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    Made in the USA.

    Patchouli Soul is a sultry, sexy patchouli blend made with organic sunflower oil, beeswax, patchouli, cedar wood, black pepper and lemongrass essential oils

    Patchouli Flower is an exotic, floral patchouli blend made with organic sunflower oil, beeswax, patchouli, lavender, and ylang-ylang essential oils

    Also available in great scents like patchouli, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, vanilla and violet.

    Created by Prairieland Herbs in Iowa, this 1/4 ounce tin of solid perfume is perfect for travel. No spills! Just use your fingertip to put on your wrist, neck, or any other body part that you want to smell good.

    Prairieland Herbs produces environmentally friendly products; using certified organic ingredients when possible, and local supplies whenever possible. These products are healthy for the mind, body, and soul.

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    Customer Reviews:

    Lasts LOOOOONG time!
    First of all, the scents are wonderful, and they have been very kind to my skin (some products containing essential oils have been harsh on my skin before, but never these). Also- they are an incredible deal because you only need the tiniest bit to smell great all day, so this little container lasts and lasts. I've had the same one for over a year, now.
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    Doesn't last
    aimee breaux
    Love the idea and the scent, but it doesn't linger.
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    Patchouli Flower
    At first I was unhappy with the smell. When I put it on it had the strong smell of citronella, within a few minutes it faded down to a wonderful soft and sultry patchouli. Love it! The perfume is strong enough that simply applying it to your wrists leaves you catching whiffs all day.
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    Patchouli Flower mmm
    I purchased this over a year ago and I still have half the tin left (I don't use it EVERY day but most days). I get compliments on it whenever I use it. Just the other day, a co-worker said, "Ooh whats that smell? is it you?! It smells like trees...or patchouli...yeah patchouli!" It is a little softer than straight patchouli. I hope it comes back in stock soon, I want to get some for my friend for Christmas! I carry it in my purse. I love it!
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    Hippie Art Teacher
    I purchased the patchouli flower scent and it is just great. As others have mentioned, this perfume works best if you use the back of your nail to scrape a small amount, melt between fingers, then apply. I had no trouble catching whiffs of it all day. Also, for those of you who blend "flavors", patchouli flower mixes really well with the Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess roll-on perfume.
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    I bought Patchouli Soul and it is an incredibly sexy scent! I've gotten tons of compliments and my guy can't keep his hands off me he loves it so much. I will definitely repurchase!
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    I love it!
    I bought the patchouli flower and it is awesome, but it isn't strong enough!! I can smell it if the wind blows the right way... then I'm like wow, that smells great! I suppose it is better than being too strong. I did try to warm it in my fingers before applying, and that seems to work better than just using the tips of your finger.
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    Smells great, but...
    I bought both the Patchouli Soul and the Patchouli Flower and they smell GREAT! However, I was SHOCKED at how small they are! I would have certainly given 5 stars if the tins were not the size they were.
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    Love these!
    My favorite scents are Sandalwood & Violet. After learning about some gross crap that goes into regular mass-produced perfume, I wanted something more natural, and these are perfect! Great scents that aren't over-bearing. And when I travel I don't have to worry about a glass bottle leaking or breaking. These are now my new 'signature scents' :)
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    Lisa Ann
    Smells wonderful! TIP: to get the most out of solid perfume, run the back of your fingernail over the product, take a small amount, and melt it between your fingers. Then apply. It will last all day. Just running your fingertip over it will not give you enough. ENJOY!
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    Smells nice but you are the only one who can smell it
    Enough said! It definitely doesnt replace perfume.
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    great stocking stuffers
    i have a bunch of these little guys. one for every purse or bag. great for a click touch of smell good. instead of truckin round a bottle. -just don't forget not to leave in the sun or put in dryer! i did. lol DUH!!!
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    Suzi Q.
    I love this Patchouli flower scent. It is so unique. Plus it is a great travel tin & organic.
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