NEW! Chakra Earrings




Made in the USA
These beautiful semi precious beads represent the seven chakras - the centers that energy (prana) flows through. Each chakra is represented with a bead and reminds you to be mindful of the energy within you! Made in the USA.

Root Chakra- Kashgar Garnet, base of spine, feeling grounded.
Sacral Chakra- Carnelian, lower abdomen, sense of pleasure.
Solar Plexus Chakra- Calcite, stomach area, self-confidence.
Heart Chakra- Aventurine, center of chest, love and joy.
Throat Chakra- Amazonite, throat, communication and self-expression.
Third Eye Chakra- Sodalite, forehead, intuition.
Crown Chakra- Amethyst, top of head, pure bliss. 



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