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8035 Festival Pack Giveaway

Pack it up & head to 80|35 Festival with Soul Flower! The third annual 80|35 fest is set for July 4th weekend in Des Moines IA. Your Soul Flower buds are giving away a festival pack to help make 80|35 (or your festival of choice) your best fest yet. This groovy package includes a backpack for carrying your stuff, a tapestry for resting your dancing bones, lipbalm to keep you non-chapped & kissable all weekend long, a few tunes, and some other cool soul flower surprises.
Want to win? Just comment on this blog with the answer to this question:
What are you most looking forward to about 80|35?
(And if you aren’t planning on 80|35, you can still play by answering this question: what will you most miss about 80|35?)

Be sure to include your name & email in your comment so we can write you if you win! We will choose one random winner at noon on Tuesday, June 22nd. Thanks for supporting this awesome volunteer-organized fest and Soul-Flower.com. Peace!

p.s. keep watching our blog, facebook & twitter for our 80|35 ticket giveaway, coming soon!!

The Perfect Summer Dress

After searching for so long I finally found it at Soul Flower: the perfect summer dress. The first day I got the dress I put it on immediately. It was a beautiful day out so I took my dog to the park and had a picnic by the lake with my brother. The long tie-dye tube dress was so comfortable and free-flowing I could easily move about. This dress makes me feel so good about myself, it’s flattering on any shape and I love looking down and seeing the beautiful colors of the tie dye.


After a long day in the park I had plans to go to a show. Heatbox, a beat boxer from Minneapolis (hometown of Soul-Flower.com too), was playing at a local bar so a few friends and I decided to check it out. First off, if you ever get a chance to see him play – take it immediately, he adds a lot of funk to his beat boxing and it just makes you want to groove. The show was awesome and I looked great in this dress while still being extremely comfortable. It definitely did not cramp my dancing style. The dress moves so well too, it swirls around you like a whirlwind and I can’t help but smile every time I see the stunning colors.


A final note on this fave – I also tend to have problems with strapless dresses because I’m always hiking them up; but since this dress has a halter tie you don’t have to worry about making sure the dress is up where it’s supposed to be. This dress is just so versatile because it’s casual enough for the day but it definitely makes a statement for night time as well. Enjoy!
-Peace & Love from Karmatic Kristen

Recycled tees get much-deserved props

right outta the magazine!Our popular Recycled Pop Bottle Tees got a mention in the June issue of Whole Living magazine! (formerly body + soul magazine) Whole Living is a Martha Stewart production that focuses on healthy, kind living through body, mind, and soul. So it’s no surprise that the Playback Clothing brand’s 100% recycled tees caught their attention!

We love ’em, Whole Living loves ’em, and we know you’ll love ’em, too! 🙂

Land of Forests Patch Bag

When our very own bud Jenn chose the name “Land of Forests” for this bag, we loved it! Think images of enchanted forest folk tales, elves, fairies….it is all too fitting for this look of this magical bag. Just ask Jenn, things just haven’t been the same since she started carrying this lovely patchworked piece – here she writes a little bit about the story of it’s workmanship and about the amazing comments & vibes this bag brings to all who use it. It is truly a special piece…..

Our Bud Jenn with her Land of Forests Patch Bag

This bag is hand-crafted by indigenous Mayan women in the hills of Guatemala (the land of forests) and is over sewn with a variety of cotton patches that have been organically dyed using only plants, flowers, bark, and vegetable waste. Unless you see this in person, it is hard to appreciate the quality and uniqueness of the over sewn patches. I’ve never seen anything like it! I have been carrying it for about a week now and have had so many compliments on it. Because of the dyes and materials, all of its fabrics are 100% biodegradable and earth friendly. How cool is that? There is also a cell phone pocket on the adjustable strap and an extra pocket inside to hold the smaller things that you need to get at quicker. The top has a magnetic closure that is sewn inside the fabric so you cant even see the magnet, but it works just great! You can feel the care, time and patience that went into crafting each detail. I highly recommend it, you wont be disappointed!!

“Tap” into your creativity with Tapestries

Call them what you will – funky wall hangings or hippie tapestries or even a bedspread – we officially (or as official as your Soul-Flower.com buds get) call these great pieces of vibrant, beautiful cotton fabric “Tapestries”…for as many names as they have, they have as many different uses: a tablecloth, a bedspread, a picnic cloth, a curtain, or even just for sewing fabric… However you decide to use it/whatever you decide to call it, it seems our customers have found many uses & many ways to feel the tapestry love. Take a look at just a few (and one sweet review from our bud Sarah): 

Lisa with her sun wall-hanging tapestry.
A cool curtain idea from Andee.
Greta in our vending daze.
Sarah, Mickey and the Soul-Flower Sun & Moon Tapestry
From Sarah: You can count on the sun and moon tie-dyed tapestry to brighten up not only your room, but your mood as well! The vibrant colors and tie-dye pattern will turn any frown upside down, just like the euphoric astronomical face that completes the tap. Flames and stars stem from each side of the sun and moon’s face, as day and night can both be bright! You can hang this tapestry on a wall to lively up any room in your home, or use it on your bed for a cool, unique addition to your bedroom. If you just “tap” into your imagination, you can find other creative possibilities as well. I was sick of looking at my boring white walls, and now I can explore the beautiful designs incorporated into this tapestry. I have the tap hanging in my living room and since then, my buds have noticed the evident addition of brilliance into my place. It emphasizes something special in my home, and it will surely tickle the fancy of all your buds, too =)
Thanks Sarah, we love that we can spread such great vibes. Peace!

Earth Loving Tee

Our Bud Kristen sent us these great pictures of herself in our Tie Dye Earth Vee Tee…check it out:

Our earth loving and
 tree hugging bud Kristen.

Usually when surfing the Soul-Flower.com site I go straight for the dresses but this time the Tie Dye Earth Vee Tee caught my eye. The mellow cream color of the tee really helps the colors of the tie dye pop and catch the attention of any passerby. This tie dye pattern is so unique and unlike any other kind of tie dye I’ve ever seen before and that makes this tee one of a kind. I was immediately attracted to the earth heart graphic in the middle of the tee because I love my Mama Earth and love to show it off. This tee is super soft and comfortable and the deep vee flatters any neckline. I guarantee that anyone who rocks this tee will absolutely love the sweet message and coziness of this cotton vee neck tee.

Not all who wander are lost.

LouDog’s Cool Nomad Sandals….

Hey there Soul-Flower pal’s. It’s loudog reporting to you today on the great Two Tone Highland Sandals, made by Nomadic State of Mind. If you have been to any large music fest in the greater US of A you have probably encountered one or more of the nomadic state crew – they happily promote peace, love and good times. And they feel that if you insist on wearing shoes, you must try nomadic sandals.

So if you think they look cool, but wonder how they feel on your feet, they feel great! These shoes are very light weight. It’s literally like your walking on air or nothing at all. They are the best at festivals, the mall, walking the animals, around the house, right out of the shower or at the beach and in the water! Plus they float. How cool is that?

These shoes are made of the best poly pro rope material and made thoughtfully . Which makes them so soft and easy to care for. No matter how dirty you get playing in them, you can hand wash or machine wash them. I would suggest just setting them in the sun to dry. They are held together with glue, so no dryer. They run true to actual size, so if your a half size, you can round up to the next size. Anyplace I were mine I always get compliments. Remember as well, Nomadic means Wanderer so wander away. Thanks again Soul-Flower for bringing us another great product!

Your Bud Loudog

Hip Hip Hippie Skirt…

Here is a beautifully karmic review of Soul Flower’s Watercolor Tie-Dyed Skirt. Thanks to Sheila for the sweet review & phab photos. Love it!

Hi Soulflower buddies! I had my eye on the Watercolor Tie-Dye Skirt for a few weeks and just received my skirt yesterday – it was so comfortable that I wore it out last night!

The material is calming and soft, with an almost organza or tissue feel to it. The garment is colorful, yet subdued due to earthy hues of umber, blue, and olive. This flowy skirt is beautifully dyed and I look forward to wearing it to both casual and also more dressy occasions. My husband and I are free spirits. We live by the moment, so we frequently decide last minute to go to concerts, take road trips, or head into Philly to meet up with friends. This skirt is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle because I don’t have to worry about what to wear. With so many colors, you can easily make this skirt a staple piece in your wardrobe, mixing and matching it with different shirts, scarves, and even sweaters or shrugs. As soon as it arrived, I tried it on and hunted through my closet to see if I had anything that matched. It was easy to find several different looks just using other pieces that I already had in my closet.
When my neighbors decided to have an impromptu get together last night, I was excited to try out my new gear. It was a fun evening and I felt great because my skirt was so comfortable and I knew it looked cute as well.
In the past, I have had difficulty finding clothes that fit properly because I am frequently in between regular sizes and plus sizes. Sometimes plus size clothing can be unflattering if it isn’t tailored to your body type, but let me tell you folks, this skirt is a PERFECT fit! I ordered the skirt in the plus size from Soulflower and it looked great on me! I am thrilled that Soulflower decided to carry plus sizes! I would recommend this skirt to anyone who is interested in unique feminine bohemian style.

Spring Buds Super Cool Skirt!

We get asked a lot of questions by our buds, some we can’t answer easily, like “Hey Soul Flower, I have been wondering what is the ONE must do festival this summer?” (that is a debated issue here & a different blog topic for sure….).

Some questions are a lot easier – “Hey Soul Flower, what is that awesome smell inside my package you sent…?” (it is nag champa incense).
And some questions deserve a little explanation & a couple of sweet photos, like “Hey Soul Flower, what is the must have piece right now from the Soul Flower line?” Hands down, if you must only get one thing, it is the Spring Buds Reversible Skirt. It has a bit of a higher price tag for Soul Flower ($68) but once you see its versitility, beauty & uniqueness, you will understand…

 Checkitout – This is Sarah.
And she is wearing the same skirt in both of the photos in this post.
First one is straight up.
Second one is inside out with the colorful side as a roll-top waist.

And this is what Sarah has to say about the skirt –

The Spring Buds Reversible Skirt will surely turn heads! Its unique look and inclusion of bright colors throughout the primarily black and gray skirt give it great energy. It’s a simply lovely piece for any occasion. You can wear it inside out on the black side, and even fold down the top, adding a colorful band around the waist. This variety of possibilities makes this skirt an awesome choice!


For me, it was love at first sight. I am very fond of bright colors, busy prints, and most of all, I love trees, so this skirt so perfectly has a few of my favorite things all rolled into one. The tree is portrayed leafless, but with the brilliantly colored buds in bloom, it embodies new beginnings and steady growth into a beautiful entity, much like the way we humans are growing each day. This skirt tells a story, and when I wear it, I am full of life!

Beach Bummin’ Hoody Dress

We so love this photo of Kristen in the Soul Flower baja hoody dress. It shows how a piece of clothing can match your personality – simply put, it’s a perfect fit. Here’s Kristen:

I love classics; classic cars, classic rock, etc. and that’s why I love this new twist on an old classic. I have always liked Baja ponchos but I love the new feminine touches on the Beach Bummin’ Baja. There are so many more colors in this hoodie than the picture on the website portrays. While it’s mostly earth tones it’s also got deep purples, reds, and yellows. This Baja is a statement piece and trust me; this hoodie-dress will get you lots of attention and lots of compliments. I was walking down the street one day and got stopped at least four times by people telling me how much they liked what I was wearing.

Not only is this hoodie stylish, it is unbelievably comfortable. Baja ponchos always look like they would be really itchy but this hoodie is soft as can be. Not only is this one of the most comfortable items of clothing I own, but it’s also extremely practical. I work for a concert production company and putting on a show requires a lot of hands on work. With this Baja I can go from stage set-up to the show to tear down and load out comfortably and while looking pretty groovy. This laid-back hoodie dress is perfect for my on-the-go yet laidback life.

Get it at Soul-Flower.com.

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