Mudmee Tie-Dye Bell Skirt

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    This funky bell skirt features a unique mudmee style tie-dye. The elastic/drawstring waistband allows for a fit that's just right for you. Due to the dyeing process every piece is different - so you can collect a variety of them! Hand wash separately in cold water.

    Now available in Plus size. Fair labor. Rayon. Tie-dye

    Measurements (in inches)
    Medium / Large - Low Waist: 34-38" Length: 38"
    Large / X-Large (plus size) - Low Waist: 38-48" Length: 39"

    Note: This product has a very stretchy waistband that allows it to fit a wide range of sizes!

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    Customer Reviews:

    Only skirt I wear.
    Love this skirt! It is the only one I wear. I love that I can get it in a XL. Have bought 5 and hope to buy more when they come back in stock so I can have more colors.
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    Had been looking for this!
    I had a tie-dye skirt that I bought here some years ago and had lost it, I am so glad that I found it again. I am 5'7' and it just touches the floor. It is very flattering and beautiful.
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    Best Skirt Ever?
    I ordered this skirt a while back because I loved the Mudmee style Tie-Dye. This skirt is perfect(minus being long since I'm short!). It goes with anything and everything perfectly. You can even put a little note in when you place your order to ask for certain colors(dark, light, bright, ect) and they do their best to pick what you asked for. Great company and great skirt!
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    The best skirt on earth!!
    I now have two of these! The first one I got two years ago and it still is amazing! It formed one tiiiiny hole on the hem so I bought another one. I wear both of them almost everyday :) They're sooo beautiful and SO comfy it's like wearing nothing! I hate clothes, and I love this skirt. I'm 5'10" and 145 pounds and the Large fits perfect :D The first one I got was just like the model picture but without the pinks and with a purple base instead of blue :) My next one is a purple base with no black with vivid oranges, greens, reds and a wee bit of yellow :D so beautiful! Oh, and it's long enough! It reaches the bottom of my toes on low waist :) But this skirt!!
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    I am a bit obsessed!
    I bought one skirt two weeks ago. I have been wearing it around the house as often as I could. It is comfortable, lightweight, and beautiful. I ended up ordering two more this weekend. I had seen on the reviews people requested color variations so I tried it. I am not disappointed with either one I received. I did end up with this skirt that has reds, yellows, greens, and browns and it goes great with the new daisy necklace I bought as well. I will be ordering many more in the future I am sure. A great addition to my wardrobe, thank you Soul Flower!!
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    I've owned this skirt for a while now and although it was made with darker colors and different patterns than the one shown I LOVE IT! It matches with anything and since none of them are alike I really feel like my own splash of colors and happiness when I wear it:)
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    Perfect summer skirt
    I love the look of the skirt, and my request for jewel tones was honored. I'm 5'5" and usually wear an 8 or 10, and the fit and length are perfect. I just ordered a spare!
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    Mighty love!
    I love love love this skirt! I was so beyond stoked for it to come in, and it just did! Tore open the package and it is so gorgeous, literally the colors are breathtaking. Thank you so so much soul flower! I recommend this to anyone! I'm 5'7 and I got a large because it was the smallest one to purchase, but the length is amazing! It's perfect! Right on top of my feet (: perfect! It's so flowy and amazing!
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    Need more sizes!
    I would loveee! to get this skirt but the only available sizes are too big!
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    Love it!
    I ordered this skirt, with no requests on color, as an XL. I probably could have gotten away with ordering a large given the stretch of the elastic. All in all, it's a great skirt. Super comfy! The only thing I'll have to do is hem it since I am 5'0 and all skirts run really long on me.
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    loved it BUT
    rayme ortega
    I loved this skirt but I am 5'2" and a large was very long. Luckily I was able to hem it.
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    lourenda Cooper
    I have had this skirt for a year now. i have washed it 10,000 times and it still looks amazing! I have never received as many compliments as I have with this skirt. I am going to purchase another one this year because no two are the same.
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    i just received this skirt today - love it! you were so right-on with my request of colors; thank you, soul-flower ... as an 'ageing' hippie, you're merchandise and attitude make for one happy experience ... thanks and peace ...
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    I requested colors much like the picture above and expressed my fondness for bright, rainbow colors. The result is amazing. A bright mix of many colors. I am most surprised by the length. I also have the patchwork skirts from soul-flower and they stop above my ankles. This skirt brushes the tops of my feet when worn low on my hips (I am 5'11 and have great difficulty finding lengthy skirts/pants). This skirt is everything and more. I may just buy another :D
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    I love, love, LOVE this skirt! It is so comfortable and colorful that I love to wear it all the time. I get lots of compliments when I wear it.
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    Just received my skirt in the mail and I just love it!! I'm going to have to buy another one cuzbi can't have just one. Super comfortable, goes with everything
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    i'm obsessed with this skirt
    i got mine last week. so good! i made a color palette suggestion and soul flower listened, the skirt i received is beautiful. the fabric is perfect, super soft and the right weight. the length is perfect, it comes over my feet but never gets in my way. i've worn it three times in the last week! i love it so much!
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    I am a misses size 12 and a LG fit without the elastic being too tight around the waist. It also washed very nicely. Also, I am 5'3" and the length was long, touching the top of my foot but not too long where I have to hem before wearing.
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    So delicious!!!
    The colours of the skirt are so beautiful that even though it is a little too big...I just cannot send it back! It will be flowy and comfy and great for these sweltering Southern summer days!!! And thanks for searching out the requested colours for me...just beautiful! I love being a CA hippy in the South! They just never know what I am goin g to wear!!!
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    I want to wear it all day!
    I LOVE this skirt! As soon as I received it, I immediately put it on! It is very comfortable and flattering. I request bright and blue and Soul Flower listened! I can wear this skirt with absolutely anything
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    want more
    lost hippy girl - Jina
    I absolutely love this skirt, I am ordering more. Mine was a little darker than I wanted, but looks great with tall black boots...
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    5 STARS
    Brandi Hayman
    great skirt...goes with everything...fantastic
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    love it three times!
    Brittany L
    I am so in love with this skirt!I actually bought three of them. Soul flower was wonderful about reveiwing my order and picking out the colors I had suggested! It is incredibly comfortable and fits great. It's a little bit longer than I usually wear my skirts, but I it hemmed up quick. I reccomend this skirt, no doubt! Peace and love!
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    I love it!!!!!!
    Rachel W.
    This is my first purchase from Soulflower and was greatly pleased. The colors on the skirt were vibrant and a added bonus was a free packet of seeds. After multiple washes it still liiks brand new. Needless to say I am going to be a repeat customer.
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    I love this skirt! SO so so comfortable! The design is beautiful too. I am very pleased with this purchase!
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    Rasta Skirt
    Just received my skirt today, put it on immediately. I was super happy with the fit and flow of the skirt, my only complaint is that the colors of my skirt are rather dark and not what I was hoping but I love it either way. My skirt is a dark green, dark oranges, and dark yellows.
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    Love this Skirt!!
    Shannon Flowers
    I love my skirt so so much. It's so comfortable and soft that I pretty much want to live in it forever. My colors were completely different from the picture, ended up with more earth, orange and red hues in mine...love love love.
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    I love the explosion of colors from the tye-dye. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this and it's so comfortable it feels like you're walking around naked!
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    Received my skirt yesterday and as most the reviewers have said, it really is beautiful! It's pretty much in the same colors as the example and I can wear a multitude of tees, tops and tanks with it. I always wash my new clothes before I wear them and since this has to be washed by hand a lot of dye is coming off thus making me have to keep rinsing (no fun) and I agree with another reviewer, not sure about the waistband - I'm about a med or 10 on the bottom with no waist and this seems a little loose and because I'm 5'2" I think I will wear it with the waistband folded over once. I love the diagonal print because the horizontal ones will just make me look heavier, not this! Bottom line...GORGEOUS!
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    I just received my skirt and it is so beautiful and comfortable. I didn't want to take it off after trying it on. I can tell it will be a staple this spring/summer. The fit is perfect. It come right to my ankles which I love. I love it so much I might even have to buy another! My 5 year old daughter loved my "rainbow skirt" so much I will have to get her one too.
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    Funky, love it. so unique,i just got it today and will wear it tomorrow ;)
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    This skirt is great! I have no complaints whatsoever! Buy it, enjoy it! No piece is exactly the same!!!! Very fun piece!
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    love it
    love this skirt! fits perfect, flows perfect, looks perfect. love it!
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    Love this skirt, havent had the chance to wear it out yet, still too cold, but cant waite, flip flops and a T,,,I ordered the plus size, plenty of room, love it, very comfy
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    Wearing my skirt right now. So comfy! The colors on mine are completely different than pictured. Instead of blues, purples, and oranges I have greens, oranges, yellows, and browns. It's still very pretty and I love it! I got the plus size one because I don't like my clothes to be too tight, and it's perfect.
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    Totally Cool!!
    Accountants are cool too
    I LOVE this skirt! The colors are beautiful. The length is perfect. I can wear it with a dozen different tops since there are sooo many colors in it. It looks great with boots and will be perfect with flip-flops when it warms up. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the "belt" and "belt loops" don't quite work for me. I wear it anyway, though, and get compliments everytime.
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