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Organic Cotton
Low Impact Dyes
Fair Trade
Soul Flower Original
Braided and beautifully bohemian, these organic headbands have a subtle tie-dye that makes them a unique addition to any outfit. Elastic band in back makes for a comfortable fit. Ethically made in Nepal. 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex.
Organic Cotton Plus


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jenverified buyer
so disappointed. too tight. keeps falling to the back of my head. and i have a small head.
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Suverified buyer
A blue headband
I'm not a headband person, but I ordered one for my friend. The parcel arrived at work, and I opened with a workmate. She grrabbed the headband and put it on me. I left it on. It was so comfy I didn't notice it, I actually forgot about it. That night when I was undressing, I noticed it - it is really an amazing, simple addition to my wardrobe - and I wear it a lot. Guess I am a headband person now!
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Cynthia Wallaceverified buyer
Blue Braided Headband
I was very disappointed when I first received it, I thought the braid would be larger and heavier than what it was. I always wear headbands under my hair in the back and behind my ears. I wore it that day and as the day went on it began to stretch. I found myself having to take it off and starting all over again and putting it back on. By the end of the day I had wrapped it around and had it on my wrist.
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I ordered the charcoal one, and it is very cute and has nice warm colors! Although, the only thing is its smaller so its a little uncomfy to wear it pushing your hair back behind your ears. The best way to wear this headband is the way that the models are wearing it.
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