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DIY: Recycled Soda Bottle Terrarium

It’s no secret that terrariums are gaining popularity. And why wouldn’t they? These “mini greenhouses” of sorts are adorable, low maintenance, and the perfect way to green up indoor spaces. We’ve taken the classic enclosed terrarium and “greened it up” even more by reusing an empty soda bottle for the container! Read on to learn how to create your own…  (more…)

DIY Tin Can Planters

Every Earth Day I end up having memories of grade school. That day I’d bring my tin can to class, play in the dirt,  and plant some seeds. As I gave my seed its first watering, I truly believed my life was about to become a reenactment of Jack and the Beanstalk. I had the name covered, I snagged the seeds without trading a cow, and now this baby was going to grow into something my parents would be proud of. I’d check on my little tin can numerous times a day, hovering over it with a watchful and curious eye, expecting that it would burst through the dirt into a leafy explosion of awesomeness… any. moment. now. Even though it was never quick or theatrical, I was always thrilled the second I saw that itty-bitty bud poking through the dirt. Honestly, I still am. Checking out creative tin planters like these definitely get the green thumb itching: 🙂

Print cans have amazing vintage appeal!
Recycle thick paper for a funky, fun look .
Get retro & put all those soda & beer cans to use.
Let the kiddos paint their tin cans to happy brightness!
Then they can hover over their own tin can planter, waiting for their beanstalk to arrive. 
Will you be planting anything green for Mother Earth this weekend? Anyone in your home making their tin cans? If so, I hope you’re feeling inspired; it’s so fun figuring out new ways to turn trash to treasure. 🙂
Peace & Happiness,
Jacqueline Lee, a.k.a JACK 😉

DIY Tie-Dye Party at Soul Flower

We have had a few customers ask us whether Soul Flower’s white organic cotton t-shirts and white organic cotton blended fabrics can be dyed. It seems like they could be, so just for fun, we decided to put it to the test – a perfect excuse for a DIY Tie-Dye Party! Our crew gathered for a Happy Hour/Tie Dye Party right in Soul Flower’s parking lot. Most of us hadn’t tie-dyed anything before, but that didn’t stop us from experimenting and trying something new! Here is a look at what can happen when you combine a creative bunch of folks with happy hour, some white clothing, and colorful, funky dyes…

The Retro Vibe of Tie-Dye

My daughter and I love all things old and interesting, and I have had my eye on this property for quite some time to photograph.  For so long, the schedule was never right to be there with my camera during the day and I sometimes worried that the next time I drove past, it would be demolished.   (more…)

Peacock Eco Hoody : It Has Its Uses

I have been thinking a lot lately about my clothes and why I am drawn to wear some things more than others. There are some pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that are old favorites, some may be a hot new trend, or old things that I have repurposed or recycled. On any given day, though, my item of choice is usually a great hoodie.

Peacock Eco Hoody!

A versatile sweatshirt is one of my essentials! My hoodies have to be able to handle my busy life as well as make me look and feel good. A great sweatshirt is sometimes like an old friend, always there for you when you need them and they’ve always ‘got your back’! I dont think there is an article of clothing that is more useful than a hoodie, here are a few of the ways I have used a favorite sweatshirt beyond the norm:

1. a picnic blanket 
 2. a cozy travel pillow 
 3. a booster seat 
 4. a baby wrap
 5. a disguise for my bad hair day

Someone’s camera shy! 😉

This new, wonderful Peacock hoodie from my buds at Soulflower is perfect! It is the most beautiful sky/sea blue color (I am calling it Santorini Sea Blue!) and the slightest bit of a burnout look, like it is already broken in and has been a favirote of yours for a while. The gorgeoulsy deatiled peacock design is lovingly hand drawn and printed on a fantastic blend of organic cotton and recycled soda bottles, right here in the USA! Soda bottles you ask?? Why YES! Those hideous, floating litter makers can be turned into beautiful fabric. Leave it to Soulflower to seek out and find this awesome stuff and turn it into a thing of absolute beauty! I am always noticing small details, so naturally, I love the cute braided tie string, and the small feather print on the front pocket.

So, whether you are hitting the beach, a picnic, the streets, or the hay, bring along this gem of a hoodie, I know you will love it. Wear it proud like a peacock and ruffle some feathers!

The last pic taken before my camera took a tumble! 🙂 

In closing I would like to say that these photos were shot at the Arcata Marsh in Arcata, California. It is a wildlife sanctuary as well as an innovative waste water treatment facility, and is a great asset to our community. With over 300 protected acres of land and over 5 miles of walking trails, it benefits many people, animals and the Earth! More info here: A special big thank you to my 5 year-old son for being my go-to photographer and a sad RIP to my camera that took a tumble.

Meet Roy from the Karma Krewe

The Soul Flower Karma Krewe – a cool group of customers who are helping us to spread the soul flower vibe across mother earth. We are introducing a whole new krewe for 2011 — here is our latest member, Roy:

Hey, I’m Roy. I live in Canada. I’m a current student in Ontario Canada for Adventure Recreation & Parks and finishing this spring. I generally spend my summers in the rockies & I try spend my time outside hiking/climbing as much as I can. I love to jam on my guitar and catch live shows/festivals. I’m a big fan of organics, good mentality, and good music.

Favorite Band: The Decemberists are my favorite at this moment.

Favorite Tree: the camperdown elm. Being a parks student I love and can identify almost all trees of north am. but this one is just too cool.

Favorite Snack: Tofu Misodari with asparagus. with some yam tempura sushi. come to banff we’ll get some of this!