Travel Easy Hippie Fanny Pack


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Ethically Made
Each One Unique
Travel worry-free with this funky hippie fanny pack! Made from brightly woven fabric, our hippy fanny pack has multiple zippered and Velcro pockets - perfect for safely storing your necessities! So show your hippie soul and travel easy with this hippie fanny pack. Ethically made in Nepal with 100% cotton. 15 x 9 inches with 21-32 inch adjustable strap (attaches with Velcro).




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A true fanny pack
I just love my hippie fanny pack - it is adjustable and has 3 different pockets. I love the colors too.
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1990 called - and wants their hippie fanny pack back
Just kidding. Although I do think I had a fannypack likethis in the late 80s. I love all the extra zipper pouches and stays on perfectly. I've used it a bunch this summer. Totally Rad Soul Flower!
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