Mudslide of Tie-Dye Pants

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    The word 'mudmee' ignites the imagination with a mud war of lively colors, as if some rad someone went out and tie-dyed a mudslide just for us. And there we go, throwing tropical fruit colors until our pants are so "mudmee" they become a crazy mess of absolute awesomeness! I don't believe that's quite how these Mudslide Tie-dye Pants were made, but I wouldn't be shocked if they were. ;) Lightweight, with loose, wide legs, these drawstring pants will feel like your favorite PJs, a.k.a you'll want to wear them all the time! Due to the nature of this product, colors vary. Ethically made in Thailand. 100% rayon.

    Measurements- (in inches)
    Medium - Low Waist: 32-36" Inseam: 26" Outseam: 38"
    Large - Low Waist: 38-42" Inseam: 27" Outseam: 39"

    Last chance - This item is on the way out the door, and when it’s gone it’s gone for good!

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    Customer Reviews:

    Love these pants!
    Verified Buyer
    These are super cool and comfy pants. I wear them all the time. They are lightweight and perfect for Florida weather. I bought medium and they fit wonderful. Looking forward to buying another pair very soon.
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    I want to love these!
    Verified Buyer
    I am a larger sized girl, and I wear a 14 in pants. I bought the larger size of these pants. I LOVE the print and the weight of the fabric. They appeared to fit okay when I pulled them on. My only issue is that there is no "give" or even a tiny bit of stretch whatsoever in the fabric. The very first time I sat down, the rear end ripped. Ugh! I wanted to love them, but they are going in the garbage. I'm very disappointed.
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    Perfect for summer!
    Sarah Price
    I love these pants! They're incredibly lightweight and flowy, so they're perfect for the hot, humid summers here in Japan. They are rather see-through, but I just slip on a pair of yoga shorts under them. Comfy enough to be pajamas, but funky enough that I have to show them off!
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    I love these pants, but they might kill me.
    Verified Buyer
    They are beautiful, but my foot is constantly hooking into the opposite ankle hole. Suddenly, I crash and burn. I don't know how to stop this from happening, so I thought I would warn older people or pregnant women to use these pants with caution.
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    I love them!
    I love these pants and I get tons of compliments every time I wear them. I put them on a wish list and got them as a gift when I finished yoga teacher training. It really is like wearing pajamas to yoga class. P.S. I am 50+years old and an old hippy.
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    My favorite article of clothing.
    I have been eyeballing these pants for over a year now and I hadn't read the reviews until recently. I noticed that they reviews started out good and then got a little on the iffy side. I decided to go ahead and get them. I love the quality. They are very soft and light, which will be perfect for the warmer weather. I loved the colors I received, blue, pinks, purples and oranges.
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    I love they way they look..
    But I think something has changed about them. I bought the same pair before and they seemed much different..I wish I still had them, maybe I'm just remembering them differently..I am very disappointed though, they weren't very comfortable and didn't look as I remembered, I actually ended up giving these pants to a friend. However, this is the only product I have been disappointed by from this website and I will still continue buying from the website! Peace to everyone:)
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    These are not the same as they used to be
    Sandra Nash
    Someone noted their confusion about all the positive review and how unhappy they were with these pants. They are not the same as when I first bought them - I bought 3 pairs and LOVED them. Bought 2 more and the strings broke as soon as i tried to tie them and the crotches were ripped out the very first time I wore them - I thought it was me being rough so I bought 2 more pairs - they are much lower quality then the originals. I'm very sad. I want the old ones back :(
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    I was not happy with these pants at all! the material was not soft and not what i was expecting. Im confused though! all these positive reviews are confusing me though. maybe i was sent the wrong pants?>
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    cute but....
    I had bought these pants last year...unfortunately the pants ripped in the first time i wore :( they did not last too long. The string somehow ripped out of the pants, I do wish they would have lasted longer, because they were some of my favorite pants. I would probably have to buy some more in the near future. i love this pants
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    too short.
    I bought these pants a few years ago but they broke down and so I eventually bought another pair when I could afford it. They used to be big billowy skirt pants. now they are wide leg capris. they're really short on me. I'm 5'7.. which I thought was average. I haven't grown since last time, so I can only assume they cut back on materials. It's a real bummer, to be honest. I can't really afford to throw money away either..
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    I had bought these pants years ago... I wore them on my trip to California, and received many compliments. Unfortunately, they did not last too long. The string somehow ripped out of the pants, and just dangles down with no purpose. I do wish they would have lasted longer, because they were some of my favorite pants. I would probably have to buy some more in the near future. Though, that's a pretty hefty price.
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    Cute and Comfy!
    I LOVE these pants. I am a few weeks away from having my first kid, so clothes are a weird thing for me right now. I was looking for something that I could wear now, and during my recovery (and wouldn't roast me in the heat of summer down here in TX). These are perfecto! I love them now, and will love them when I'm back to my normal shape too. A win all around, in my book!
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    I was really impressed with how vibrant the colors came out. I've read reviews on these kinds of pants about the colors being too muddy, but mine weren't! I'm 5'1" usually wear a size 8 in jeans and I got them in a large because I wanted them to be loose on my thighs. The only problem is now the waist area of the pants is huge and the small drawstring doesn't really help if you don't want to the crotch at your knees- it's hard to roll up nicely. I'll be putting an elastic band in the waist, but other than that, I love these pants! So comfy!!!
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    just ok
    I didn't get the colors I had hoped for or requested (I guess the stock was running low and SF didn't have any more colors similar to the main image on website), so it's not SF's fault. I completely understand & will just let the pair I got grow on me. I hate returning stuff, so there...I still adore SF but I'm now wary of ordering items where the color patterns may vary since this is the 3rd time where I took a chance and lost...just my luck, I guess.
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    Love the colors
    Echo Wyche
    Mine were very purple which I adore! But they were very short :-( more like capris then pants which kinda bummed me out because March in AK is not the time for lightweight capris :-(.. But that hasn't kept me from wearing them all weekend in the house.
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    These pants are super comfy and very flowy.
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    Happy Pants!
    I knew I had to have these as soon as I saw them. They just came in today, I've literally had them on for about an hour now, and I simply love them! I'm 5'6" and weigh 135 lb, and the medium fits perfectly. They are so airy and light, almost like I'm not wearing any pants at all. ;) I requested a pair that looks like the one in the picture, and I wasn't disappointed. I call these my "happy pants", because they are so comfy and colorful. I'm probably going to wear these until they fall apart!
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    I dig this!
    Carly Bauer
    They are awesome fit it comfy and flowing the waist can be super high or folded over which is a plus!!! They fit a tiny bit snug when i first put them on but move around a bit and they start to fit you like a glove!!!
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    I got these pants today and wore them out...received a ton of compliments! I love love love my pants, only issue is they run a bit big on the waste, but I am going to buy more! Thanks again for some unique fun pants ;)
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    You'll be so happy
    Despite all the wonderful reviews, I debated long and hard on these pants and was not sorry when they finally arrived. I wish I could wear them everyday, it'd be easy to. I'm 5'6", 160lbs and the large fits fine. The waist is a bit large but the length is perfect and I'd rather have the space than have them be too tight. I asked for colors similar to one of the photos and they did not disappoint. If you're thinking about buying them, do it, you'll be so happy you did!
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    Awesome Pants!
    I got these pants for Christmas and they are awesome! I'm 5'0 tall and a plus size, so I was worried they would be wayyy too long and that they would be too tight. The length was perfect, falling just below my ankles. The fit around the waist and thighs is great, but it's a little snug in the butt area. I'm worried I might split the seam if I sit down in them too long. I can't wear them out right now, but once I lose a few more pounds then I'll be able wear them out on the town!
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    These are my new favorite pants! Nothing wrong with them at all. Drawstring tie. Thin, loose, and free. The colors are perfect <3 I look just like the models in the pics! I love this site <3 Oh, and the length was perfect. I got a size large, and I'm 5 feet and 7 inches.
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    Love Love Love
    Katie Garland
    I absolutely love these pants!Soul-flower did a great job matching my pants to the colors I wanted. They are so comfortable and beautiful. I am tall 5'9" and debated if the Large would be long enough, they fit perfect.
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    I absolutely LOVE these pants! I wear them almost everyday! I'm contemplating buying a 2nd pair so I always have a clean pair. They feel like wearing nothing at all. My husband can't keep his hands or eyes of my rear either :) I have worn them to 3 music festivals this year, and I was very sad that I blew the seam during a Project Earth festival. I had a friend stitch them up and they are as good as new! SF was even kind enough to send me a pair that didn't have a bunch of pink in them :) My wardobe is 85% SF, and I have to say these are one of my favorites.
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    Funkin suh-weet
    I was super stoked when I found these. I put in my color scheme request and got a prompt reassurance that a super sweet pair would be picked out for me and Soul Flower did not disappoint! Cannot wait to wear these out and show them off
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    Mudslide of TIEDYE pants :o)
    got these pants in the mail the other day- fell in love with them but could tell immediately they were going to be too short : ( I am 5'3" & a size 2, but all leg! ordered the Medium, & they hit my ankles. going to exchange them for a Large & hope for the best! i requested a pair in bright, neon colors & Soulflower did not disappoint! colors were beautiful! i hope they send me a pair with a similar color scheme, & hope the Large pair is long enough- these pants are so beautiful, comfy, & extremely lightweight, i cannot WAIT to wear them! gorgeous! I am taking a Star off for length, otherwise, fabulous pants. very unique!
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    These Are Some Rockin' Pants!
    The Hippie Art Teacher
    Wow! I requested teal/green/earth tones, and received a pair in a beautiful dark teal. Thanks to the drawstring, the sizing is very flexible, and the pants aren't too long (I'm 5' 2" and mainly all leg, so they touch the ground but don't drag). I may or may not hem them. The cut is very flattering, and extremely comfortable. Once again, my thanks go out to the folks at Soul Flower for offering quality threads!
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    favorite item in my closet!
    I couldnt have been any happier when these super awesome pants arrived in the mail. They are so comfy and fun to wear! I lived in them on a recent family camping trip. These are perfect for summer concerts, lounging around the house, to the beach.. etc. I want multiple pairs so I can wear them all summer long!
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    LOVE IT!
    I love these pants.Love the colors that I got and the fit is perfect. I sure hope they don't fade too much.
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    nigera ali
    not happy with the tie dye. for one not really thrilled about the color of the pants i had put in a request minutes after ordering and was told they had already shipped out (okay whatever) then when i receive them they weren't the color palate i had requested (well it's tie dye not an exact science) so i was willing to overlook it but then when i tried the pants on they weren't the length i was expecting them to be and the "draw string" made them bunch in a weird way. so needless to say i will be sending them back. usually i love what i order from soul-flower but these pants were a real dud for me. too bad
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    Another Mother's Day - another order for Mudslide Tie-Dye Pants
    Uncle Dennis
    You just don't know how much my wife loves these pants. I don't know if it's the way they look, the way she says they're so comfortable or the many laudatory comments she hears from Buffalo to Carolina Beach, NC (especially in the Fat Pelican). Just got me another kiss from her when I made sure they were the correct order, again. Can't wait till the arrive for the one and only Patty Garcia!
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