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    Ever wish your favorite pair of Waves of Freedom Pants were cropped a little shorter, made a little a lighter, a bit softer and were ready to rock summer? Well freak out, cause it's happened! Summer Waves are finally here! Still with the flowy tiered waves and side ties.

    Viscose. Fair Trade. Made in Nepal. Low-impact dyes. Spring green, turquoise or light gray.

    Measurements- (in inches)
    Small - Low Waist: 32-34" Inseam: 20" Outseam: 29"
    Medium - Low Waist: 34-36" Inseam: 20" Outseam: 30"
    Large - Low Waist: 36-38" Inseam: 21" Outseam: 31"
    X-Large - Low Waist: 40-42" Inseam: 21" Outseam: 32"
    XX-Large - Low Waist: 44-48" Inseam: 21" Outseam: 33"

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    • 3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 - It was a sad moment. . .
      from our bud Sara Self  10.12.2014
      It suprised me how thin the material of these pants were. I didn't even get to wear them out the door before they were torn. NOT Soul Flower's fault though! My puppy jumped on me and poked a hole in the side of the rear that is not covered by the skirt :(. I continued to use them during pilates and yoga routines at home but eventually the hole started to get bigger and I had to throw them away. They also would wrinkle really really bad. I had to hang them up right after taking them off or they would be like balled up paper. Still I enjoyed this product but the woF pants are my all time favorite! :)
    • 3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 - Not Flattering
      from our bud abby  8.6.2014
      Although these pants are super comfy, they are not flattering at all. The thin material shows all my imperfections and the style makes my thighs look a lot bigger than they actually are. They are great for chilling around the house but I wouldn't wear them out and about.
    • 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 - Summer Waves from Heaven...
      from our bud Constanze  8.2.2014
      I wanted to wait longer until I would give a review because I wanted to wear them more first, but I just have to write now. These trousers are absolutely wonderful. You can't really appreciate them from the picture or desciption alone. You have to experience them! I received them yesterday, washed and wore them right away to a ballroom dance lesson and the first person there complemented me on them and could't believe their beautiful flow, colour and softness. Of course they flow nicely because of their cut and the material, which makes them ideal for ballroom dancing, but I'm also going to take them to my trip to Kerala (India) and to any trip to a beach in the future. The slight shortness makes them ideal for sauntering along a beach without getting them wet. But the way they feel against the sking cannot be described! They are incredibly soft and caress the legs. Somebody wrote you barely feel them but I must say, the pleasure of feeling this wonderful material does bring my awareness to the legs and makes them happy. Also, the draw string design is genius. They hide completely behind the wrap and you can wear them as high or low as you like. I don't wear them below the hips like the model in the picture. They would fall right off! I do have a waist, so there is plenty of room between my waist and hip so it can sit safely just above the hip displaying my pretty bellybutton :) But the most lovely aspect of these trousers is their colour! There is no single word for it, but this mix of turquoise and blue is like nothing on earth. What's more, the silky material lends a sheen to it that just matches the colour, cut and feel perfectly. The closest I can describe it is the silvery reflection of the summer sky on tropical water. It is truely the most beautiful colour I've ever seen in my life! Thank you for making such wonderful garments that give such pleasure to the senses and make people happy.
    • 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 - Absolutely In Love! Perfect pants for Summer
      from our bud ladymarie67  7.15.2014
      When I saw that SF came out with shorter, lighter-weighted fabric in the style of their infamous Waves of Freedom pants, I was kidding myself thinking I maybe wouldn't love them as much, so I only ordered one pair. I have now gone back and ordered my size in all the colors available, and hope that perhaps a light purple/lavendar or maybe even a tan/camel color will come out too for my wardrobe delight. If you own the original WoF pants, these pants differ from those in some crucial ways: length, fabric weight & breathability, and style cut. The hidden drawstring waist feature is carried over into this design, but the thigh region has been cut wider for a bit roomier fit. The length has been cropped which makes the wave layers closer together vertically but this doesn't impact the movement of the pants as you walk. As previous reviewers have mentioned, the fabric in these pants is akin to your favorite t-shirt from ten years ago: stretchy, lightweight & very breathable. I agree with another reviewer who said that they don't even feel like you're wearing them, which is great for the hot summer months! That being said, the thinner material means that fabric lines are a bit more evident, so if you aren't going to pair these pants with a tunic top, you may want to choose a pair of seamless "no show" undies or a thong/gstring to ensure that your right butt cheek isn't displaying any panty lines. For a tighter fit, these pants could be tossed in the dryer after washing (which is something I've learned *not* to do with the originals, as they do shrink!) but since the weaving on the garment runs vertically, most of the shrinkage will probably occur in the length/height. Another tip for washing/drying these pants: consider using a garment bag or line drying to preserve shape and to protect the inner drawstring. Otherwise, you may want to tie the outer tie and/or drawstring before washing to prevent it from coming out: I had to re-string 2 of 3 of my pants after washing, but the 1 pair that had the side overtie looped singly was enough to prevent the inner drawstring from being pulled out by my other clothes. These are NOT the original WoF pants, these are the funky younger sister. The differences between the two styles are small, but worth noting, espcially if you are a more petite woman. I am 5'4" and wear these pants in a size small, but these fit more like a roomy small or a tighter medium compared to the original style simply due to the way the leg circumference was cut for the cropped style. I don't mind these small differences, and look forward to more colors in both this & the original WoF style this fall :)

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