Playlist: On the Road…

We asked our buds on facebook for some roadtrip tunes, and we got some awesome suggestions! So this summer when you’re on the road (headed cross-country, cross-state or even cross-town), hit play on some jams and enjoy the ride 🙂

On the Road… playlist by soulflowerbuds on Grooveshark

Going forward

Hey buds! Thank you for being such great buds. 2010 was such a fun and exciting year for Soul Flower, and it’s all because of you. Like we often say, we are who we are because of YOU, & even though Soul Flower is online- and catalog-based, it’s still all about interacting with people.

It has always been our goal to seek out and welcome your feedback. It challenges us and helps us grow. So we thought it appropriate to create a spot right here for you to share your thoughts with us. No need to sign in or anything, just leave us a comment about…

How can we better help you shop and engage with Soul Flower?

How can the website or products be improved?

What types of subjects would you enjoy reading here on our blog?

What else should we do with our online media efforts (YouTube, blogging, Facebook, etc)?

What have your previous experiences with Soul Flower been like? And what would you change?

So please, leave your thoughts below: rant, rave, review, send ideas, gripe, groove, share the love … whatever it is you have to say to make us better, we want to hear it! Cheers to love, laughter & good times in 2011.

Holiday playlist…

To help celebrate the season & keep our holiday spirits bright, us buds here at soul flower put our heads & music taste together to create this eclectically beautiful playlist of christmas tunes….

Holiday Music 2010 Playlist at

Help us make a playlist!

We’re making a playlist of our favorite songs from the summer and we need your help! New or old, any song can all be included. If you had to pick ONE song – your favorite – from this summer, what would it be? We’ll share the collective list next week!

For the Love of Trees….

Hi Buds…I think you all know how much we love trees (a quick search for tree on brought back 43 different treehugging, branch-loving, leaf-hearting items…) And since today (April 30th) is officially Arbor Day, we thought it a good occasion to celebrate our love for trees & tell you a little bit about our efforts to help with reforestation here in the good old U. S. of A….

Soul Flower has partnered with the Arbor Day foundation to help offset our paper use. We know we use it often in our business – invoices in packages, mailing supplies, and of course there is that one biggie -our catalog production. We always work hard to make sure we recycle & reuse paper. But specifically related to our catalog – we felt that since we were using so much paper, we should do something to offset that production. So starting in 2008, we began planting two (or more) trees for every one tree we use in catalog production. It just makes sense to replenish what has been taken – and the restoration of our natural forests is not just important, it is necessary.

In 2009, we continued our efforts with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant these “offset” trees by helping with an amazing project to plant 125,000 total longleaf pine trees in the Manchester State Forest in South Carolina. This longleaf restoration project is an effort to restore longleaf pine to its former natural range. Approximately 1/4 of the 258 acres was replanted in the winter of 2008-2009 & the remainder is scheduled to be replanted this year.

To find out more about the Arbor Day Foundation & its programs, go here. And have a happy tree day <3.

p.s. (added 5/6/10) Hi again buds! We just found out that our last contribution in 2009 went to Pine Plantings in the Okaloacoochee Slough State Forest, an awesome replanting effort in south central Florida…check out details here.

Not all who wander are lost.

LouDog’s Cool Nomad Sandals….

Hey there Soul-Flower pal’s. It’s loudog reporting to you today on the great Two Tone Highland Sandals, made by Nomadic State of Mind. If you have been to any large music fest in the greater US of A you have probably encountered one or more of the nomadic state crew – they happily promote peace, love and good times. And they feel that if you insist on wearing shoes, you must try nomadic sandals.

So if you think they look cool, but wonder how they feel on your feet, they feel great! These shoes are very light weight. It’s literally like your walking on air or nothing at all. They are the best at festivals, the mall, walking the animals, around the house, right out of the shower or at the beach and in the water! Plus they float. How cool is that?

These shoes are made of the best poly pro rope material and made thoughtfully . Which makes them so soft and easy to care for. No matter how dirty you get playing in them, you can hand wash or machine wash them. I would suggest just setting them in the sun to dry. They are held together with glue, so no dryer. They run true to actual size, so if your a half size, you can round up to the next size. Anyplace I were mine I always get compliments. Remember as well, Nomadic means Wanderer so wander away. Thanks again Soul-Flower for bringing us another great product!

Your Bud Loudog

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