Did you know you can get cheaper shipping at Soul-Flower.com if your total order weighs 13 ounces or less? True, true! Rule of thumb is, if it’s 13 ounces or less, it’s a First Class go!  Here are some cool 13 ounces or less Soul Flower items of awesomeness that you can send while saving!


134+ounces - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer


Basically, you just want to think small and light – Pretty simple. Once you get the hang of thinking in terms of 13 ounces or less, the creative mailing possibilities are endless. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, shopping according to product weight will definitely prove helpful. If you shop Soul Flower according to cost, most every item in the $10-$20 gift range falls into the 13 ounces or less category, as well!


sock+%2526+scents - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer

Even thinking outside of the Soul Flower box, there are many creative gift ideas out there that you can ship on the cheap. Did you know that there is an entire blog dedicated to this very topic? Giverslog is the perfect blog to follow for mailing inspiration. With an entire category dedicated to exciting DIY 13 ounce gift ideas, you’ll find yourself running to your mailbox waaay more often! So, if the author of Giverslog, Amberlee, can come up with a blog FULL of 13 ounces or less ideas (all of which are super fun!), we’re positive you can come up with a few splendid ideas as well! If you’d like more lightweight mailing ideas this “Roundup” post covers a selection of her 13 ounces or less favorites – click here! If you do poke around her blog, you’ll find all sorts of sweet ideas! Like mailing a flip flop! Tell me it isn’t rad to receive one flip flop one week and another the next week– you can’t! 😉 It’s just a fantastic gift idea, especially for all you lucky ones enjoying the warm sun this winter.

flip%20flop%20mail - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer
mail sandal - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer
What 13 ounce gifts will you be mailing this holiday season? 🙂


ajax loader - 13 Ounces or Less: Shipping Cheap & Sending Cheer

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