colors. I was nervous about not choosing the color but i realized it was a fun little surprise in itself. I bought the med and they are a little big, but roomy, cozy, soft and so woarm and comfortable!!! I love them so much i bought two more pairs in the smaller sizes. I do weekend winter cabin trips with my friends so i knew these would be perfect and a great conversation peice ;). I cant wait for them to come in. I was thinking of giving one or two away as gifts, but i think this will be my christmas present to myself!!!!
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    Super roomy and warm
    So Cal
    I used to wear these in the 80's and thrilled to have purchased these from soul-flower. I bought the xs for my 11 yr old and the med for me and they are both very roomy. My size 9 womens foot can actually fit into the xs. It just depends on whether you want the thin man-made sole to cover the lengh of your heals and toes or not. They are perfect just to throw on around the house :)
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    Love love!
    Abigail- IN
    Thank you Soul Flower! I LOVE my mukluk slippers! They are unbelievably warm, the colors are so fun, and I never want to take them off! I will definitely be buying them for Christmas gifts for my family. Great purchase. :)
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    Love it!
    I'll admit i was a little worried about not getting to pick my color but I got the exact color I wanted!!! I ordered small so they fit perfectly. Warm and cozy. I did find a huge sewing needle in one of them, so watch out for that!
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    I LOVE my Mukluks! They have stretched out a bit, and they were a little large to begin with (should've listened to other reviewers about the larger than normal sizes) but still do the job. Definitely have kept the feet warm!
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    I ordered these and was very nervous about not getting to choose the color I wanted. It came a two days ago and I HATED THE COLOR it was an orange, green, and like an oatmeal like grey. Worst buy ever!!! I'm never buying these again!;(((
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    Love these!
    I absolutely love my mukluks! I accidentally bought mine before I read the reviews so I didn't know that they run a little big, so mine are a little big on me, but they fit me perfectly if I wear socks. Very well-made and cozy, I wear mine all year long, and I even wear them out when I have to go to town and the weather is dry. Totally reccomend these :)
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    Perfect for Dance Warmups!
    Im a dancer and these are amazing for warm-ups!!!! wether its just plain flat, point shoes, or bare feet I love them! They are very comfy and warm, When my teacher tells us to take off our warm-ups my Mukuluks are the last things off!!! they are for sure a great friend for dancers! I am one of many who love their Mukuluks for warm-ups!
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    Kelsey G
    got them as a suprise gift-BEST SUPRISE EVER! i wear them every night, from the moment I get home, and I wear them every morning until I have to go to work. They're the most comfy slippers I've ever owned, and they look fantastic. Thank you SoulFlower!!! Peace and Love <3
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    these are sooo comfy and awesome! i wear a size 8.5-9 and i got the small (read per the other reviews they may run a little large)....and they fit perfectly. SO comfortable and warm, and the ones i received are really beautiful earthtones...mostly light brown. love these!!!
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    Sooooo Comfy
    I just got mine and they're sooooooo comfortable and warm, I love 'em! I ordered a pair for myself and my sister for Christmas and one pair looks just like the black and white ones in the picture, and the other pair looks the same but with pink around the toes- very cute! Normally, I wear a 9.5-10 shoe so I got the large, but they're a little floppy. Haven't washed them yet though, so maybe that will help. The only time I've taken them off since they arrived this morning was to make my boyfriend try them on and he immediately told me to order him a pair, he'll probably wear them even if they come in hot pink, just because they're so comfy.
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    Very cute and cool!
    I just received my new Mukluks...I ordered a size Lg for my size 10 feet and a Med for my size 9 daughter's feet...I think mine are a tad too big and when I tried on the mediums I could have taken that size instead--the medium fits more securely. However, I am going to keep the large and wear a pair of socks underneath them because you see wool makes me itch, which I knew but had hoped it would be all right with these...with socks the large should be fine and perhaps after a washing. The medium will still go to my daughter in her holiday package!! I may order a medium for me as well going forward! Nicely made, cute and cozy for the New England winter weather!!
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    OH JOY
    I am in love with my mukluks and will be buying a pair for each of my daughters! So cozy I didn't even take them off when I went to bed!
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    i love my mukluks!
    i love theese so much!i got mine a few days ago, and the color i recieved is pretty! i put them on as soon as i get home, even thought it's summer. awesome purchase :)
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    Great, super comfy
    I wasn't sure I would like the color since you don't get to choose, but when they came they turned out to be really cute looking. They're nice and warm,great for hanging around the house. The slippers are very well made, the soles and everything else are holding up nicely. I'm an 8 and bought a medium, they fit great and stay up just fine.I'd recommend these to anyone.
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    "<3 fantastic. i actually got the cheaper irregulars for $6 and even these are awesome. theres not even much wrong with them, they just look very handmade. very good looking and warm. :)"
    Was this review helpful?
    My muks weren't as cozy as I thought they would be. They would not stay up and had little pieces of strng everywhere ever since I got them. I thought they where poorly made. :(
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    not bad but not great
    "These weren't what I expected and I was a little disappointed that I couldn't choose my own color. They seem to be crafted very well and are worth the money, if you're into Mukluk's. I will probably pass these down rather than return them."
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    "I've worn these muks for so many years now, and I used to buy them at Dead shows. My sons grew up with them and our whole family gets a new pair during the Winter Solstice Celebration. I wear mine so much that I have been known to make repairs on mine before it was time for new ones~And I wear them outside if it's dry...We love them !"
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    Run a bit large
    "I've read reviews of people stating the end will flap around, this is because they're too big. I ordered a size X-large (for my size 11 women's) these are a bit big, borrowing my son's size large that fit perfect (don't worry I'm still wearing the others just put a pair of socks under) and I'm going to get a size medium for him (he wears a men's 8)"
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    Love these
    "These are hand knitted so they certaintly don't look like something in a department store, but who wants it? I love these, wear them constantly, I'm in Upstate NY and there is 1-2 foot of snow on the ground. I put these on 1st thing in the morning and wear tehm all day, they've stood up to being washed at least once a week, and I've had them since the beginning of December. I got a pair for my older son and I will get a pair for my youngest as soon as his feet yet big enough, not to mention a few more for me."
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    Mine were not what I expected. They slip off my feet and are not made that great.
    Was this review helpful?
    for the guy on the bottom
    "haha if they are doing that , they are most likely to big for you"
    Was this review helpful?
    I love the pattern and colors! They are exactly what I was looking for!
    Was this review helpful?
    so comfortable!
    "I got my first pair of mukluks a month or so ago, and i don't think one day has gone by that i haven't worn them. They are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter :)"
    Was this review helpful?
    My favorite
    My mukluks rarely leave my feet during the cold winter months. I would even wear them in the shower if it wouldn't ruin my mukluk-wearing experience for the rest of the day. They're great!
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    Winter Staple
    "I love my mukluks. They are so comfortable and warm! I have had a couple pair and even gave some to Grandma. The only problem is that my ferret loved them, too, and thought it was a perfect sleeping bag. So I had to get a new pair. :)"
    Was this review helpful?
    I really like my mukluks and they like me. I have hardwood floors and they're great. I haven't had any problems with them. Cozy.
    Was this review helpful?
    I really like these shoes but I'm thinking about returning them. They feel great on your feet but everytime you try to walk they slip off and the top flaps around and makes walking very difficult. i really like them but there only good if you're not planning on moving
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