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    Handmade, adjustable, and lightweight, these sandals have been made with your comfort in mind. A super soft poly-rope makes them feel like you've had them forever. Machine washable. Good soles for kind souls. If you fall between sizes, order the next size up, as these sandals can be fully adjusted at the ankle. Cool shoes.

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    Customer Reviews:

    Best ever... but sold out?!
    How I want 2 pair! Alas, I've waited too long and now you are sold-out in my size. I was hanging on to the idea these would go on sale... At least in the winter... But, no. To all 'out there': I have previously purchased these from another place (while in Texas) and found them to be SO resilient!! (And, so far, have not found them available elsewhere..., still...a sale, dear Soul-Flower?) Washable & dryable - yes, in the machines - is just one tipping point. I found them to be the perfect sandals for tubing down the Guadalupe! How perfectly they protected the bottoms of my feet, making the rocks feel like cotton balls! They hold on in a snuggly kind of way; they feel secure upon your feet. And quiet? Ah, yes! Makes me think I could walk upon rice-paper w/o a sound! Well, I shall continue to keep a lookout, and yes, more frequently. I still like them to be on sale, but I must admit, they are more than worth every penny...for years!
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    An absolute treat for the feet!!
    Global Doug
    These are the truly best! When I first saw them I thought, "WOW, they look pretty cool!" But I wasn't too sure about the quality (they just seemed like something that COULD be real cheapos). I took the chance and nabbed 'em. OMG, they're so awesome! I finally got a chance to wear them on a trip to Cabo, Mexico. They were on my feet the whole time (when I actually needed to wear shoes). On my flight back I had no less than 5 different people make positive comments about them and/or ask me where I bought them! Unbelievable! If these sandals caught your attention then go ahead and get them without hesitation! Your feet will love you for the gift; they are not only radically cool but way comfortable too. I'm actually here to buy another pair just for backup!
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    Better than feet
    Rachel McKenzie
    I purchased these on a whim in a size 36 (6-6.5) and they fit rather nicely. I love them, but they are a bit slippery on indoor flooring, like certain carpets, hardwood, and tile. Just be careful when you wear them or find a way to give it some traction. I really love these though! It is refreshing to know that the shoes you are wearing are made by human hands.
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    Everything I expected and SO MUCH MORE!! <3
    Chantel Rhea
    Absolutely LOVE these sandals!!!! I have always been a flip flop girl (or barefoot) and these sandals just won me over!! Need more colors!! :) <3
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    I love these! Bring on the color
    Just a nurse
    I used to have these in every color. What happened to the colored ones, pink, orange, white, black, etc. I love these and need more!
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    perfect for the summer!
    synthia martinez
    so comfy and cuteee sandals!
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    So comfortable and light. A bit slippery on smooth surfaces, a bit like wearing socks so be careful there.
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    Better Than Barefoot!
    Trish Lindsey Jaggers
    You'll want two pairs; I promise. As far as comfort and flexibility, these shoes rank at the top for me. Adjustment for fit is very simple: slide the ankle straps up on the sides. They stay--no slipping! If they get dirty, throw them in the washer--no damage to washer drum or shoes! I have never put mine in a dryer, though. I just place them on a moisture-proof surface (the washer, for instance) and let them air-dry. That's why one needs TWO pairs so an extra pair is ready and clean while the other is drying! As for the slippery-ness, buy a tube of "Shoe-goo" and spread a thin layer on the bottoms of the shoes. When dry, SG gives them plenty of traction (works for other slippery shoes, too); plus, it helps make them water repellent--which is another topic; don't wear them on wet pavement. They are rope, and they wick water right up to your feet. Again, another reason to have a back-up pair. :) All in all, these will become your favorite everyday sandals, and you'll hate to see winter come. Wait! There's always socks . . .
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    So comfy!
    Love these shoes! I just ordered them and I'm in love, very cute too!
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    rope sandels
    they sure are the comfiest sandals ever....i have the double color and now i want a solid pair...thanks for such great things soul flower
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    So Comfy
    These are the most comfortable sandals ever.
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    SO Great
    I read all the reviews and -had- to get a pair for myself. These sandals look prehistoric, but feel like a dream. They are a bit slippery on certain flooring but that's not a huge problem. If and when these wear out, I'm totally coming back for another pair! ^__^
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    jennifer bell
    I love these sandals. And I ordered the wrong size...I hated having to send them away but, soul-flower was super speedy at sending me my exchange. Very pleased :) Thank You!
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    I love the look and feel of these sandals, but I didnt realize how slippery they would actually be. I am kinda(LOL read:really) a klutz and Im kinda scared that I will soon have a story about breaking a bone that starts, "so I was wearing my rope sandals when..." If you are a normal person you should be okay, just keep in mind that are REALLY slippery.
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    The Barefoot Alternative
    I hate wearing things on my feet. Honestly, if I could walk around barefoot 24-7-365 I would. These sandals, however, are the perfect alternative. I feel like I'm practically barefoot with them on in a very good way. My feet feel secure in the sandal but somehow simultaneously unencumbered. They're amazing. They are a smidge slippery on super smooth surfaces, but really the most minimal floor texture will pretty much entirely alleviate that. I love them. I just super super love them.
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    Karen S
    I bought these a few years ago. They are nicknamed my "jesus shoes" . They are very comfy, durable and i get alot of compliments on them. They are slippery on hard floors, and try not to wear when its raining..personally, i think they feel really wierd when they are wet.
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    Comfy Sandals. Just be careful on smooth floors such as tile or hardwood. These sandals do not offer much traction on these surfaces.
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    love these.
    just got these a couple of weeks ago and i LOVE them ... i thought they might rub, but they don't at all. my only concern is that they might stretch out with time but so far, so good and they seem pretty sturdy! they are so comfortable and i get numerous compliments every time i wear them! i will be wearing these very often this summer ; )
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    Winter sucks
    I hate winter because I can't wear my Rope Sandals! These are the best sandals I've ever owned in my life. Totally durable, nothing itches or scratches or rubs your skin raw (ahem, flip flops!) And they just look sweet. I've gotten so many compliments on these, too. Seriously, don't waste your money on overly-expensive "nice" sandals - these are all you'll ever need!!
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    once again Soul-flower.. another great purchase!!! i am lovin these sandals!! these are fun fun fun!!! great price, too!! xoxo
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    Amazingly comfy!
    Inga A.
    I never thought these sandals would be as comfy as they turned out to be. Plus, I get the most complements on these. I would certainly buy these again if anything were to happen to mine!
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    Absolutely love these sandals, they are so light and comfortable. Just make sure you don't get them wet but if you do get them dry quickly because if not they start to stink! They did however survive a trip to the washer TWICE so they own me forever! LOVE SOULFLOWER! XO
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    Sweeeet Shoes! (smooch)
    These are beautiful shoes. They feel as good as they look and more. I work in a library at school and I walk all over dusty Arizona, so I'm always moving in a million different directions. I'm glad that that the straps don't break, and I don't think it'll happen anytime soon. They're lightweight and very fun! Makes me feel good! I definetly recommend them to any peaceful soul.
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    I just got mine in the mail today and I still havent taken them off. They're so comfortable! I was looking for a comfy lightweight sandal to wear during the summer in Arizona and these are perfect.
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    buy these
    love these. so comfy and I get tons of compliments on them. I hate flip flops and these are the perfect alternative.
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    I HATE wearing shoes...
    "but I LOVE these!!! They are so awesome, man! I want to get rid of all my other footwear and fill my closet with these. I found a pair of slip-on ropes that I think I will get next time cause I don't use the back rope on mine. They can be a little slippery and if you have pets the pet hair loves the sandals. Cool that you can wash 'em, too. Been wearing mine around the house even though its winter. I'd go out in them too but I don't think its such a good idea in the snow. You will not regret buying these and if you do...well you just don't know what's what, do you. Best Ever!!!"
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    just...just so amazing...
    "I could live in these they make me want to crash my car and walk everywhere! I can't wait until the summer, so that I can wear them everywhere! but definitely a downer when it rains they soak through but dry when you hang them. Definitely for anyone who walks a lot!"
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    Like sex for my feet!
    "I love these sandals! I don't wear shoes so nice sandals are important, and these are the best I have ever worn! Not as slippery as people say, kind of like how socks slip on kitchen tile, but nothing that has bothered me, very comfortable and a must-have for anyone who likes quality sandals! I want to wear them to sleep!"
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    In love
    As has been said previously - I never plan on taking these off! Best pair of shoes I've ever owned.
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    Make Your Feet Weep Tears of Joy
    Jacob J.
    "Best. Sandals. Ever. I have no plans to take these off... except to wash them when I need to, and even then, I might try to stuff myself inside the washing machine so I don't have to take them off. It's like you're walking in sand, dude. These things are cool as. I took them out of the bag, and BAM: Compliments & questions. Best $26 I ever spent. P.S.: People say they're a little slippery... this is true, but hey--they facilitate ease of Moonwalking. And the adjustable thing is easy... no untying needed. Buy 'em."
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    these sandals are amazing! they r just as comfortable as my birkenstocks! i totally love 'em!!!
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    "After a day of wearing these, I am quite sure I will never buy a neoprene poly-form plastic oval again. Ropes, indefinitely, rule."
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    Saw these shoes and knew i had to have them! They are so funky! I was alittle worried that the ropes would hurt my feet but nahhh they are so comfortable! Theres no grips on the bottom so when walking on smooth surfaces they are a lil bit slippery but im not complainin...i love them anyway!
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    These are the most comfortable shoes eva! They rock! They feel like you're walking in sand or something :)
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    Love love!
    Lisa W
    "These shoes are great. They're perfect for anything from lounging around the house, to the beach, to trekking on foot, (as long as you're not looking for major grip.) I love them! And they're pretty unique, so you'll have people asking, ""Where did you get those?"" in an obviously enthused way."
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    "These are the most attractive, comfortable sandals I have ever owned. LOVE! They are seriously a must-buy."
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    Hands Down....
    "Easily the most comfortable pair of sandals I've ever worn. It REALLY feels like you're walking barefoot! All-in-all, a highly recommended purchase!"
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    Little foot
    I absolutely love these! They fit perfectly and they're so comfortable!
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    Get Some!
    Magical Pixie
    I just received these today and wasn't sure how comfy they'd be. I'm amazed! They really are the next best thing to being barefoot. Definitely get some!
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    "I just got these & i have to say, i dont want to take them off. i never like to wear shoes...id rather go bare foot but these are just about as close to wearing nothing as it gets. amazing!"
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    Good Sole
    "These shoes freakin rock. I've had them a month or so now, and they get more comfy every day. I can't even begin to say how many compliments I've gotten on them either....they are the best!!!"
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    Best sandles ever
    I'm on my 3rd season with these guys. I'm going to order a new pair soon; think I've finally worn out the heal. I would recommend them to everyone! Gitcha some!
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