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Legend has it that every time best friend bracelets meet in a happy high-five, a unicorn gets its wings. So give an awesome person an awesome intricately woven bracelet, like this Best Buds Bracelet, right here. ;) Hand woven in Guatemala, colors will vary. Tie closure. 1/2 inch wide.


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Such a Nice Bracelet!
These are very durable and fun to wear! I received one of these a couple weeks ago, and I've worn it every single day since. Even when they get wet while washing my hands or showering, they dry up very quickly and don't lose the color or durability. I'm purchasing another one today!
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I got my bracelet and was so excited! I usually love everything I get from SoulFlower. But after not even two weeks of consistant wear, the bright colors faded and the bracelet did not hold up well. I'm the kind to tie a bracelet on and just leave it...I'll wear a good bracelet for months. It goes in the shower with me, swimming, everything, so in way I know I'm being a little harsh on this bracelet because I am very hard on my jewelry. But this bracelet just didn't make the cut and I ended up just throwing it away. My advice, for occasional wear its great! The colors are awesome and the patterns are fun! The clasp is a small loop on one end and two braided stands on the other. It would be hard to tie the bracelet so you could get it off again though. All in all, this one was a fail.
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wild purple
These rule! Very durable!
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