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K&G 48" Just For You Sept 2020

Product Name SKU Quantity Available
Grateful Not Hateful Sticker SFS002 122
Stay Wild Moon Child Sticker SFS005 80
Into the Forest Sticker SFS015 9
Bee Yourself Sticker SFS024 142
Tree of Life Sticker SFS048 112
Gnomaste Sticker SFS106 55
Hippie Bus Sticker SFS109 83
Love is Love Sticker SFS123 103
Peace Scene Sticker SFS128 57
Into the Forest Recycled Notebook SFJ001 38
Tree of Life Recycled Notebook SFJ004 215
Kindness Matters Recycled Notebook SFJ022 171
Stay Wild Moon Child Recycled Notebook SFJ025 153
Bee Yourself Recycled Notebook SFJ031 95
Love is Love Recycled Notebook SFJ032 135
Tree of Life Boho Headband SFO113 61
Paisley Butterfly Boho Headband SFO308 65
Moon Goddess Boho Headband SFO347 30
Bee Mandala Boho Headband SFO372 87
Moon Beam Boho Headband SOL147 71
Soul Flower Manifesto Boho Headband SOL915 77
Bee Yourself Large Zipper Pouch SFO129 27
Love is Love Large Zipper Pouch SFO373 60
Bee Yourself Eco Tote Bag SFO123 11
Choose Kindness Eco Tote Bag SFO231 18
Bee Yourself Small Zipper Pouch SFO216 1
Into the Forest Small Zipper Pouch SFO225 42
Choose Kindness Small Zipper Pouch SFO232 44
Love is Love Small Zipper Pouch SFO374 54