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Extra Long Cami Tank in Organic Spandex


19 reviews
Organic Cotton
Low Impact Dyes
Made in the USA
Soul Flower Original
This soft, simple, organic cotton camisole is the perfect layering cami for any outfit. The thick material has a compression-like quality - a lot like spanx but organically awesome. Made with a single layer of fabric (no shelf bra!) so you can layer it with other camis, tanks or tees. Scrunch our extra long cami tank or leave it extra long if you want to cover your...ehem...asana. Seriously long enough to wear as a spandex mini dress! Add this organic cotton camisole to your collection of yoga apparel or just layer it under a tee. Our extra long cami is made in the USA. 87% organic cotton, 13% spandex.
Please note - we have adjusted the sizing on this item to fit more body sizes. Check measurements - you may want to downsize for a tighter fit.


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Size & Fit:
Small - Bust: 32-34" Length: 27.5"
Medium - Bust: 34-36" Length: 27.5"
Large - Bust: 36-38" Length: 27.5-28"
X-Large - Bust: 38-40" Length: 27.5-28.5"
XX-Large - Bust: 40-42" Length: 29"


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Reviews for: Extra Long Cami Tank in Organic Spandex

(4.9)19 Reviews

Erinverified buyer
I love the fit and style of these tanks. I bought all three colors when there was a sale. Ended up returning the green one because it is much brighter than pictured and I don't love the color. I kept the black and gray though and wear them all.the.time. Will be buying another one in each black/gray.
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Megverified buyer
Long cami
These are the BEST piece of clothing you carry!!!!!!! Please bring them back.. I have been searching for anything that would compare and it just does not exist! Blessings ❤️
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Mahina Winkelmannverified buyer
Yoga teacher
PLEASE RESTOCK THESE! I had to join the ladies pleas below in hopes that it will be heard! Please! Please! PLEASE! I wear these everyday and have also been looking monthly to buy more! I only have a body for Soul Flower and buy 90% of our new family clothing from you! Cannot find another organic sustainably made product that is comparable! In desperate need to order! We appreciate you and everything you do! Hopefully it is within your power to return our Favs! Blessings and appreciation either way!
Thanks for your response - we are going to bring these back - but it won't but until the end of the summer. We have to wait for a new production run of the fabric to be made. Thanks for your support!
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Emmaverified buyer
I’m with the gal below this comment - I do not know what I would do if you guys stopped making these! I literally wear one every single day. No joke. Have been wearing these for years. My older gray and black ones have started breaking down and I’ve been frequenting your site for several months now, praying for my size to come back in stock, but it never happened... Are you guys planning on restocking? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t stop making them!
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verified buyer
I AM BEGGING YOU TO RESTOCK THESE🦋✨🌈 I don’t know what I would do if these were never available again. Love them so much❤️
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Maryverified buyer
I was told how fantastic this tank was, and it STILL exceeded my expectations! The length is great for layering over yoga pants and pairing with a t-shirt. I would definitely buy more colors! :) Thanks Soul Flower!!
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Erinverified buyer
Please restock these!!
I bought one in olive a while back, and I love it! I wish I would have gotten one in every color. I keep checking back to see if they have been restocked. Please, please restock these!!!
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Tessaverified buyer
Best layering cami out there
I read other's reviews, that stated that this tank ran a bit tight - like spanx, so I ordered accordingly. I wish I had bought 4 of the white ones! I want to wear one every single day. It layers under other shirts perfectly. I am super sad that these are almost all sold out, and I can't get any more white (or gray! WOW, I want that gray!) I hope Soul Flower is just clearing out these colors and will continue to make this incredibly useful wardrobe staple for years to come!
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Amyverified buyer
Please get more colors in your organic cotton camisoles!
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Sandyverified buyer
These are the camis you're looking for
I have nearly color and I love them all. I echo others' sentiments about the amazing coverage and support. I'm actually delighted that there's no built in bra. This gives me so much freedom to choose how I wear my extra long cami. I wear this every day, and most days I go braless. I am a 38j and I feel supported but never constricted. Shelf bra tanks are so constricting and uncomfortable for me. When I want to wear a bra, I do. It's great to have options! I wish there were more stock in my size, I need 3-4 of each color, because I'm going to wear these extra long camis until the wheels fall off!
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selena s
This organic cotton camisole is a new staple in my wardrobe - I wear it all the time now. Imagine taking spanx, adding organic cotton for extra softness, and making them in the USA. That is what this is - an extra long organic spanx cami that holds everything in but isn't restricting or "shiny". It doesn't have a shelf bra but I wear it without a bra and love it (I am a B cup), it is tight so my go to for when I feel braless.
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Jocelynverified buyer
Greatest Tanks of ALL time!
These extra long tank tops are the greatest. I pretty much have one in every size. They are super long which goes perfectly with so many of my flowy longer tops. The quality is amazing. I wear one pretty much every day. They are super stretchy and form fitting.
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Blissful Girlverified buyer
Great Yoga Tank!
I really like this tank top. It is nice and long. The medium fits true to size.
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Artichokeverified buyer
Comfy but size up
I love camis & was drawn to this one because of the longer length...
Length is fantastic. It WILL cover your bum. :) But....
Why doesn't it have a shelf bra build in?????? Ugh. I assumed it would (so many do) although it doesn't say in the description. I just thought it would be worn solo, but now I'll have to layer...and YES it IS snug.
I'm 5'3, 34B and 140 lbs.. large is comfy buy narrow & I couldn't have gone any smaller. I'm usually a medium. Honestly, I'm wee bit disappointed I paid $40.....
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I absolutely LOVE these tank tops! As of now I only have one, but they are worth the investment for another! Super cute, can wear long or short, layered or alone. Great for yoga, and just to wear as a basic under shirt that goes with basically everything. Thick durable fabric, can't say enough good things about this organic cami tank top!
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My favorite - the extra long cami!
Best cami ever! To the reviewers that said these can be used sort of like spanx, that's true. These shape so nicely. They are just thick enough without being cumbersome. They are very soft. They are a great length that can be ruched up over possible problem areas. They layer wonderfully. And for anyone who has skirted leggings, and has trouble with them slipping down (as they stretch out a little over the day), wearing one of these with it will help hold them in place!! No more slippage!! BEST ORGANIC COTTON CAMI EVER!!! Please, please make more colors (brown, rust/terracotta, and cream would be amazing)!!
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Billie Lynchverified buyer
Extra Long Camisoles!
I was a bit skeptical when ordering these since the price is higher than I'd normally spend on a camisole, but the quality is second to none. Nice, thicker material, snug fit keeping everything smooth under your t-shirts or when wearing alone. So far I have 3 colors, and I don't think I am done! Thanks again, Soul Flower, for a quality, made in America choice in clothing! I love my extra long camisoles!
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Greta G
love this - its organic spanx!
Wow, surprise find here. It looks pretty plain on the site, but don't be fooled friends - this cami is really stretchy and holds everything in. It is almost like organic spanx I wear it under all my soul flower tees and it just peaks out enough that it adds a layer and looks great. I really dig the length - it just covers my butt. So works great with leggings (for those of us who do not consider leggings to be pants) and a tee. I would say go down a size if you want the spanx quality of holding it all in as more of an under-layer. And up a size if you plan to wear it as a top on its own. Namaste!
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Great Cami/tank!
5 Stars!! This extra long cami tank is the same fabric as the leggings - which are my favorite ever. I measured for the x small but chose the size small for a bit longer length. Still very fitted but long enough to cover down to the top part of my thigh and not too loose in the straps or bust. Would love more colors and maybe even a thicker tank-like strap rather than a spaghetti strap if I were to wear it alone. Just wishful thinking...this organic cotton camisole is fab!!!
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