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Perfume Oils and Incense

Organic perfume oils, organic incense, handmade soaps and balms.

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Auric Blends Perfume Oils
Auric Blends Perfume Oils
Price: $9.00 
49 reviews
 Jasmine (1 of 49 Reviews)
I wear the Jasmine everyday and I get compliments on it like no other. It smells sooo good.
Tessa - 03/24/2005

Made in the USA, Cruelty Free
Prairieland Herbs Solid Perfume
Prairieland Herbs Solid Perfume
Price: $8.00 
14 reviews
 Patchouli Flower mmm (1 of 14 Reviews)
I purchased this over a year ago and I still have half the tin left (I don't use it EVERY day but most days). I get compliments on it whenever I use it. Just the other day, a co-worker said, "Ooh whats that smell? is it you?! It smells like trees...or patchouli...yeah patchouli!" It is a little softer than straight patchouli. I hope it comes back in stock soon, I want to get some for my friend for Christmas! I carry it in my purse. I love it!
Amanda - 12/01/2012

Made in the USA, Handmade
Organic Soul-Flower Lip Balm
Organic Soul-Flower Lip Balm
Price: $2.75 
2 reviews
 lip balm (1 of 2 Reviews)
Just ran out of my favorite lip balm yesterday and this arrived in the mail last nite. Can't stop putting it on! It makes my lips so soft. Love the natural minty smell :) My new favorite!
Ashley - 08/06/2013

Hemp, Made in the USA
Nag Champa Incense
Nag Champa Incense
Price: $6.00