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    Spiral Wood Earrings

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    Price: $26.00

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    The crafty design of these earrings will have folks thinking you've gone tribal - but they actually have sterling posts that are hidden from view. Hand carved from wood by artisans, these earrings are stylish, intriguing, and there is no pain involved! Made from recycled, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials so colors in wood may vary slightly.

    Tan or Dark Brown. Now available in two sizes - 1 1/4 inches ($26) or 2 inches ($30).

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    Customer Reviews:

    Verified Buyer
    I love these so much. I've bought at least 4 pairs. the only flaw and its a biggy is, it seems that he rubber that the stud goes into stretches out!!!! I've lost just about every back part of the earinng to every pair I've bought. Theres got to be a way to correct this or if this has happened to any one else and they've found a solution ...Please share
    Thanks for your review. We haven't heard of this happening, but i'm sure it does from time to time. We are going to see if we can get in extra's that we can send out. Keep you posted and thanks for being a SF bud!
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    jacqui vierinck
    The wire fits in securely to the back so they don't swivel around. I got dark brown and they are perfect size looks bigger than 1" sounds, if that makes any sense. Love the organic look of these!
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    Beautiful, but VERY fragile
    Look absolutely great on, but don't make the mistake and lie down in them. They will snap in two. One broke when I lay down on a pillow to watch tv. The other broke when I casually pushed my hair back. Snap, snap. But very pretty at that. I will try to do what I can with super glue. Otherwise, Soul Flower will replace them no problem, all I have to do is send them back.
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    Very pretty
    Stephania Maslinski
    I wore these to work the other day and wasn't surprised to get compliments, but to get them from people of all different ages and styles. These are a win.
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    Love These!
    Look really good, so light and very comfy. Thank you!
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    I dig these!
    Carly Bauer
    I always get compliments on them from people of all ages. They are fragile but easy to glue if broken
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    danielle shorr
    love these earrings!got so many compliments not to big and very light and comfortable!
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    love them!
    These are very well made, light and comfortable. highly recommended :)
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    I've gotten tons of compliments and everybody thinks they are real gauges. I unfortunately got one caught on my shirt and broke the tip off but it was nothing a little super glue didn't fix
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    lourenda cooper
    I love love love these ear rings . I had to close my 4- 4g wholes up for the army 5 years ago. they closed back down to about a 14g and now i can wear posts again and still wear ones that make it appear as if i still have my gauges. its trickery at it's best. I suggest these to anyone that does not want to go through the painful process of stretching your ears. glad you guys have these SF! you rock!
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    Looks Real!
    Elizabeth Mueller
    I bought these a little while ago, and I swear they are amazing! They look just like the real thing! and I've gotten tonnsss of compliments on them!
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    Awesome earrings!!
    I absolutely LOVE these! The brown ones are darker than pictured, but they look amazing! My friend even thought I had started to gauge my ears! If you want to look like you have gauged holes, but still like to wear regular earring from time to time, these are the best of both worlds! :P
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    Cool earrings....
    Christina Wing
    These earrings were everything I expected them to be except for being a little too "cheap"... The second i opened them and tried to take them out of the package the inner part of the spiral broke off... luckily super glue did its magic and they were back to new... other than that I love them!
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    = ]
    I just received these in the mail today. I ordered the brown ones but got the black. But, to be fair, the black ones turned out to be a dark brown with a red tint in them, which I prefer over the light brown ones! Best mistake ever.
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    I love, love, love these!
    About a year ago, I saw a girl with spiral earrings through her ears and wanted them; however, she had the stretched hole piercing and I'm too squeamish for that. When I saw these, I ordered immediately...and now I can have that edgy look! I have gotten so many complements on them!
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    I absolutely love these earrings! They're very lightweight and are everything I thought they would be! I get compliments on them all the time! :)
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    These are pretty much the sweetest earrings ever. They are not too small and the brown is a lovely color. People keep asking me if I have gauges.
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    Love them Got the brown and they are a lighter colour. Love them and everybody askes me about them
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    Smaller than pictured
    Natural Mama
    They are very light weight, but the diameter is *much* smaller than they appeared in the picture. They are very thin when I was expecting a much fatter coil. They look more delicate than tribal IMO. The brown were very light as well - exactly as pictured. They still look ok, just not what I was expecting.
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    Worn by a gal
    they look awesome! Very cool - thanks for sharing!
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    Laurie Charnigo
    Unique and light weight. I love them!
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    cool ear rings
    i love them! the brown are very dark, almost black
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