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Organic perfume oils, organic incense, handmade soaps and balms.

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Auric Blends Perfume Oils
Auric Blends Perfume Oils
Price: $9.00 
48 reviews
 Egyptian goddess (: :( (1 of 48 Reviews)
I love love love this scent! I'm obsessed with it! And my boyfriend loves it too(; Only problem, I got hives all over me from it :( it itched so bad! I've never ever been allergic to anything, so it makes me sad it was this! It smelt so so so so good :(
Laalala - 07/20/2013

Made in the USA, Cruelty Free
Prairieland Herbs Solid Perfume
Prairieland Herbs Solid Perfume
Price: $8.00 
14 reviews
 YUM! (1 of 14 Reviews)
Smells wonderful! TIP: to get the most out of solid perfume, run the back of your fingernail over the product, take a small amount, and melt it between your fingers. Then apply. It will last all day. Just running your fingertip over it will not give you enough. ENJOY!
Lisa Ann - 12/19/2010

Made in the USA, Handmade
Organic Soul-Flower Lip Balm
Organic Soul-Flower Lip Balm
Price: $2.75 
2 reviews
 good stuff (1 of 2 Reviews)
This organic lip balm is good stuff. I've tried the other Soul Flower lip balm, and while I like that one for the SPF15, i like the consistency of this organic one better. Same awesome minty smell - my boyfriend always says "are you chewing gum?" :)
Leiah - 04/03/2012

Hemp, Made in the USA
Nag Champa Incense
Nag Champa Incense
Price: $6.00