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Organic Cotton
Low Impact Dyes
Fair Trade
Soul Flower Original
How do you improve upon our best selling pants of all time? By making them in Organic Cotton! The super soft fabric 'waves' over itself to create a layered look that compliments all body types. The double tie at the top adds the perfect touch of funk. Enjoy these Waves of Freedom! Available in three earth tone colors - you'll want to own them all! Ethically made in Nepal. 100% organic cotton.

Measurements- (in inches)
Small - Low Waist: 32-34" Inseam: 29" Outseam: 40"
Medium - Low Waist: 34-36" Inseam: 30" Outseam: 41"
Large - Low Waist: 36-38" Inseam: 30" Outseam: 41"
X-Large - Low Waist: 38-40" Inseam: 31" Outseam: 42"
XX-Large - Low Waist: 40-42" Inseam: 33" Outseam: 43"
XXX-Large - Low Waist: 42-44" Inseam: 33" Outseam: 44"

Organic Cotton
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(4.8)132 Reviews

Kari Powell
Love, LOVE, LOVE these pants
I first purchased these in gray and absolutely fell in love with them!!!! They are crazy comfy, super cute and funky, and I always get lots of compliments. I seriously could wear these every single day. People may start to wonder if I own anything else!!! I loved the gray ones so much that I purchased the olive colored I want the blue ones as well!
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Best Pants EVER!!!!!
In the past I have bought these in olive, brown and rust orange(don't know if that's technically the color specified). Every single time I wear a pair someone, usually strangers, tell me how much they love them and asks where I got them! I've recommended Soul Flower to sooooo many people! Not only are they the cutest pants ever but they are the most comfortable piece of clothing I own!!! Can't say enough about them! But I'll say one more thing...they last! I've had my 3 pairs for years and I wear them constantly. I'm a old(er) country hippie girl with three sons so my clothes take a beating! They are holding up beautifully!
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Lucy in Nevada City, CA.
More colors please!
I have several of these pairs of pants in different colors. Sadly, I missed out on the purple but will buy them if they come back. Also, please make a black pair as well. I'll bet everyone here who has given a good review would get another pair if you increase the color choices again. The three that I wear the most are the cranberry, rust and teal colored ones and you don't have any of those anymore. Glad I got mine when I did!
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Taraverified buyer
Happily proven wrong!
I was iffy about these pants because of the reviews saying that the material was too thin/thinner than before, and I am SO glad I bought these anyway! I bought a pair of XL in Faded Black, and Plum (eggplant). These pants are BEAUTIFUL. I'm 5'7" and normally wear a 12/14 dress and pant. The length of these is PERFECT, lightly skims the floor, the hidden draw-string is a FABULOUS added bonus. Reallu, I probably could have ordered the L and still would have been fine! I will be wanting more soon!
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Jamie Dugganverified buyer
I have 3 pairs of these pants! Literally my absolute favorite pants ever! I just returned to buy a few more pants and realized there is only xl, are you discontinuing these? Please dont! I need more!
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gverified buyer
I love these pants
Please don't discontinue these pants - where are the other sizes? Right now it only lists xl as available. I really wanted to buy a couple more pairs- they are so comfy. I agree that the older version that were thicker material were the best. :) Please bring back more sizes!
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Soo comfy my new favs
This are my new favorite pants, they are very comfy, love the drawstring waist. Would have given 5 star but they are a little long for me so the bottoms are bound to wear out because of how much drags. I'm 5ft 5in and 158 pounds I went with xl partially because I don't like stuff really tight and partially because I wanted green and that was smallest size, maybe a large wouldn't have been quite so long. Hope they don't stop making them because I'd love a few more pairs!
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Samanthaverified buyer
Love these, wish they made them both ways still
I love these pants and have 3 .. I liked the thicker ones for fall and winter & love the new lights kind, but wish you sold both still and had more colors to choose 😇 I want the blue, brown and rust ones again! And a darker black... only because I love them so much!
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Kimberly McCarthy
I am in love with these pants, even more so when I realized they have a drawstring! They do stretch out after wearing them after a while. After wearing them the second time shopping all day with my Mom and she was helping me bring in my stuff, telling me my pants were falling off me... She left and I went to go see what I could do about my saggy pants. I then realized that the side ties, the smaller one is a drawstring! Problem solved = happy gal!!
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beautymakerverified buyer
These pants are awesome
Very stylish and comfortable , the pants are kind of made to hang on you so make sure you measure your waist.
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Brandy Jones
Great for Fall!
These are a thicker cotton. Yeah, my blonde self wore them on a nice 103 degree humid day & roasted... Twice! It's not my fault, these pants rock! I can't wait to take them on my Oct. Mountain trip. All that great stuff aside, when ordering these keep in mind, you may want to go up a size b/c these don't have stretch in the waist like the organic flow pants do. I'm 5'2 and 150Lbs, I got a large in them to ensure a small amount of wiggle room. They are comfy cozy, & these are like cookies you can't have just 1! Order 2 pair the 1st time, it's easier. I learned that the hard way... I'm ordering my 2nd pair soon.
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Sammyverified buyer
Best pants ever.
I have two pairs of these pants and practically live in them! I'm in Australia so it gets pretty hot sometimes, but I don't overheat in these at all. They're comfy, stylish, flowy and believe me, you cannot go wrong owning a pair of these, but chances are you'll end up with more than one :P
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Mathildeverified buyer
These pants are amazing!
I love these pants! They're perfect for cold days or chilly nights. I was a bit unsure as to what size I should order, but I bought the medium ones and they're just perfect.
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Dinahverified buyer
Very comfy (but wash separately the first time & no drier)
I love the comfort of these pants and they are very cool looking. I fluctuate between a 16 and 18 and at my present 18, the xx-large were perfect although they do stretch out in the seat by the end of the day. The x-large were just a tad too tight. They are nice and long which is great for me as i am almost 5'8". My only issue was that I washed the eggplant for the first time with a load of darks, in cold water on a gentle cycle but anything that was even 1 shade lighted than the pants now has a purple tinge. Also, I put them in the drier and they are now too short (so I bought another pair). While these pants are super cool and comfy and good looking, they do require extra care.
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Tamverified buyer
very cute but too short
Just receieved these in Small faded black...they are well made and great quality and look great on just one issue, I'm 5'7" 135 lbs and the small fits my body perfectly but they are too shows them hitting the ground on the models but they barely cover my ankles...wish they came in longer lengths..would love to have ordered all colors but just not long enough even with flip flops...Material is heavy cotton and not great for hot days but would work on cooler days or nighttime.
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Debverified buyer
Size down
These pants are incredibly comfy, and I love the look. But as others have mentioned they are HUGE. I'm a medium in Soul Flower leggings, so I got these in a medium, and I'm swimming in them! I washed them in warm water and put them in the dryer, and that helped a little, enough so that I can wear them out of the house. But if I get another pair, I'm definitely going for a small!
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Mountain Mama 79verified buyer
waves not the same
I love these pants and have owned five pairs over the years. I was stoked to get these, however, the pants have changed the fit this time. I had to bump up a size larger and hem the bottom of the pants this time. The nice apron covering the belly is smaller and I feel a little more exposed. Overall, the pants fit a tall, slim person and I'm an earthy, short, stocky lady. I'll still buy the pants again, just need to modify them myself. Nice material though!
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Misty Wilson Spiers
Won These!
These are probably the most comfortable pair of pants I've ever owned! And I love the style!
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mayaverified buyer
new organic waves
honestly, i am not crazy about the new version of these pants. i have some of the older ones, which i live in...SO love them! but these new ones are of a much thinner fabric, which i don't find that fabulous....i liked the heavier jersey! (i live in vermont...heavier=good) i also find the new ones size a bit differently...they are shorter than the original, which i also am not crazy about. but, they are still better than most other pants, and they are organic, so i will hang onto them, wear them (not as often as the originals), and pine for earlier versions.....
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Bethany Pierceverified buyer
Functional and comfy!
Nice weight fabric, soft to the touch. Fits great and true to size, had to hem 3" off the bottom (such is the world for those who are 5'2"), but made them work great. Love that you have more colors to choose from.
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Sarah Priceverified buyer
So comfortable!
I love these pants! They're the most comfortable ones I've ever owned. The best part is that I can wear them under my baby-bump, and they provide some extra support for my tummy. I get compliments whenever I wear these!
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My favorite!
I. Love. These. Pants. I have three pair, and I plan to get more!
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Love them!
I ordered a pair in medium in the color ocean. They fit perfectly and they are so comfortable :) I'm 5'6" 135-139 lbs, with my low waist (by the hip bones) measuring 33" and my hips measuring about 40". I was stuck between getting the large or the med, and I'm glad I went with the medium. Another reviewer on here gave her measurements, which were close to mine, so I went that route. Perfect fit! And the ocean color is a really nice medium blue.
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Groovy dance pants
Love these for hooping. So comfy and free moving. I'm wearing the green ones right now. Have two colours, want more!
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Finally! After 2 Years!
...I succumbed to my longing for these pants and bought myself a pair; they are genuinely everything I wanted them to be. I bought an XXL (I'm 5'9 and 175ish). The length is perfect (so long as I don't dry them) and the fabric is substantial enough to smooth but light enough to be swoooooshy. <3 I do truly love these pants. I plan to wear them everyday.. for the rest of my life. ;)
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the best pants EVER
if you're on the fence about getting these, (because of the price)make the jump! these are my new favorite pants - I've already worn them to the office, holiday parties and hangin' at home and they are the best. just came back to the soulflower site to perhaps get another pair today in a different color and thought I should post a review. they fit awesome, very flattering and they go with everything. on a side note, I'm 5'8" and wear a 14 in 'conventional' jeans/pants. I ordered an XL. GET THEM - you will fall in love :)
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I'm 5'5 and weight 118lbs. I read thru many of the reviews and decided to get a medium. They are huge on me:( Maybe i just have small legs but they are pretty big around my butt and legs. The drawstring helps them stay up. But they are the perfect length. I would have been disappointed if i got the small. Tired of companys not making pants for tallskinny ladys and shortcurvy ladys, short skinny ladys and tallcurvy ladys. Annoys the living crap out of me! Im tall and skinny!!! Make small long pants! :(
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Annie C
Need a pair in every color!
While the crop version may be my favorite for summer, these are my favorite pants ever. Though they feel heavy at first, they have enough swing to them that they aren't too hot, even in very warm weather. I do need them in every color, and soon. I would wear them every day if I had more than one pair. They are so comfy and so versatile. Also, I have a larger frame, and these are very flattering for my shape.
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got it! hang...
Just saw you guys re-ordered the ocean in my size. YAY! It's in the mail. Almost missed it; glad I always visit the site. For those worried about drying; put them in the wash, stretch them out a bit while wet, and then HANG to dry. Mine did not shrink.
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adendum to my review: So Cozy
Now that I've had my pants for about a month I wanted to add to my original review. My pants were size L, which are a little too big, so I washed them and dried them. They did shrink up quite a bit - which shrunk up the length. They barely touch the ground with flats on. They are still amazing, and I totally recommend! Just be careful if you choose to dry them, the edges curl up, and the length will shrink a lot. I'm looking forward to getting a couple of different colors.
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Amy Schectman
Most excellent purchase!!
I was also on the fence about these....they looked so cool but are pricey. Well i got some birthday money and decided to make the leap....and i am so overjoyed!! i was a little unsure as which size to order, but tried to go by other reviews. So i am about 5'6 to 5'6 1/2....i weigh 148 pounds...and my waist measurement is 29 1/2 to 30, low waist about 33, hips 39 1/2 to 40. I would consider myself slim with nice curves. According to my measurements i would need the large, but i own 1 or 2 other pieces of Avatar clothing and wear a small in them. I decided to go with the medium and am glad i did!! They fit great...i do have to cinch the drawstring but once i do they stay up fine...the length was actually a TAD long for me.....i would have been fine with that, but coupled with the fact that i could have had them fit just a LITTLE tighter in the butt/thighs area i decided to try putting them in the dryer. (on low heat.) They shrunk just i tiny bit, enough to tighten them up a little and also took the height up just a bit. Next time i would air dry them first and then put them in the dryer as hanging them to dry will let all the layers dry evenly and straight...putting them in the dryer curled the ends of the layers up a bit. i would DEFINITELY order more of these...they fit great, are comfy, can be dressed up or down. i have already gotten compliments on them. If you get the right size they should show off your hiney but not cling really tight....i absolutely love them!! Dont change a thing! I would say that they are thick enough to not be comfy in over 80 degree heat...but for spring, fall and even winter with tall socks, definitely. A pair of pants totally worth the price! :)
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So Cozy!
I have been wanting a pair of these for a while, and finally bought the blue pair. According to the measurements, the L should have been very snug, but it's actually too big. Next time I will order a size M (I'm 5'5", and about 145lbs). They are LONG - dragging the ground by an inch or so. There are numerous reviews that say how short these are. Soul Flower does sell a cropped version of these, and I would bet that people mistakenly ordered those thinking they were the long WAFP. I plan to order every color - they are just that cozy! Take the plunge and buy these, you will love them.
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one was off a little
Addendum: I just got the gray and the brown. The gray fit as perfectly as the green, but the brown was a bit shorter. This worries me because of washing, but right now it's not so short that it looks cropped (thankfully; I hate cropped pants), so I will keep them. They are both labeled small by the makers [so it's not Soul Flower's fault].
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My new favorite...
I don't know why I was on the fence for so long...these are my new favs and I am a DIE HARD jeans woman! Nice heavy cotton (haven't washed them yet though), soooo comfy, perfect length for me (5'6",127 lbs). Wore the green ones tonight; grey and brown are on the way. PLEASE re-order the Ocean (blue) in small and email me! There's currently no button to click for this!
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Bring back rust colour!
I bought my first pair in Cranberry and fell so hard in love withthem that I immediatly ordered the teal and brown ones too. I already have several pairs of green pants but may have to get these in green too someday. What I really want is for the rust colour to come back in my size as that is my absolute favorite colour! I am 5'7" and 145 lbs and the large fits me perfectly. If I could improve them at all I might make the drawstring wider to better fit the wide space it threads through. I might just measure out a wide piece of elastic and feed that through instead. I like the drawstring just fine but I wear these ALL THE TIME, especially when I go out. When out drinking and needing to pee frequently, dealing with the tie is . . . just another thing to fumble with while the other ladies are waiting for the stall. That is the worst thing I can say about them and it's not even really an issue. Maybe I should just drink less! In a nutshell, these pants rule and owning a pair in each colour is a wise move. Thanks soul flower!
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Kellyverified buyer
Comfy, Great length
I received the ocean colored pants today. They are so comfy, the length is perfect and now I want to buy all of the colors, especially the rust and cranberry but you are out of my size right now. Thank you so much for the personalized letters, it is very nice to know that you put care into each shipment. Thank you!
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Tiaie mitchellverified buyer
Waves of freedom pants
These are so cute, yet funtional. They look VERY comfy.
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heatherverified buyer
I don't normally leave reviews, but these pants deserve one.... I ordered a pair in grey (because it was the only color available in a small) and I will be ordering more now that all the colors are back in stock. I was a bit shocked by the cost at first, but I finally bought them when my budget allowed and I'm so glad I did. I am small (5'5 and 124 pounds), so I was worried these might make me look awkward, but I was wrong. These fit so wonderfully and they are the perfect length. The drawstring and extra wraps help them fit perfectly around the waist. They might be a tad short on someone taller (I actually have short legs), but for me they are great. These are, by far, my favorite pants. I wear them all the time and I always get compliments. They are very well made and absolutely worth the money. If you are on the fence, hop over it and order these pants before they sell out again.
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Alison Smith
Most Awesome Pants Ever Made
Let me just start by saying I have looked at and wanted these pants for over a year. Being a little bit larger girl and on the short side(I wear a size 16 jean and im 5"3) I have a hard time finding cool pants that fit. After reading every review and thinking about it way too much I finally ordered 2 pair...and I could not be happier. These are the greatest pants ever made. They are so comfortable and I cant wait to wear them everywhere! and not to mention the service Soul Flower provides was amazing. Everything came so quickly. I am one Happy girl and will definitely be ordering more from Soul Flower and will not take a year to do it :)
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Must Have!
EVERYONE YOU MEET WILL LOVE THESE PANTS! I've had so many people compliment on them and even strangers walk up and start rubbing the material because they are so drawn to the flow and cut of these pants. I own the cranberry color and plan on buying the blue soon:)
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So In Love
I absolutely adore these pants and will probably buy another pair or two in other colors. (I got the cranberry, which is a little darker red/burgundy than the photo suggests, but still lovely.) They are comfy, cute, and great to move in. I put them to the test with a couple hours of dancing, and though I did have to tighten the drawstring a couple times, they performed well. The one caveat is that they are short. That's great for me! I wear a medium petite in pants, and these are perfect for me. But if you're longer legged, they will likely be short for you.
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Faerie Queen
Must Have!
I am getting addicted to these pants! I have two pairs, the blue and red and will get more. They are so sassy and I get tons of compliments on them. They are so comfortable yet stylish. The only problem I have is hand washing but it is sooo worth it! Highly recommend them!
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Love These Pants!
I received a pair of these pants in brown for Christmas. I love them! They are so cute and fit me very well. I am 5' 8 1/2" tall and weigh 160 pounds and the size L fit me like a glove. They are appropriate to "dress up" and wear on the town or comfortable enough to "dress down" and hang our at home. I plan to order one of every color!
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I just ordered my second pair of these pants. I have the brown and wanted the green but they were out so I got the slate I am very anxious to get them! I get sooo many complements on these pants I am 5'1 114lbs and the length is perfect! Every pair of pants I've ever owned has been way too long but these are perfect! Love, Love. I want to get the green ones when they come back in stock. Perfect concert, festival, pants that's where I get the most compliments :) and everytime I wear them I always get at least one compliment! Would recommend them to anybody very flattering!
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Wonderful Pants
I love these pants. I am going to buy more in different colors when they are in stock. They fit really well and are very comfortable.
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Great pants, but run too short!
Argh! These pants were really frustrating. I wanted to love them so bad, and I MOSTLY do... but, that said, they seriously run too short. It's very annoying. I was careful with ordering because I knew this could be a problem. I'm 5'7" and have an average-to-slender build, so I didn't want to order a L and have them be baggy on me everywhere. I ordered the M and they fit perfectly, except for the length. They are slightly too short. Now I have to be careful not to put them in the dryer or it will get worse. I can pull it off, but life would be much easier if they were just a few inches longer!! PLEASE MAKE THEM LONGER. If they do, I swear I'd buy them in every single color. If you're short for your build, these are the ultimate pants. they are ridiculously comfy and quite warm. When it was super cold out, I just slipped some leggings under them for an additional layer and it bordered on too warm. They are very flattering and everyone is always asking me where I got them. Seriously, I wish they just made these things slightly longer. You can always take length away with a quick hem, but ordering a size up just to get the length and then taking the rest of the pant in is just too much work for me.
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Do it!!
Just bought my second pair of these because I love them so much. The cranberry color is no nice in person! I am 5'5'' 120 lbs and the small fits me well. Not exactly tight on the butt/thighs but still very flattering. The hidden drawstring is key! My inseam is 31 and these are perfect, I guess because I don't wear them with the crotch pulled all the way up (like them to sit lower on my hips). Highly recommend!!
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Jacqui s
these pants are great! so cute and comfy and perfect fit. I am 5'2" and 125 lbs and a small fits perfect in length and make my butt look good too. my inseam is about a 30/31. I would definitely recommend them and will be getting another pair soon!
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Unique, Comfy, and Cute
These pants are awesome! My style is on the dressier side of hippy and the problem that I run into, is alot of dress clothes are not comfortable. These pants, however are cute and comfortable. I like how they can be dressed up a bit or be super casual. I am going to Africa this summer and thinking about wearing these on the Plane. Love These Pants.
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kristinaverified buyer
Yes, make them in long lengths please!
i would love to order these but i have a 34 in inseam and small waisted-there's just no way they would fit! i'm very sad!
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Christynverified buyer
I love these pants!
I have had the hardest time finding pants that fit comfortably lately, due to a bit of post pregnancy belly. So, I took a chance ordered these. They are so freaking cute. I love how they flow, and they are super flattering. The fabric is very soft and thick as well. I am 5'7 and the length is perfect. Thank you, I think these are my new favorite.
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Cei-Jay Moore
Where are the pockets??
I love these pants but wish that there was a hidden pocket with in. lots of beautiful layers not one pocket there is more than enough room for at least one pocket.
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LoVe these pants but please make them longer!
I ordered the blue ones and was very happy with them. I am 5'10" and I ordered the medium. The length was perfect and they were quite heavy which I really like. I'm in Colorado and they have been nice and cozy. I love them so much I just bought a brown pair and got them yesterday. They are also a medium but much lighter weight which is okay but they are about an inch shorter than the blue ones. I will have to wear them very low on my waist for extra length. Even then they aren't as long as the blue ones and still seem a little short and now the crotch is really low too. I'm just bummed at the inconsistency because I want all the colors but not sure if they will fit. A large would probably do me right for the length but be too big in all other areas. Hmmm...Please make them longer because I love them!
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Cherie Carrverified buyer
Make them long!!
I love these pants and get so many compliments on them. The only problem with them is they are just a tad too short. I am just 5'6, but the inseam on the medium is just right. Can't wear anything but flats with them, and could use the smaller size, but then I would lose an inch in the length. I see another reader added some fabric, and will try that. I bought the ocean and the brown and am back to order another pair. I wear skirts all the time, and when I wore these to work, everyone loved them. Close to a skirt, but the warmth of pants.
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So, these pants are amazing, I have them now in two colors, and will probably collect 'em all!!! I am 5'5' and the inseam on the small is perfect for me! They are a little heavy, which I love, and they are just so comfortable. I think they might be the most flattering pants on the planet!
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Patricia Gamache
LOVE these pants so much!
I've been looking at these pants for so long and there are so many good reviews that I finally made the decision to buy them! $52 for one pair of pants is no easy purchase for me but I really wanted, the sizing...that was another story! I'm 5' 4" and always have trouble with my pants rubbing the ground in the back sooo bad that they always rip and scruff off...unless they are hemmed, which didn't seem like an option with this material, so I chose carefully! I'm normally a size 7 in jeans so i'm right at the in between size. I read alot of reviews that said that they stretch while wearing them and some people had noted that they are actually pulling them up by the end of the day, so, I threw caution to the wind and ordered the small. Seriously amazing pants. They fit me like they were made for me, they are the perfect length and they did stretch out a bit, but not enough to fall down my hips! I really do love them. They are thick, durable, warm, comfortable, adorable, funky and fun! You can dress them up or down but whatever you do, you will want to live in them! I did also note that some reviewers said that they did shrink up a bit when washed/dryed, and because mine fit like a glove, I just washed and laid them flat to dry...skipping the drying process to keep them perfect for me! I'm glad I splurged, they are wonderful!
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Waves of leggy freedom!
These pants are just fantastic. I would say pretty true to size (they relaxed just a teeny bit after wearing them a while) I am a small 14 & 5'5" and large was just perfect. When barefoot they are just an inch or so long on me, definitely not a problem. They are made of a deliciously thick (great for windy autumn) comfortable fabric and the hidden drawstring was an amazing surprise. Overall I love them so much I want another color!
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So Comfy
I am in LOVE with these pants. They are a bit heavy as one review said, so they will definitely not be wearable in the summer, but fall and winter? Perfect. I have gotten so many compliments on them. I actually ordered a size smaller since I am working on losing some weight and they fit great. I could still lose a few pounds, but I am sure they will still fit then. The only thing I noticed was wearing them last night, they loosened up more by the end of the night. I think I will be living in these this weekend
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Hippie Pants!
I just got mine in the mail today - my first pair! They are way heavier material than I expected (which isn't a bad thing, just don't be expecting the thinness of yoga pants because these are way sturdier). They are very well-made! They are super comfy, and are just tight enough in the right places to give you shape and curves. I will say, the legs are definitely very wide and flowy so be ready! I only wish they were a little shorter, but if I wear platform heels they'll be perfect. Even with a small heel they'll be fine I think. I can definitely see why many customers say they buy these in every color - if they weren't $52 I might buy a 2nd pair right now lol. Also, LOVE that there is the given drawstring - allows for a perfect fit! Thanks Soul Flower!
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Jenverified buyer
Fun but heavy
These pants are awesome, although they are rather heavy and end up working their way down my hips as I move around a lot (a hazard of hooping, I guess). I have to constantly tighten the tie, although it doesn't seem to help much. I'm 5'2" and weigh 115 lbs, so maybe the small is slightly big for me. I'd love to see these in XS and a bit lighter material but other than that, they are very fun to wear!!!
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Love these pants but...
I'm 5 foot 10 and they are too short unless I wear them very low on my hips which is fine but it does make the crotch part pretty low. I had to size up to a medium just to get some length and I usually wear a size 4 so they is room. Please make these longer I love them so!!
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Sugareeverified buyer
3 pairs so far
I have had 3 pairs of these from SF. First pair a maroon-ish color and more capri and lighter weight. Second pair longer and dark green and also lightweight material. Third pair, the brown and heavier duty material (good for cold weather). They are really comfy and stylish and do give you lots of freedom to move. Got a compliment on them one of the last times I wore the brown pair. Fun pants to own. I'd like to get the cranberry or teal next.
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There way to short must have read the measurements wrong :(
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Love these and they fit so Perfect!!!!!!!
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Witch Hazel
I get comments on these WHEREVER I GO! I have three pair and plan on ordering my fourth very soon! WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO BRING BACK BLACK! I'm sorry I didn't order the black when it was there!
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Mindyverified buyer
Love these but wished there was an XS
Absolutely love the style & material. They are really comfy. I give it 4 stars only because they need to have these in XS also. I'm 5'1" & petite so they are really long & even though there is the drawstring I can never seem to get it tight enough.
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Briene Smith
Currently wearing them
Coming from a woman who sews but just doesn't have adequate time to make such a masterpiece...these are well made. They are very comfortable. I consider these true to size. They are the perfect length.... not to long but when they shrink a tid bit in the wash it wont make them into high waters : P . I suggest that you all buy these. I am at work right now at my desk comfy as can be. I foresee these coming to festivals with me ....and everywhere else I might go.
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Kimmy B
First time ordering
Just got these amazing pants yesterday and I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of the material and craftsmanship! They fit great (and have a hidden drawstring on the side if you need a little adjustment) and look awesome! Got the brown color and I can't wait to wear these out! Will be ordering a shirt here as well to go with.
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Need MORE!
Amazing pants! I got the Cranberry - it is not as bright as it appears on screen, but still a gorgeous, deep colour :) I was a bit concerned about which size to pick between the Medium and Large and I'm glad I went with my gut and not the tape measure and got the Medium. I am 6ft tall and 75kgs (165 lbs), but am fairly leg-heavy so I was worried about them being too tight up top. No probs! The pants are perfectly long enough, flow nicely, are a reasonably weighty material and stretch once you put them on. The drawstring has already been a saviour! I am actually considering ordering the Small next time to factor in the stretch, but then I'd lose the length...
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Great pants- but beware the shrink factor!
These are by far my favorite pants I own. I bought the orange ones awhile ago, and plan to get another pair....HOWEVER, even though I washed them in very cold water and tumble dried them at a very low setting, there was significant shrinkage. I was glad I foresaw this potential and ordered a size larger than I normally would have. Just take this as a word of warning! AND encouragement---you'll never wear a pair a cooler, more comfy pants in your life!
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Veronica AKA Rocky
third pair babyyyy
He He ah ah, just got another pair of Wave Freedom pants, I have brown, green and just got the cranberry. I feel so sexy and liberated wearing these pants, the guys jaws drop to the floor when they see me walking down the street, I just laugh to myself, because I know I look sexy as hell.
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Wish I could give them a better rating...
love love love the pants but the last 2 pairs i ordered weren't made so well :( it appears that the stiching was so tight that there were little holes along the seams in many places. Where the fabric had pulled away from the seam/thread. It's a bummer but next time i order them i will ask to make sure this isn't an issue.
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Brittany Henderson
My new favorite pants!
I recently received these pants in the cranberry and since I've gotten them I haven't taken them off! They are so soft & comfortable. I was concerned I may have gotten a size too big, until I found the hidden drawstring - that's right ladies, it has a hidden drawstring!! That just topped off my love for these pants! Can't wait to get additional colors!
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Melanie from Cali
So comfy pretty and original Love these pants. Need the other colors now.
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Kitty Meowski
The greatest pants ever made
I was apprehensive about spending the $ on a pair of pants, but after they arrived in the mail I was so glad that I did. Girls gotta have style. I got the blue color and it is deep and fantastic. They are flowy and beautiful and the fabric is high quality. When I put them on I went "oh no" because they were a little too big but low and behold, there is a hidden drawstring, yes you heard right, a drawstring which any woman can appreciate. They are also 100% cotton so if I need to shrink them, it won't be a problem. Unless you are 5'7" (in the medium) or wear your pants up real high, they are a little long....I will be hemming them so they don't drag on the ground. Definitely not a deal-breaker. So awesome, I want to buy an extra pair for when these wear out in 5 or 10 years. Thank you Soul Flower!
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I just ordered my THIRD pair of these pants. I have the brown and grey and just ordered the ocean blue. I wear a size 7-8 and have quite the bottom and these pants do nothing but flatter my figure. I can dress them up and down and wear them in cold temps and warmer temps. Best buy yet! I love soul flower.
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Waves of Freedom Pants
These pants fit like a glove and are super flattering and comfy! Perfect length and fit, and so unique! Can't wait to dress them up and down! Now waiting for ocean color to be available, these will definitely be my go to pants.
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Just ordered a second pair of these. I love, love, love them and get compliments every time I wear them. I think they will be really fun for summer concert season too! The edges of the "waves" tend to curl up a little bit in the dryer so I do recommend hanging them to dry.
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Sexy Goddess Pants
I call these my Sexy Goddess pants b/c that is how they make me feel when I have them on! The layers make these so much fun to dance and move around in, and the fabric has just the perfect weight and stretch to it. I'd like to have a pair of these in every colour, so please keep this item stocked!
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ZJ Maayan
You put them on and you feel like dancing!! And, honestly, every time I wear them I get asked about where I got them and complimented on them. These pants are gems!
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I could not resist the amazing blue tone of these pants, even though I wasn't actually looking for pants at the time. I'm 5'3 and have a very round bottom. I usually wear an 8 in pants, so I got the Medium, and they fit perfectly. The only thing I wish is that there was a stronger elastic, or drawstring for the waist. They are large on me there and I will need to pin them or take them in. The fabric is of a heavier weight than I thought it would be - I was expecting a T-shirt-like material, and was very pleased to see that these are more substantial. I do not find these pants to be too long for me, but I really like my pants to be long and pool around my feet. The tiers on these pants are also really lovely! I can't wait to wear them when the weather turns warmer!
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I really love these pants right after they are washed, but they do stretch out pretty easily. By the second wear the butt is stretched out and saggy. Not very flattering.
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Rachelle Ferreira
Love 'em!!!
I got a slate grey pair, and now I want the other colors! These pants are very comfy and warm too, but not too warm to wear on a hot day because they flow. Goes great with any top and are just so cool lookin!
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No Regrets
I ordered my first pair of these wonderful pants and they are honestly one of the most comfortable and stylish pairs of pants that I own. I am a very hard to fit shape. I'm 5'2 and a curvy 130. Normally I would be suffering through either pants that are too tight or way too long. Not so with these pants! The Med size is a comfortable fit and they don't trail long on the ground, just kind of float there. They are super comfortable and quiet the eye-catcher. I will be ordering another pair of these in the future. A great buy worth every penny!
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I'm so happy I decided to order these, I'm 5”9' so I was a little hesitant about the length but they fit beautifully:-) Going to order the rust soon. Also super fast shipping! The last couple of times I've ordered I've been able to enjoy my purchases within a couple of days!!! Good job guys:-)
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Buy these NOW! In every color!
I ordered these pants in blue and red, and when they come back in stock in green and brown in a size small I will be ordering them too. I ordered them because I am a teacher, and I thought these pants would be really comfortable and would look nice with a denim blazer or shrug when teaching. The tie Dye shrug looks awesome with these with the yoga spaghetti strap tops underneath. They also are comfortable enough to wear around for casual wear and even dress up with wedges and a cute tank top. The drawstring waist makes it easy to wear with both wedges and flats because I can wear them higher or lower on my waist to make the length right. The material is so soft and well made. The drawstring waist is a different drawstring that ties underneath the bigger drawstring that shows in the picture. This smaller drawstring makes the pants stay up more securely. New favorite pants for sure.
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Great pants
What can I say about these pants? I love them, I already own 2 pairs and want more.
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Love these pants
I have everyone I see want my pants... they are so comfy. I have people stop me in stores to ask where I got my pants...Going to get another pair new color...
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Funky and Flattering
I have been wanting to order these for a long time. I'm not keen on ordering stuff without trying on, but these pants are everyting I thought they would be. They were a bit long (I'm 5'4")but a few minutes in the dryer when they were just about line dried, and that did it! Perfect. Now....hoping maybe Soul Flower will produce them in white and/or wheat for the summer...and maybe in a lighter weight jersey. Imagine how nice they would be. I would buy them for sure!
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Short People
These pants are great, but were a little long. I did hand wash them and let them dry for a while. Then when they were still just a little damp, I put them in the dryer. They shrunk just enough to be the right length. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but this worked for me!
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Totally in love with them
I just got my first pair in green in yesterday and have to say that I am totally in love with these pants but they are way too long. If there is any way to get a shorter version of these in that would be wonderful! I'm going to figure out a way to hem them and order a second pair next week! They are so comfortable and beautiful!
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Best Pants Ever!!!
Just received these pants today and had to try them on as soon as I got the package open. By far the most comfortable pants I have ever owned!!
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Nicole Reuss
Kept going back and forth with these but so glad I decided to give them a try. WOre them last night for the first time and loved them. I was pleased ther are a great length.pants tend to be long on me and these are perfect. Wanted the brown but was out of stock so went with the green which are a cool shade. Brown are back in stock,hmmmmm
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Love mine!!
I ordered a medium and I wear a 7/8 normally, sometimes 6, depends on the brand. I am able to wash and dry with no worries with the medium. I absolutely love my pants, I have a black pair, and plan on buying another colour, can not decide which one!! I receive compliments all the time on them. So comfy and you can dress them up or down. Highly recommend!!
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Carly Bauer
Kind of dig this
The first pair i got had holes in them after the first time I wore them but since soul flower is amazing they replaced them no questions asked and since i have gotten the second pair no problems! They are so comfy but watch out for the strips of fabric on the side I tend to forget to pull them in the car with me and they get soaking wet when the weather bad :)
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Short people need pants too.
I'm giving this five stars only because I really do love these pants. By far the most comfortable pair I have ever worn and I LOVE the look. My only problem was they were about five inches too long and I couldn't see any way to hem it up without taking away from that awesome look. :(
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have 2 pair
unbelievably well fitting and comfortable and go with so many things.....I love these! They don't shrink or get baggy and I love the drawstring that is included that you can't see so they always stay up at my waist
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The best pants I own.. hands down.
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Love the Pants
Finally my pants arrive to the Land down Under and I was so excited. They are so comfortable and a perfect fit. Thank you was worth the wait
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Katie Garland
So comfortable
I absolutely adore these pants! I got them in the brown and they look so good and feel so good that I am going to have to get the rest of the colors too! Thanks Soul-flower:)
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love these!!!!
love these super soft and comfortable perfect traveling pants,I get compliments on them wherever I go I am getting 2 more pairs in different colors !!!! soulflower always have these available please
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Quality Problem
I recently purchased these pants and almost immediately posted a glowing review which I now need to amend. I have worn these pants a handful of times, washed them twice, and put them in the dryer once (to shrink the length). I have now noticed that small holes have appeared all along the seams of the pants, on the waist, sides of the legs. and through the middle. While I love the look and feel of these, the quality is much too low for the price.
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Just got these pants in the mail today!!I'd been on the shelf about spending this much $ on a pair of pants ever since i first saw them on the website...i'm SO glad i finally caved!!They are beyond cute and fit PERFECTLY!!! Im 5'9 137lbs..i ordered a small and they are the most perfect pants i've ever put on!!
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love love love these
My pants are perfect. the quality is great and they are perfect for this cooler weather. I am goning to prder all the colors... awesome!
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Jill Ballard
Freedom Pants
I bought these pants because I loved the styling. My niece was here when I got the first two pairs (green and brown) and when I put them on she said they looked so good I should get the other two colors. They feel so good. Then she sent a photo from her phone to her 19 year old daughter who called back immediately and told me I was a "hottie" and that these pants are 'totally' in style. :-)
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Super Sweet!
These pants are awesome! You know you want them, so go ahead, treat yourself :) Just a word on sizing: I am 5'3" with short legs, I normally wear a size 8 in pants. I originally ordered these in a medium, but they were too long and roomy in the hips & thighs. The small fits more like the product photos. One time through the dryer and they are also down to the perfect length, so yes they shrink a little, but they do stretch back when you wear them. Did I mention the excellent soul flower customer service?? So cute, so comfy, get them.
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Love these pants!
I don't remember a time when I have been so excited about a pair of pants! Seriously. I am thinking that I need to figure out how to wear them everyday! I am 5'6" and 160 pounds and they feel so comfortable and fit just right. I got a Large. My 5 year old girl saw them and said, "I want a pair!" That is high praise! Also, they came so fast, I was surprised to find them by the front door today when I got home from work. Thank you so much.
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Maura Petronis
Thick, Heavy, Great Quality
These pants are a dream. The great quality makes them appropriate for even dressing up. As a broke college student these were worth every penny. However, they are a bit big for me. My pants size is 2-4. So if they were a bit smaller they would have been ideally mine. I will take good care of them and hope that they last me through years to come
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Justina Carroll
Best Pants Ever.
I met someone a while back who was wearing a well-loved pair of these pants and fell in love immediately (with the pants). I finally got to order my own, in brown and green, and am so very happy with them. Seriously, they're everything I'd hoped for and more. To the plus size chicas out there who are wary about buying pants online: don't worry about these! I bought the largest size, and was a little nervous because I'm probably almost a size too big. These pants just kind of meld to my shape though. Thanks to Soul-Flower for offering some great clothes in plus sizes. They can be so tough to find, and it's much appreciated.
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I LOVE these pants!
These pants are super comfortable and the fit great. Very well made too! I bought the brown ones, and I think I will get the gray ones too. :)
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Material is heavy
I love the look of these pants online, but the material is heavier than I like. The leg is really wide at the bottom (wider than I wanted), and I look short in them. I sent them back and exchanged for a skirt. The exchange process was EASY, so if you order something you don't love, know that exchanges are easy and fast. Mailed the pants to Soul Flower on a Tuesday; exchange item shipped on Thursday. WOW!
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Mrs. FunkyFlower's Happy Pants
I gotta tell you all, I get A LOT of weird looks from the uppity ladies I live around and I get it...I dress and style myself completely different than anyone around here but when I put on THESE pants, my confidence SKYROCKETS! Those weird looks turn to envy and I LOVE it!!! I have the green and it is a beautiful earthy and natural green, fabric is a bit think and soooo cozy.
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The Best Pants EVER!
First off, one of the reasons I bought these trousers was because of the model. She has a real figure, hips thighs...just like many of us women. Thanks to Soul Flower for representing! When I got these pants I was and am, extremely pleased. They fit just how I wanted. They are well made and i love the length of them. I will be purchasing all the colours. I have to give props to Joe from Soulflower for getting more stock in of this item and being a really good rep for this company...Thanks Joe! Soulflower represents the bohemian i am and I am glad they are here! <
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Best pants in the world!
I've done a lot of belly dancing and have lots of funky, neat pants as a result but this is the first pair I've owned that are versatile enough to work for everyday wear, festivals/shows or dance performance. I put these on with wedges and a strapless top to go to dinner Friday night and tomorrow I'll throw them on with my chacos for a Further concert. So many possibilities and they are so supremely comfortable; I had to remember to take them off before I got into bed the other night (only because it's summer :). I hover right between Medium and Large (I wear size 10 jeans) and I have curvy hips and thighs, so I was a little uncertain but went with the Large because I knew these would work even if they were a little too big. It's like they were made for me. They have stretched a tad after a night of wear so that I now tie the drawstring, but they are so flattering and don't make any bulges even if the drawstring is tied tight. They look fine a little loose. I am 5'6" and these brush the floor (which I don't mind) if I wear them with flat sandals yet have just enough height that I can wear a bit of a heal if I want. They would be ridiculously easy to hem. Haven't washed them yet but after reading reviews, I will either handwash or at least not put them in the dryer; I want these pants to last a long time since I plan on living in them!
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LUV-ing these!
Much more durable than I expected. Very comfy and just the right length and fit. I was worried a small would be too tight since I'm on the curvy side, but they're working out great, and I can't wait to order more colors. As other customer's mentioned, the drawstring rocks. They look great on, fit the booty nicely, and in my opinion are much more comfortable than jeans. The customer service here rocks btw. Such gentle souls and lightning fast shipments. 1,000 thank you's! Namaste
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OMG I LOVE these pants!! I got them in green, I am normally a size six, so i got the small, they do stretch a little so they are perfect. SO glad they added extra length and brought back the heavier material- Love the green, every time I wear them I get TONS of compliments and yes they are so beautiful and comfy!!! Can't wait until the brown is back in stock..but maybe they will make more colors???That would be awesome! You will love these pants!!!
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This was the first thing I've ever ordered from Soul-Flower, although I've stalked the website for a very long time. Can I just tell you how FANTASTIC these pants are? I got the green ones, but I'm gonna order the brown ones soon. I'm a curvy short woman, so I ordered the XXL and they were really long. But then I washed them and POOF! They are the perfect length. I feel so comfy in them and they look so awesome. Don't wait...if you think you want these pants, YOU WANT THEM, trust me. They are amazing.
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Fabulous & Comfortable!
These pants are simply amazing...the heavy cotton fabric is soft to the touch and extremely comfortable when wearing. The cut of the garment is loosely form-fitting. The fabric itself has a slight bit of stretch, so whether bending or stretching the pants conform to your curves without constricting: EXCELLENT for dancing or the modern-day gypsy lady on the move! The multiple layers of the garment are angled and pleasing to the eye, are reminiscent of a druid/elf/nymph. The best feature of the pants, in my opinion, is the hidden drawstring waist, which ties on the right hip. This allows the pants to be truly customizable for a guaranteed personal right fit! The two ties from the "skirt" layer creatively cover the drawstring tie from the waistband. I leave mine simply crossed, but these could be tied in a bow or also pulled through shirt rings as well for additional ornamentation. Tassels, chains, or other beaded ornamentation could be tied on the waist drawstring, to be cleverly hidden by the two "skirt" ties. Can be paired with a graphic tee for casual daily wear, or with a dressy top for more classy occasions. I can already anticipate wearing leg warmers underneath these pants in the fall and early wintertime (since the fabric is a little heavier). Yet the double-layered fabric is light enough for springtime too. My new wardrobe staple/favorite!
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Brandi N.
These pants are a little slice of Heaven on Earth. I love them! I wish I had them in about 10 different colors! Fabulous and highly recommend!
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swirly girl
love & make me smile!~
i just treated myself to a pair of these, along with a shirt & skirt from soul-flower, for mother's day!~ i had to take them up, since i'm 5'11.75". that was a bit tricky- but they look cool still~ i do wish i got a size small instead of medium since they're stretchy and layers of material make them fall low on my hips... over the winter i got the "Han Soul-O Skirted Pants" in size small and they seemed slightly too small- so i thought the medium would be better.... maybe i just need a small and a half... still ultra comfy and i LOVE the layered fabric! they make me smile when i wear them and that alone makes me give them 5 stars!~ enjoy! ?
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These pants are super flattering and comfy! They are the perfect length as well. The design is sleek and the the layering is subtle enough so that you could feel comfortable wearing them anywhere! Love these pants.
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Love the material of the originals
I have three of these, the brown, green, and plum. I returned the green ones once for holes, and the new ones have holes too. This material seems to flimsy for this style as holes form all along the seams. The brown ones (a heavier fabric) have held up amazingly well. Please make these colors available in a light and heavy material. I would prefer the heavier fabric even in summer just so they last. I spent a lot of money to have three pairs and the new fabric is light yes, but low quality. I still love your products, but I am begging for a return to the heavier material!!!
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material stretches as wear
love the style but the material stretches as you wear pants. ones i received had tiny holes in several places and sadly had to be made into rags after a few washings.
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Magic Pants
The photos don't do justice to these fabulous pants! I am 5'5", 31" inseam and a true size 12 in almost every garment. I bought these in a size large and they fit perfectly except that they are a bit long on me for wearing flats but they look particularly good with a wedge shoe. The thigh fits close to the body without clinging. The style of the lower legs, diagonal layers of a medium-light weight cotton finished with surge stitching, lays flat against itself, flaring just enough without appearing clownish or overwhelming. The fabric is very soft. Collectively, it has a bit of weight because of the layers. The description said the fabric is a jersey but it feels more like a cotton with a little jersey stretch in it, which I love. The waist sits just slightly below/at my waistline. A fabric drawstring, hidden by the overlapping little skirt pulls the pant together. A side sash of just enough ruffle hangs down to the knee. Back to the skirt -- not only does it give a little pizzazz butit hides every piece of candy I never should have eaten that resides on my hips and butt. I look tall and slim and oh, so stylish in these pants and for that reason, I call them my Magic Pants. What a great find. I bought them in black because I wanted the most basic color but if I could, I'd buy them in every color. It's fun to be complimented all evening on how good you look and to be asked, "Where did you get those fabulous pants?"
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Awesome Pants
I have these in every color - Love love them. So comfortable. They even though these are the longer version, they do tend to run a bit short if you are over a bit taller (I am 5'8")- Do NOT put them in the dryer whatever you do....They are great for dressing up or just hanging out!
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Soft and Cozy
Santa brought me these pants this year. They are super comfy, but I do wish they were a little longer. I'm almost 5-9 and really could use a little more length. What hippie wants to wear floods? :-)
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I loved the previous version of these, but I have to say, the extra 2" makes a world of difference. Way to go, Soulflower!
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Lourenda cooper aka loudog!
one in each color!
This is the 3rd pair i have recieved in this style. I have a green, purple and now black. I fit the xxl and run a 16 to 18. at first they are snug, but custom fit after a few hours.(Thick soft tshirt material.)once they losen, the draw string comes in handy! I cant wait to order them in brown!I am 5ft 6 and their length is perfect!
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Just like everyone else, I LOVE THESE! The length is PERFECT, the cotton is SOFT and the wide leg is COMFY.
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Shannon Mahoney
I got these in green today, and they are so perfect :) The material is pretty thin which is nice for the summer, although im worried they may tear eventually. Other than that, they are so amazing. Love love love :)
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Just like the previous girl said, finally!! I ordered the original pants in brown last winter, got em and loved em but could have definitely used another inch or so, as I'm 5'7" and would rather have pants that are longer than not.. So when the lighter version with new colors came out I was stoked, but they were way too short for me. Then just as I was sending them back, they came out with these. Perfect!! Just ordered the plum color tonight as well ;)
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I initially waited to order these pants in the original brown color because everyone said they were too short. Then the new colors came out and they were supposedly longer, so I ordered. Alas, they were still too short. Along comes V.3. So I gave it one last shot, ordered these and... *drumroll*... they are finally long enough!!! I am 5'6 and could probably toss these in the dryer without worrying about it. I love the plum so much I might have to get the green as well. A note about the fit: If you want these to truly be "wide-leg" and you are usually between sizes, I suggest going up. I fall between a medium and a large usually and went with a large in these for the extra length. For reference, I also have the Electric Ave pants in S/M and these are much less wide-leggy in the thigh. Awesome pants!
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