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SALE! Fall Spice Princess Leia Sweater


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So cozy you won't want to take it off all fall! The perfect wrap layer to throw on before a brisk walk outside or a Star Wars marathon inside. Oatmeal knit with soft pumpkin lining in hood. 100% viscose. Ethically handmade in Thailand.

Measurements- (in inches)
One Size - Bust: 32-44" Length: 35/39.5" (Sizes 4-18)

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(4.9)44 Reviews

Marionverified buyer
So Many Compliments
I love it!!! So glad I purchased it!!! Perfect addition to my fall wardrobe.
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Anonymous reviewerverified buyer
Best Sweater ever!
This is the absolute best sweater. It can function as a jacket or light coat in fall and early winter. It's so cozy and well-made. I love the pockets, thumb-holes, and cowl hood. It has such a unique look and everyone always asks where I got it.

Also, in case anyone else is wondering, I am plus-size, wear an XL and this fit me just fine, so the one-size-fits-most is accurate even for bigger girls.

Can't recommend this enough!
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Mary Prada
Love it!!
I'm 63 years old, size large. I was worried that this would be too small for me. But, to my delight, I LOVE this sweater, it is so cool looking and the hood is beautiful. I bought it in black and love it so much.It has pockets, which I usually love, but in this it kind of pouches out where the pockets are, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish it didn't have pockets. I love it anyway.
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cute but thin fabric
Five stars for style but two stars for the fabric. The product description says it is made from acrylic, but the label says it is viscose, which is a type of rayon cellulose that has been treated with caustic chemicals. It definitely had a distinct chemical-y order when removed from package so I suggest those with sensitivities wash well before wearing. It is a very thin fabric that you can see right through, so it's a very lightweight sweater. It's a beautiful style and a unique cut. I would give it five stars if made from a more substantial and eco-friendly fabric like organic cotton or hemp.
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Beautiful but Difficult to Figure Out!
I just received this sweater today. Good thing I'm not wearing it today, because jeez Louise! It's an enigma! LOL I'll get it figured out, but it feels so good and looks exactly like the photo. I got the camel colored sweater and now I'm off to find the perfect pants with it!
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I got the black one for Christmas this year and LOOOOVVVEEE IT! Tons of people have asked me where I got such a cool sweater and I have been only happy to tell them all! The only thing I would change on the sweater, though, is to make the sleeves about an inch longer - my arms are very long and it's hard to find sweaters that have sleeves that go past my wrists! However, even if it's a little difficult to use the thumb holes I CAN use them and DO! LOVE this new addition to my wardrobe! Soulflower, you rock! Love, a loyal bud
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At first I was tempted to return the sweater because I couldn't quite figure out how to wear it but once I did - I fell in immediate infatuation with it! I purchased the black one and it's absolutely gorgeous! I love the thumb holes as well as the warm cowl of the hood. So happy I purchased!
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My NEW favorite sweater!!
I have been waiting a year to order this sweater! When I first discovered it, it was already out of season. As soon as I saw it was back on this season I jumped up and ordered it right away! I love it even more than I anticipated. It is super warm and extremely comfy. I would honestly recommend these sweet threads to anyone. The thumb wholes and pockets just complete it. Thank you Soul-Flower, you have pleased me yet again!! Love you Buds.
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My favorite sweater!
This is just gorgeous and I get so many compliments on it! Very cozy and warm and looks just beautiful on.
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Liz G
My favorite item of clothing!
I was so excited to order this...and even more excited when I got it in the mail!! It is perfect. I've had it for a week and I've w worn it 6 out of the past 7 days. You can keep it closed by two buttons or wear it open. It is the most comfy piece of clothing I have, it looks awesome with anything, and it's warm. I absolutely love it!! Best purchase in a long time. You rock, Soul Flower! Peace&love
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I love this sweater! So comfy and warm...like wearing a blanket! Fits me perfect! I ordered the cream (true to color pictured). Love the touch of a hand written thank you on the bottom of my receipt! Awesome job Soul Flower! Keep up the great work!
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Stacy Holohan
I have gotten tons of compliments! It's so versatile...can wear cardigan style or cowl neck cozy around the next style..loooove it!
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This is a nice sweater for fall. I did find it a bit thin, but found it warm anyways. It kept its shape well after going through the wash and goes with anything I want to wear.
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What a fantastic and fashionable wrap. I admit, at first I could have used some instructions, lol, but I figured it out. :) It's thin enough still to be able to move freely and, at the same time, it's warm enough to serve you well on a chilly day. So happy that I was finally able to pick this up. Thank you Soul Flower.
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Chris S.
I purchased the brown on brown. Fits great. Love the thumb holes. Little itchy but nothing a soak in fabric softener couldn't fix. My lovely teenage daughters are jealous.
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I love this soooo much!!!! I'm always cold, so this sweater is perfect!! It's roomy and cozy and the brown color is lovely!
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Favorite sweater
I got this sweater last year and I LOVE IT!!! It's warm and cozy, flattering, pairs well with jeans or leggings. The Bly thing I wish is that the button was a bit lower as it has the tendency to fly open, but no biggie. I wear this all the time and I get so many compliments. This is the second purchase I have made with SF, and I will be back for more!
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I love it!
It is warm and cozy and just wonderful.
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This sweater is my favorite!!!!!
I bought this last year and wore it to death. It still looks new, and its just as warm as my leather coat for cool fall days. I get compliments from lots of people especially my Star-Wars loving husband!!! I love the fact that they are bringing more colors in! This is well worth the investment. I plan on wearing it for many more years. Thank you Soul Flower!!
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Dolly Stavros
Sooooo cozy and wonderful! Super soft, and I love that the sleeves are nice and long and with thumb holes!! I got the cream and blue, and agree with some of the others on their comments ... it is darker than it looks, almost a light greenish-brown, and the blue is definitely teal. And yet, it is absolutely gorgeous. You can wear it buttoned to look like it does in the picture, or leave the buttons undone and it's like a shawl ... and I love that you can pull the cowl part up over the top of your head for a hoodie. It is wonderful, and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a TON this winter!! Perfect!
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I love this sweater so much. It was awkward at first, because I didn't know where to button it, but now that I got the hang of it, I love it! It's warm, cozy and very stylish-plus it's very unique. Not too bad for the price, because it's well made and cool-looking. It sure gives a Star Wars vibe when I wear it. I highly recommend! I got the brown one,which is like a chocolate brown. Maybe I'll get the other color too!
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Cuddly, but caution on the color
I'd been waiting for this sweater to return and was thrilled when it came back. Also thrilled here was a new color combo of cream/blue so I bought it as soon as I saw it. It's very cuddly, (although huge if you're on the small side like me at 5'0"), but if you're expecting the cream color as shown in the photo, you'll be disappointed. It really is brown and the blue is definitely teal. Personally I really like the actual colors, but they are very different that the photos show. On the plus side the tag says machine washable - a previous reviewer said this was dry clean only. I do wish they'd size this item though, since I'll have to roll up the sleeves several times and shorten it about 6 inches to properly fit, but luckily I can sew.
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Warm, yet light weight enough to layer. Great with tights, skirts, jeans, pants, anything!
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New permanent addition
Yep, think I'll be wearing this peice everyday.
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Pure awesome!
I wanted to order this before and it was sold out.I can see why! It was SO worth the wait though. I LOVE this sweater. It's super comfy and warm, and the thumb holes are perfect. I wore it with my brown Waves of Freedom pants and got so many compliments!
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So soft and warm, a winter staple
It is so soft and warm! Absolutely love...only wish it had pockets then it would be PERFECT.
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Possibly My Favorite Sweater Ever Bought!
I am in love with this sweater! I love the cowl/hoodie and have been looking for more shirts with this feature. The fabric is warm but also lightweight and the light brown is beautiful. I also really like the openness to the sweater as I am 5 months pregnant and would like to make it through the winter without stretching out all my clothes and this does the trick! I am already anticipating that I will live in this! If you are interested in buying this sweater you will not regret it!
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OMG <3
This is soft, comfortable, and awesome! Get it, you won't regret it. Fits me perfectly at 5'4 and sz 6-8 (I fluctuate a lot lol). You won't regret it :)
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Jennie Wang
this sweater is fantastic. soft, cozy, cute-goes with everything i feel like a little princess in it.
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I really like the look and coziness of this sweater. However, it is huge on me, and it seems to be small on some others. I think Luna Claire should make these in different sizes instead of just one!!! But I still LOVE it! Thank you Soul-Flower :)
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Feel like a princess!
I absolutely LOOOOOVE this sweater! It's so soft and comfy and I wish it was cooler in Florida this year so I could wear it! The button at the collar was easy to figure out and it looks wonderful with the hood up or down. Another Soul-Flower treasure!
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Amazingly perfect
1. I get a compliment on this everywhere I go. 2. It fits perfectly (im a size 12) 3. It's slimming in the arms, and the hood is adorable. I adore this sweater and am waiting for the red to come back in stock. Another home run from Soul-Flower!
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The Hippie Art Teacher
This is an absolutely amazing sweater! It can be worn multiple ways and is very comfortable. I was worried that it was going to be too big (I'm petite- 5' 2", 126 lbs), but it turned out to be perfect. There's enough room for a light sweater underneath and the sleeves don't interfere with the thumb slits. This item looks great paired with an ivory long sleeve, skinny jeans, and brown or cream boots. A mid-length, dark brown or ivory skirt would look killer too. As I stated in the review title, WOW!!!
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snuggly sweater
while the sweater is not thick, it is warm enough for cooler weather. it's actually really light-weight, which is a bonus for me as i don't like heavy clothing, and it's a really tight knit so it keeps in the warmth rather well. i don't think i'll be wearing it as a coat when the snow is blowing, but it will be perfect for the rest of the year! i'm also pregnant right now and love that i have found a sweater that will be accommodating as my belly keeps getting bigger. it's really cute and i have enjoyed it from the moment i put it on! the thumb holes and hood/cowl make it perfect for me. it doesn't feel itchy or scratchy at all to me and i can only imagine it will get softer after lots of wearing and washing.
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This sweater will make you feel like a stylish Jedi and keep you toasty warm to boot. I do have to point out that the tags say it is made of acrylic (not viscose), and is dry clean only. The material is a little scratchy but that has not stopped me from wearing it all the time. I absolutely ADORE the thumb holes :-)
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I was looking forward to getting this all week! Esp with the weather getting a bit cooler here in TX. It is amazing and very comfortable. At first it was a lil awkward until I figured out the buttons ;-) Overall a great piece to add to my soul-flower threads collection! Get it you'll LOVE it!
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Lourenda Cooper -Loudog
plus size friendly!!!
I am going to a FL festival next week,and it really does get cold "at night." but i wanted something stylish. i am a size 16- 20 in different things. i have very muscular/chuby thick upper arms. I was worried my arms wouldnt after reading reviews. Well it fits! i do have to ajust my tshirt sleves, but the arms do stretch and it looks great!!!I got the red with black hood. I will wear it with the black Waves of Freedom Pants and a spegettie strap shirt. The material is soft and a little scratchy. If your a plus size, this should fit u. I will be using a baby cloth dipper pin instead of a button.
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Love It!!!!
It's warm and soft! Plus it just about goes with anything.
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oh so wonderful
This sweater makes me feel beautiful. I am large, size 16 and have no problems with the arms or any other part of it (after I learned how to button it - I couldn't find the button holes!) I wear a silver brooch on it for added oomph but I can be wearing a tee and jeans and when I put it on I am transformed.
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sara k.
i absolutely love this sweater. i got it in the red and it is just beautiful. i get compliments on it wherever i go. the only complaint i have is that i'm small (5'9", 120-130 lbs, size 2 bottoms, xs tops) and it kind of swallows me. the seams along the shoulders are on my upper arms instead. it looks fine, it's obviously supposed to be drapey. i LOVE it. i sewed a button under the cowl on the opposite side and one on the inside as well so i can cross it over to the left instead of just the right. that way i don't feel like the weight of my purse is pulling it open. i don't normally get too spendy when it comes to sweaters but i def recommend this one!! it's toasty warm and a keeper for sure. my eight year old son observed that it's "like a snuggie you can wear outside." lol.
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Awesome and unique
I was expecting the sweater to fit too snugly after reading these reviews, but my sweater actually fits wonderfully. I am a size 14/16, and I have long arms and skinny fingers, but the arms were not too snug, and the sweater fit just fine for me. I like that I can wear it as a wrap or with the hood. I get plenty of compliments as well. As usual, Soul Flower rocks!
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love it
i love love love this sweater, but I can only give it 4 stars as I agree with the previous review the arms are very tight and I was sad the thumb holes were very small (or maybe I have fat thumbs). If you are skinny or petite this is the sweater for you, but if you are over a size 12 the arms may be confining. I didn't find it itchy.
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I love it . This fits so well. I am 5'4" and 117 pounds It is roomy but. not overwhelming.
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unique, inspired by the Lucas films no doubt!
This is a one size, but honestly, if you are a 10 or 12, its gonna fit snug in the arms. The fabric feels like wool, so its kind of scratchy. Because its so form fitted in the arms, my choices of what to wear under it are limited. Also, I had to have it buttoned in order for the fabric to lay right. Buttoned up it looks cool and very unique. Im on the fence mainly because of the scratchy tight arms.
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