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Buying for guys can be tricky. It’s a rare day when they tell you what they would like for the holidays, moreover give you a list of options. But it has happened! My office bud, Joe, has handed over his wishlist!

Joe’s a true Soul Flower dude, he likes to camp and hike with the best of them, so if you know a treehuggin’ man, chances are his list won’t be too different.

Joe’s holiday wishlist includes:

Damn Nice Denim Shirt Everyone needs a shirt to dress up a little. So why not a responsibly made one with some Fender flair?!

– A gift from W/o food & shelter for people it makes getting on w/ life way too hard. This gift helps supply goods that matter and will last!

Positively Hemp Cargo Pants (Code: SOL072) Already my favorite, and I wear them all the time. So good. I’ll always come back to these pants and want more (especially if too much holiday eating occurs and I need a bigger waist size)! 😉

Treehugger Zip-Up Eco Hoody (SOL074) Super soft & comfy with a positive, thought provoking message on the back. Best of both worlds!

Plaid IS the New Plaid Organic Shirt (PRA003)  b/c plaid is rad, and I liked it when I tried it on more than I thought I would. 

Solar Backpack  b/c then you can hit the road, trail, bike trip, hike, etc. and still have tunes and a way to use a phone in case of emergencies. Card  Already a member (after my dad and I gave them to each other last year) and like being able to give a little help to those in need who are working their butts off in 2ndand 3rd world countries trying to make a better life for themselves, their family and their community.

Happy Camper Men’s Organic T-Shirt Caption says it all: Happy & camping what more can you ask for?!

So there it is, what a dude wants a why….a rare glimpse into the wishing mind of an office bud – this doesn’t happen everyday, folks. 😉 Hope it has inspired some awesome man gifts (or gals, cuz I know I’d rock that plaid organic shirt and treehugger eco hoody like nobodies business, too!)!

What Soul Flower goodies will you be getting the guys in your life?

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