Prairieland Herbs Solid Perfume


Made in the USA
Jasmine A lovely, rich floral.

Lavender Fresh, clean, and unmistakably lavender. This aroma helps with headaches, stress, and neutralizes toxins.

Patchouli Earthy, rich, musky, and sultry. Patchouli is said to promote psychic awareness and promote positive thoughts.

Patchouli Flower *Soul Flower exclusive* Patchouli is combined with lavender and ylang ylang to create a fresh floral experience.

Patchouli Soul *Soul Flower exclusive* Patchouli is combined with cedarwood, black pepper and lemongrass for a truly soulful scent.

Rose A heady floral, like a red rose on a warm summer day.

Sandalwood This rich scent is deep, musky and decadent.

Vanilla This classic, familiar scent is soft and comforting.

Violet A sophisticated, powdery floral – wonderfully different.

Ylang Ylang A heady, exotic floral from Indonesia – thick and rich. Ylang Ylang supports healthy skin and feelings of peace.

This 1/4 ounce tin of solid perfume is perfect for travel. No spills! Just use your fingertip to put on your wrist, neck, or any other body part that you want to smell good.

Prairieland Herbs produces environmentally friendly products; using certified organic ingredients when possible, and local supplies whenever possible. These products are healthy for the mind, body, and soul. Free of animal testing and made with beeswax. Made in the USA.


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