Currently Soul Flower has a selection of skirt-dresses that are absolute awesomesauce! (because you can rock these threads as a strapless dress or as a skirt). Skirt-dresses are especially great for traveling because you can get more than one fun look without having to pack so dang much.

Plus the versatility of the piece makes you far more likely to wear it a whole bunch. For instance, you can wear it as a fancy strapless dress to a wedding, and the next day, when you want to go sight seeing, you can wear it as a skirt and pair it with a comfy tank tank top, like the Mehndi Hands here. Boom. Two outfits and one lightly packed suitcase.
jezebel+skirt+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Jezebel Hemp Skirt-Dress
zaria+skirt+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Zaria Strapless Dress-Skirt
Skirt-dresses are also ideal beach cover-ups as you can wear it as a skirt with your swim suit or pull it up as a dress for more coverage. I personally have always loved wearing strapless dresses while on vacation, since it helps avoid unwanted tan lines.


mystified+skirt+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Mystified Hi-Lo Dress
Skirt-dresses also make a great gift when you’re unsure if your friend would prefer a dress or a skirt – either way you win- it’s brilliant! 😉


tiedye+skirt+and+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Good Vibes Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt
Which skirt dress is your favorite? Which way do you think you would wear it most: as a skirt or as a dress?

❤ JacQ

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