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Customer Reviews

Hey Buds! Keep the cool photos and customer reviews coming - we love to hear from you. Read on to hear what our customers are saying about SoulFlower.com and check out our facebook page for even more reviews.

  • "Love this company and their products!"
    - Jylian
  • "Awesome as Always ! Excellent Customer Service - Product Shipped Very Quickly Upon Request, Out the Door in a Day ! Very Much Appreciated !!! Great Quality Clothing !!!"
    - Pamela
  • "Exactly as advertised. Love this company!"
    - Emily
  • "AMAZING!!! AS always, top notch!!! Love this company!! Favorite!!!"
    - Elaine
  • "Great products. Always love my soul flower items. Great company!!!"
    - Suzy
  • "Excellent Quality, Great Products, Smooth Transaction"
    - Liz
  • "Quick delivery. Will order again."
    - Regina
  • "Great Company with Quality Products! Fast and Friendly. Excellent customer service. One small snag in the order that was handled quickly and efficiently which was greatly appreciated! They care about their clothing and other products and their customers. Will definitely order again."
    - Pamela
  • "The best to shop for printed T-shirts!! Amazing communication and great products. I always come back to get more."
    - Rouba
  • "Just wanted to thank you Soul Flower! You have hands down the best most comfy not to mention cutest t-shirts out there!"
    - Amanda
  • "I got the green organic cotton tie-dye skirt and it is the MOST comfortable and flattering skirt I have EVER worn!"
    - Stacy
  • "I absolutely love your apparel…they are the most comfortable clothes I have owned! Thank you!!!"
    - Crystal
  • "Absolutely loved everything I got in my first order so much that I’m currently ordering more!"
    - Hayley
  • "Just want to say thank you for such fast delivery! I think your clothes are outstanding, better than I expected! Very pleased with the quality and fit. I will be ordering again soon I'm sure! Thanks again,"
    - Dana
  • "I love this company, such understanding and compassion! I wish more companies were like that. Keep it up, guys. Namaste"
    - Brandi
  • "Hi everyone at Soul Flower! I'm sending a quick note to say THANK YOU for such a speedy turn-around time from my order to delivery! And everything is, as always, just perfect, from the fit to the style to the colors. I couldn't be happier and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am, especially these days when people seem so quick to complain rather than compliment.
    Much more I hope to order in the near future! Many many thanks."
    - Rebecca
  • "Just received my order and I can not express how happy I am with everything. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I love the products you provide. Finally I found what I was looking for! Thank you so much. Very gratefully yours,"
    - Susan
  • "Hi! I received my order and I love the clothes!!! I will definitely be a return customer!!! Thank you so much"
    - Janine
  • "Really impressed with your customer service. I've NEVER had a company call about an order before they shipped it out.
    And now that I noticed that you're from Minnesota it makes sense!"
    - Denise
  • "Excellent! Fast! and exactly what I ordered. I ordered three tapestries and each one came in the correct color I wanted as well as the size. The description fit perfectly for what I expected to get in the mail. Thanks again, will be purchasing with you again!"
    - Phillip
  • "Omg!!! I love the pants and belt!!!
    I wish you had smalls left in other colors.
    Belt looks great. May have to put on my blog:)"
    - Jill
  • "Peace, Love, Tulips to you all, as well.
    I so love your message and have tried to help you with semi regular purchases.
    I know how hard it is to spread this message and stay in a Capitalistic society.
    I appreciate what you do. Peace."
    - Joanie
  • "Thank y'all again for the help. Love y'all and keep it up you don't know how happy your clothes make my wife. She is so beautiful and your clothes make her feel that way."
    - Darren
  • "Hello! I am e-mailing you to let you know the Jacket I ordered came today and I couldn't be happier with it. Thank-you so much and I promise it'll have the best times ever, peace dudes!"
    - Jordan
  • "Hello, Buds!!!
    I received my order today and love everything! (Speedy delivery!!!) The quality and designs are just what I was hoping to "see"...my favorite colors...and they are so much fun! Thanks for the catalog and note!"
    - Rachel
  • "I want to thank you Jess and Erich in exchanges for helping me to get a more colorful skirt. THANK YOU! You guys did a great job...I am happy to say that I can wear almost all of my tops with it! You and everyone at Soul Flower rocks and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Peace out. :)"
    - Minday
  • "I ordered from you for the first time last week and I was so pleased with the quality of the clothes I received. The speedy delivery and on point size charts you provide led to an over all great experience! This is my second of many orders to come! Happy new year folks, peace. "
    - Lisa
  • "love your site! Perfect for my young adult hippie boy and his awesome girlfriend! :)"
    - Abby
  • "I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that I have recently received several orders from your store and I am thoroughly satisfied.
    Thank you so much and God Bless,"
    - Christy
  • "Hi, just wanted to let you know that the slippers arrived and I absolutely adore the color scheme you chose--so perfect, and they are in great shape. My roommate and I both put on our Soul Flower mukluks and watched Downton Abbey last night and we're just both so happy to have them, thanks!"
    - Kristen
  • "I just wanted to send an email to say how wonderful your company is and a pleasure it is to work with the Soul Flower team.
    Your integrity and everything that goes into your product is outstanding.
    Thank you thank you thank you.
    Highest regards and respect to who you are."
    - Emily
  • "Hello my Soul Flower Buds!
    I am sending this email because on 11/19 I placed my first order with your company for 19 items. When I first saw your website (which I found on a Google search) I loved everything on the site, but I was skeptical on pricing since I'm used to purchasing clothes at Forever 21 and H&M type stores. However, I recently had a soul awakening and have completely changed my life around since then- everything from the way I eat to the way I think. I wanted a wardrobe transformation to reflect my newfound love for consciousness- for lack of a better word. I decided to place my order with Soul Flower, and I just received my shipment about an hour ago. So I tried everything on, and I could not be happier. The clothes are amazing, they are well-made, beautifully fitting, and I just love every single item I purchased. This is the best shopping experience I've ever had and I felt compelled to take the time and send you this email to express my gratitude, because it seems like consumers only give negative feedback anymore. It feels great to have found such a wonderful company, and you have made a customer for life. I will be placing another order within the next few days.
    I wish you all the best, and I look forward to another successful experience with you!"
    - Cassandra
  • "I am impressed by you and your company's professionalism on such a small order. Please know that upon stumbling onto your website, my daughter who is 15 thinks she discovered the 'coolest' site ever. You will definitely have our future business."
    - Sincerely, Gina
  • "Soul Flower is amazing. I'm ordering things from way over here in Australia and I've never been happier with a company. The clothes and service are always top notch every time. I hope it makes you smile when I tell you that you're a company I 100% trust with any order I make.
    Good on you, Soul Flower. Your good karma will shine on!"
    - Sammy-Rose
  • "Hi There!
    Just a note to let you know that we have received our very first Soul-flower order, and we are thrilled! Speedy delivery of awesome product from a super cool company makes us simply giddy! We can't wait to get them in the store in January!! We will be featuring the shirts in our New Year's window display, and you will certainly be seeing more orders from us in the very near future.
    The extra goodies and personal note in the box confirmed that you are just the kind of vendor we so hoped to find. I will be browsing your site today, making a list (and checking it twice) to compile our next order."
    - Kim
  • "I just wanted to take a second to tell you how great it was ordering from your company! You were fast and I love the shirt and peacock earrings I ordered for my daughter.
    I had to return the shirt and there was no problems with the return - it came back to me very quickly! Still in time to give to her for Christmas.
    It is a pleasure to do business with a company that not only has products that are awesome but also is quick and efficient in their shipping process!
    Keep up the great work!"
    - Denise Thompson
  • "Just wanted to say I received my first order from you. It was very carefully and frugally packaged - no waste - love that. The package arrived very quickly. The garments are beautiful. The pictures online are great, but the blouses are beyond what I thought. I am an old hippie, lol, I'm in my 50s, and these are the clothes of my time, and best memories. I haven't found anyplace like Soul Flower. May you prosper. Thanks again. It won't be my last order, that's for sure. "
    - Lilie Allen
  • "Just got my order.... Everything is FANTASTIC, I am 100% pleased with everything I ordered!!!!! I think this is my new favorite store!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!!" Thank you so much!!
    - Cathe Klassen, Calgary AB
  • "Just got my order, wow, you guys are fast...thank you. Loving the earrings and perfume!! And the great customer service! You've got yourself a loyal customer."
    - Namaste, Mare
  • "My package arrived today and everything is beautiful and fits perfect. I'm all about a happy vibration and am sending some your way."
    peace peace peace and loving kindness
    - Mary
  • "My first order came today! Believe me it won't be the last! I love my headband and scarf, soft, nice to wear, I feel so great wearing my new items. and fast delivery! thanks"
    take care and blessed be to all of you
  • "I just wanna tell you, you have the best clothes and the fastest shipping and returns I have ever seen!"
    - Tela
  • "Thank you. I also want to praise your customer service. Everyone I have spoken to is so nice and helpful. It is too bad other companies don't take pride in their customer service as much as your employees do!"
  • "just wanted to say thank you for my order. i love it all! esp the surprise pins ! fly free!! anyway.. your shipping rocks.. i placed 3 online orders last week.. and yours arrived first.. you guys rock! I've been a long time customer and always will be! keep up the good mojo!.. "
    peace, love and kindness
  • "Hello! I recently bought two t-shirts from you, and I just wanted to drop you a line to say how happy and pleased I was with the service, the quality of the produce and my overall experience. Keep up the good work, and all the best for your great company!"
  • "Have I mentioned how much I love ur products?!? Just got 'em and I'm in absolute Heaven over them. Thanks so much for being such a great source for bohemians like me! Rock oooon, buds. Rock on!"
  • "Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your prompt service. I ordered these pants for a bellydance performance coming up and you guys are AWESOME!! Great pants, good quality and great service!! I will definitely be checking in on you in the future. We hardly ever hear about a job well done, so I wanted to give kudos where kudos is due. Thanks again!!"
  • "Hey Soul-Flower folks! Got my "goods" today, and as always, I'm thrilled! Everything is perfect, just as described. I'm an old hippie (53) but I'll be forever young at heart (and in mind)! I have another order that I'll send toward the end of February (payday) but for now add them to my wish list. Thanks again for being the greatest! Much love!"
    -Rebecca xo
  • "When I found this web site I absolutely fell in LOVE:) You really can't find cool clothes like this anywhere. I have ordered from here many times, and I blow all my money on Soul Flower! Thanks so much Soul Flower for all the groovy clothes! ~PeAcE~"
  • "Thank You! I received my order SO FAST I could not believe it! Especially during this holiday season, and considering the fact that this order came before other things that I ordered before this one! I am very pleased! In addition to your products being of good quality, unique, and beautiful, you are quick and organized in getting the orders out, and updating the status over the email. I look forward to ordering from you again!"
  • "I just got my first order and I LOVE my stuff! Just wanted to say THANK YOU and tell you that you all are awesome. :) We can't find any cool clothing since moving to Tucson. Glad to know I can buy online from you. Happy New Year! "
  • "Thank you so much for the very quick delivery of my order, and also reading my comments about needing a design/color that wasn't too wild. The black and white design is perfect, and I know my cousin Bob will love them!"
  • "Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for using real girls as your models! Seeing the clothes on people that aren't size 00 with fake boobs or airbrushed bodies is a rarity nowadays... and I appreciate it!"
  • "Received my 1st ever order from Soul Flower yesterday. Wow that was fast! I got the azure sky slant skirt. Love, love, love it. The color is beautiful, the fit is awesome, the drape is divine dahlings. And it's eco-friendly! Can't wait to order some kind threads for my Grand-daughter Alissa Flowerchild."
    Peace my Friends.
  • "Wow I love it! I'm yoga teacher, and this clothing is my style!"
  • "You guys are great! Some of the best "hippie" wear I've ever seen. Keep spreading the love because we all love you guys!"
  • "I LOOOOVE YOUR SITE!!! I can't believe I didn't come across you before!! You have a new devoted customer that is for sure!!! "
  • "I just wanted to write into the good people at Soul Flower and thank you guys for all the rad choices you always have available, and all the great sales! I've been ordering from you guys for a long time (just placed another order today!) and always appreciate your quick shipping, great threads, and helpful people. Thanks a lot for being out there.
    a seriously loyal and grateful customer,"
  • "Everything I have ordered has been wonderful. I've gotten so many compliments!"
  • "just got my new "milkshake" tie dye dress and love it. the material is sooooo soft. And the colors are very feminine and beautiful."
    Tracy-Ann Doreen
  • "Your customer services rocks. I had to exchange a dress that didn't work out for me. No hassle just sent it back. Took my store credit got the nothing but nature belt I have been wanting for a while. Thanks sf keep up the great work."
    -Erin Anderson
  • "i just got my second mudmee tie dye tube dress. and i love it. :) The colors are so unique. Its completely different from the first! And I am wearing the abyss necklace too. Beautiful! :) Can't wait to get the Milkshake Tie Dye dress next."
    -Tracy-Ann Doreen
  • "just wanted to say how amazing your customer service is...had to call and make a change to an order I made...the guy I talked to was great and really willing to help :)"
    - Heather Bartle
  • "In heaven with my new hemp drawstring pants and recycled watercooler T!"
    Michael Ostman
  • "Got my patchwork pants today!!!! Tooo cute!!!!I may live in them; they are light to wear them through Summertime:) Can't wait till the next catalogue comes out; any ideas on when? I have the Summer one and ordered a few pretty things, but now looking forward to what's next:)"
    -Patricia Rech Pers
  • "Love all my new stuff..thanks soulflower..u rock!"
    Stephanie P
  • "Thank you! Soulflower is my new favorite place to shop. I wear something from SF almost everyday....I shop there for the grandchildren too. Can't wait to receive my next order! I'm loving the Crescent Dress and Coral Sweet Dreams earrings. My sister is trying to steal the earrings. I'm ordering her a pair of her own."
    Cathi GW
  • "Hello! I just wanted to say thank you to all of you at Soul Flower, I happened upon your site a few days ago and found some really great t-shirts. I placed my order on line and my clothes have already arrived! Your customer service line was extremely friendly and helpful and all of you are just absolutely spectacular! I'm definitely ordering from you again, I'm glad I found you and I love my clothes! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It's businesses like yours that make me ! Thanks for the wildflower seeds, the catalog, and the sticker too. Love it all! In love and light,"
    Kat Collins
  • "i just want to say, that the second i found this shop, i almost cried with happiness! the items here are so beautiful and unique! keep it up, and thank you for putting some goodness into the world! :)
    -a loving customer."
  • "I'm excited for my new gear! I have been eye-ing up that back pack for awhile now! I believe this will be my third time ordering from you wonderful folks and it has been an absolute pleasure every time! You have a FABULOUS selection and if I could afford it, I would buy 1 of everything! Thank you guys again, soo very much!"
    Take care, Kat
  • "Again my friends I would like to send you a very serious thank you for being there for my family as we searched frantically for hip gifts for each other during the x-mas season. Once again, as the rest of the shoppers market disregards us, you were there for phatty gifts for those of us who when in doubt, twirl. The kindness and cooperation we've received from Soul Flower is unending. Thank you for being so kind. One Love, and keep up the good work."
    The D Family
  • "Good Morning!
    I just wanted to shoot you guys an email today to thank you for the great products! Today, I had a meeting with a medical director (I am a nurse case manager for an insurance company). I chose to wear a black turtle neck sweater, black knee-high boots, a funky vintage owl necklace, AND my new "pretty as a peacock" skirt! Not only will my new skirt (it came yesterday-crazy fast shipping!) look great lounging around and kickin' back, but it will be my "dressed to impress" piece at the office today!! Thank you so much, Soul Flower, for the wonderful items and the versatility that allows me to go from "cool to corporate"!"
  • "Just received my order. YEA!!!!! I love them all. Especially the green polka dotted gypsy pants. I will tell all my friends down here in the south what a great experience i had with Soul Flower. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next time I order."
  • "dear soul-flower crew, as i'm going through my clothes... packing away some of the dresses and light clothing of summer, i've realized that almost everything in my closet now is from soul-flower! i found your online store about two years ago, and i've always wished that my whole wardrobe would be made up of the awesome stuff you offer- it's happened! Not one day goes by that i'm not wearing at least one thing from your store... i get so many compliments! it's become a joke with people who know me well- "woooww, i love those earrings, where did you ge--- wait, let me guess, soul-flower!" :P i often share a lot of my clothing too... if one of my friends really likes something, i'll give it to them.. spread the soul-flower love!!
    i am a very grateful gal! thank you for all that you do. i look forward to all the cool threads to come :)
  • "Hey you guys i want to thank you for my rad stuff I love it. All your clothes and gear are so sweet totally my style, I love it all. Shoot if i had more money I`d buy you guys out of stock. I`ve gotten gifts for friends from you and they get so stoked, for a long time I wouldn`t tell them where I got it because I wanted it to my secret, but you guys are just too rad I had to let them in on it. Anyway thanks again and I love you guys.
  • "...your clothing ROCKS!!! Just now got my first order from you (festivus crop pants, daytripper patch pants and mudmee pants) ... all the sizes are perfect, the colors are out of this world, and I'm in LOVE!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!! Many blessings!"
    Dolly :)
  • "HEY BUDS! Just letting you all know,I received my order today ! And everything fits perfect!! LOVE the bag, it's so rad!.....I think it's a perfect summer bag. Especially with 3 kiddos!
  • "Hey guys! I just received my order in 30 minutes ago. This was the first time that i have ordered from you guys! And huge props! y'all def won me over! the clothes are awesome love the feeling the way they fit, i have to get one of the dresses taken in a little but that's no big deal....! I am extremely picky about my clothes and i think y'all are the only place i will be shopping for now on, So keep up the awesome work! Stay groovy you guys! Thank you
    Peace and love!"
  • "You all are awesome, such pure joy doing business with you all, like finding a true gem. Thank you-all, received my order and I am very pleased, Peace my friends."
  • "Got the package yesterday! And on my birthday too-BONUS! Everything's awesome, amazing, incredible (running out of adjectives here... )! Will be ordering again soon! Thanks again :)"
  • "Dear all my Soul Flower people, I absolutely love everything here. My orders arrive in no time, always! I am completely satisfied with every product I have received. I wanted to thank you all for everything. Keep it up! and to anyone curious about the site, I highly highly recommend Soul Flower. I will continue to order from you all for a life time I'm sure. So thank you all again. Love and Peace to all! :}"
  • "I just received several items from you guys and I am satisfied one hundred and fifty percent! Thank you for making me feel like a beautiful human being! I will be wearing one of your pieces this New Year's Eve and will feel so lovely throughout the entire night! Thank you so much!
    Love and peace,"
  • "Dear Buds at Soulflower, Hi, I just received my order that I ordered on Tuesday. I can't believe it came that fast....Thank you very much! It's so groovy when you support a peaceful existence in our world."
  • "Greetings Buds: Just placed another order with Soul Flower today and thought I better send you a couple of pics to let you know I am doing my part to proudly represent Soul Flower on my trips and adventures. Thanks for making me look sooo cool!"
  • "Hey everyone at Soul Flower,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the quick service. I got my stuff a lot faster than I thought I would and the clothes and bag are way too kewl. Thank you for quality and express service! Will definitely shop again and refer!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • "Just wanted to stop by and tell you how pleased I was with my order. I ordered a purse last week and when I went to the mailbox this morning, there was my order. I love the purse and your service is great. I will be sure to stop by often and you can bet that I will be talking up your site. Thanks again... Peace,"
  • "Just got my shipment. I think you all have incredible customer service. Easy and fast and I really appreciate it and look forward to doing more business with you."
  • "I just wanted to tell you that your packaged arrived today - two days after I ordered the things in it!! I was shocked!! The items are more beautiful that I had imagined, two "hippy" tanks, a lovely multi-color shoulder bag, and tapestry...I have never had anything shipped to me so fast. And you are having the most dreadful weather. Not sure how you did this! The colors are vivid - the quality and workmanship on them are amazing. Thank you again, and I am telling all of my friends about your wonderful products. Indeed, cool threads, and I consider myself a kind head. Thanks
  • "I absolutely love my women's baja hoody totally rad! I cant wait till the granny knit skirt will not be on back order! bc thats whats next! I love your shop its so amazing and im glad I found it through my friend. you guys totally rock! thank you for creating such beautiful and amazing clothes!
    your bud Dani"
  • "Hi Ya'll! I just want to thank you for another memorable Christmas. Brad and I both got AWESOME soulflower gifts from each other and I gave every one in my family something from your site... you added a personal note that makes us love you even more!
    We wish you peace, love and mountains and mountains of happiness in 2009-thank you for everything!
    Take care and cheers to you,"
    Kristin and Brad
  • "To my buds at Soul Flower, I LOVE YOUR COMPANY. Thank you for being such a wonderful group of people who provide eclectic and beautiful items that are eco-conscious. You all go the extra mile in customer service and quality. I will shop from you as long as I am on this earth. Thank you for being the nicest company I have worked with this Holiday season! Good Karma coming your way!
    Blue skies,"
  • "Dear Buds, THANK YOU for your dedication to quality, earth-friendly, and COMFORTABLE threads. The mentality behind your business practices are both rare and refreshing!!! I recently purchased several t-shirts, red bamboo yoga pants, tapestry scarf, flower corduroy purse, a few stickers, and the soulshine pants...and adore every single one! My Utah buds have already been asking me all about them so, I took an extra catalogs and am sharing it all around here in Salt Lake City! Thank you for your kind hearts...
    Peace, Love, and Respect,"
  • "Man, I love ordering from you guys! Fast shipping, comfy, cool clothes, friendly service and prices that are easy on the wallet. Soul-Flower is the best and I highly recommend you guys to everyone I come in contact with. I also love opening the packages because I get the nice aroma of Nag Champa! Thanks so much for being around!
    Much love,"
  • "Hi! I love your site and your concept and I am going to spread the word... I just happened upon your site while looking for a patch for my beloved jeans that finally ripped! I will DEFINITELY order more again, soon... and I will look here for great gifts (especially for the wee ones).
  • "Just wanted to write to say thank you for such awesome products!! I received my order superfast (3 days from ordering) and the quality and fit and feel of my teeshirt and hoodie were amazing! They are so soft and fun to wear. The whole experience of ordering from you was amazing and I'll definitely be ordering more in the future and can't wait to share your site with everyone!!"
  • "I ordered a dress from your site for my daughter (the tree-hugging vegan) to wear to her high school graduation. She is a dancer and had to adjust the height of the dress to show off the legs, but the colors and style are totally her! I was very pleased that I was able to place the order on Friday morning and receive it in the mail on Saturday (yeah the next day!) Your employees are super great and we will be ordering again from your company. Keep up the excellent customer service, very refreshing to deal with.
    Another satisfied customer"
    Andrea & Samantha
  • "I received my order this afternoon as I was waking up. My shirt is awesome..... I put it on immediately. You guys are kind souls and I can't wait to cross paths either again electronically or for the first time in person.
    Much Love!"
  • "I wanted to let you guys at soul flower know that I really enjoy wearin your threads. You guys have a great vibe, I enjoy passin it on. It makes me feel good when I wear your eco friendly gear, I think its really cool that you guys give great quality and price. Thank you for your business, live long and prosper.
    Michelle Rose
  • "Hi guys!
    I received an order from your website a few weeks' back and love everything I ordered so much! I get compliments on the blouses whenever I wear them. The blouses are exactly what I've been looking for as far as 100% natural cotton; believe me it took months of searching to find you! They feel great when I'm in them, which means I will be ordering more very soon! I'm over 50 and grew up wearing clothes like this. Once polyester "hit the fan" I was unable to find these things easily. Eventually I gave up trying until recently when I knew I had to find 100% "real" fabric to put on my body again! I'm so glad I found you!"
  • "Hey buds, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my stuff. This is the third or fourth time I have ordered from you guys, and every time I am more and more happy with everything. All my stuff fits perfect, the shipping takes no time at all, everything is packed with as little material as possible, and you even include an awesome, rare CD for my listening pleasure! I wish every company did business like soul-flower, you guys(and girls) rock!!! Keep on keepin on!! Thanks-
  • "To the awesome folks at SF,
    I just received my soulflower yoga pants and they are AWESOME!! Please make 10 more just like them in different colors/designs. The fit and feel are perfect and I'm not a junior!!
    Thank you!
    Cassie P
  • "Dear SoulFlower People,
    Thank you so much. I placed a big order and was pleasantly surprised to find that all the beautiful outfits fit perfectly and looked even better than on the Web site. I really like the little vials of Nag Champa perfume. I'm an academic librarian and the students at my university always love it that I smell like incense. It puts me in such a good mood! ... And, thank you for the catalog...plus, you didn't waste a lot of paper and plastics wrapping everything individually which I appreciate. Everything was boxed up nicely and arrived in perfect shape. I wish everyone did business like you guys.
    Thank you,"
    Laurie C
  • "I just want you to know that I enjoy your products very much. I had gotten some lip balm from you and I love it very much. I know that it is a small product but it is the best lip balm that I have ever had. I have chapped lips very easy and it works better than anything else I have ever used. Plus I have gotten some clothes from you all and I enjoy them very much. You all are the best. Peace on flower buds!! Keep the good job up!"
    Sandra B
  • "You guys are just plain awesome. I ordered a bunch of items for Christmas all on the same day. Yours arrived first...Thank You so much! Your company has my business and many recommendations!
    One Love and Respect,"
    Jeannie Brim
  • "hello :) i just wanted to tell you how much i appreciate your company. every time i order from you guys, the experience is so personal that it feels like doing business with a best friend. you are an absolute joy to work with and i wanted to share a couple photos of my son, sage, in some of the clothes i've ordered for him. i feel good about giving money to such a kind-hearted company and i'm proud to have my little one running around in your threads :).
    lauren and sage
  • "My Boyfriend and I could not be happier. Everything we've ordered from you has been exactly what we wanted. Your service is great, the products are great. And we really dig that your products are made from recycled material. Oh, and throwing in that Grateful Dead CD was a great touch, you won my boyfriend over with that one! We wanted to let you know that we appreciate what your company is doing, and we will definitely tell everyone about it. You can be sure that we will be coming back to order more!"
  • "Hi, i came upon your site last week by mistake, and I see that it was not a mistake at all! Fast shipping and everything was perfect, just as it looked online in photos, and also very good quality and prices. I will be sharing your site with my friends as they ask me about my new hemp jewelry and t-shirt that I am wearing. Thank you very much for restoring my faith in online shopping, Peace&Blessings"
  • "I cannot believe how GREAT your company is....I wish even a small percentage of companies were like you guys. You are the best company I have ever dealt with. I just wanted to take the time to thank you. You rock!!
    your friend,"
  • "Just wanted to email you guys and say that I received my order today...it quick to arrive and also exactly what I was looking for...it gave me that dead head good feeling...look forward to doing more business with you guys. Keep the good stuff coming.
    Thanks again,"
  • "Hey Now! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks! My order came super fast and I love the T-shirts!!!! I ordered a skirt for my daughter's birthday that she is gonna love. THANKS VERY MUCH! You have definitely landed yourselves a returning customer! You have a really GRATE company with awesome products. Thanks again!
  • "I have shopped at several online hippie stores and soul-flower.com is by far my favorite. In fact soul-flower is just in another league altogether. The quality of their products is top of the line and their service is fantastic. My orders always arrive super fast and their communication with the customer is wonderful. Because of this I am most definitely a repeat customer and will continue to be. I encourage all prospective buyers to BUY FROM SOUL-FLOWER.COM. You will NOT BE disappointed!!!! Love y'all!"
  • "Thanks!
    I recently purchased some toddler clothing that is adorable and hard to find!
    I next purchased 2 shirts for myself which arrived in lightening speed! They are unique and quality is amazing! ( love the made in USA label too! ) I love that you have the measurements of the shirts online too for exact sizing!
    I'll be back for sure!!!"
    A & J
  • "Greetings!
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for....1. The quality of the products that we received from you. The backpack as well as other shirts ordered by my girlfriend are all of wonderful quality. 2. The service and support with the expedited shipping was AMAZING! 3. The personal notes on the invoices....wow. Too often people are just in transaction mode, but you put a personal touch into our orders that we greatly appreciate.
    Thank you for everything, and for orders to come!
    Best and Kindest Regards..."
    B & A
  • Thanks....you are the best! Always great products and great customer service. My 83 yr old Mom saw one of your kurtas on me last year and thought it looked great. She ordered some for herself last year and she just loves them also (she looks great too!)."
  • "Hi Guys I just received the child's cotton gaza dress in the mail today. I am writing to tell you that the dress is beautiful. I was trying to find the perfect gift for my best friend's baby who will be welcomed to our world in 2 weeks. The dress is going to look perfect on little Harmony. Thank you!"
  • "I have been meaning to email you all for a long time. I placed an order for my husband back in June. The shirts came and were great but one was a little small. I sent it back to exchange but was called and told that you didn't have any of those shirts in a larger size. During this call, I didn't know what size to order for him and the wonderful person on the phone (I want to say his name was Chad) measured the shirts for me. I was surprised by this; no other place would go that far for their customer. The shirt arrived and it fit perfectly.... So thank you, for your excellent customer service and your quality of merchandise. I will be ordering from you time and time again. 
    Thank you kindly,"
  • "I am writing to let you know how happy I am with your service, the clothing I received, and the time in which I received it. I love my new skirts and pants, and feel the sizing, description, and pictures are more than accurate. Thank you so much for making my first on-line clothing order ever a great one!"
  • "Hey Guys!
    Just wanted to thank you for the great stuff. I love everything online and I wish I could buy it all! I also wanted to thank you for your support of Camp Courageous. My recently deceased cousin enjoyed some of the best times of his life there. It is a great organization and really helps out the kids!
    Thanks again,
  • "Hey y'all!
    I just wanted to send a note to tell you that I LOVE your stuff! I can almost feel the positive vibes in my clothes! I spent a long time looking on the internet for something specific and you were the store that had it (very lovely kurta to be exact). I'm already a repeat customer, and I'll send others your way. I love how I look in the clothes, and I especially love how quickly they get to me. Much love to 'ya.
    ps- I ordered my mom a top from you guys, 'cause she's an old school hippie (she was backstage at Woodstock!). She says thanks for helping her find her hippie roots again!"
  • "I got my order...I have NEVER gotten so many compliments for that beautiful sun dress that I wore on Friday night (Dave Matthews in Alpine). The rest of the girls that we camped with adored every item I purchased. I do believe you'll be receiving more business from these ladies. You are fantastic !!!
  • "I just got my order today and I wanted to send a quick note to say thanks! The shipping was very fast and I love the clothing that I ordered, just as described! Thanks again, peace"
  • "Hey Guys!
    I wanted to let you know you guys are AMAZING! i am very happy with the service i received, not to mention the speedy service ( i must admit i had my doubts about getting it in w/ in two days) i love to product i got and i will most defiantly be buying more things from you in the future (and i am telling everyone how great you are too).
    Peace out,"
  • "We Love our Stuff!
    The stickers look awesome on the van - we are the coolest family in Elkhorn. The mirrored wall hanging looks kick-ass in our living room, too.
    Thanks again, keep up the great work!!!!
    the B. family
  • "What's up Soul-flower Peeps,
    It's truly the little things in life that make us happy, and i'm delighted with my fantastic Gratefiul Dead batik lightning bolt stickers (yes, plural - one for 'just in case') and the other ones as well. i've searched for that thing since the Phil 02 tour when I first saw it in the lot at the the Hartford show, but being short on cash and knowing i was going to hershey the next day, i waited to my own demise. and how happy i was to spot it on your web site. it's raining today, but only on the outside.
    thanks again, a happy phriend.
  • "Hi All,
    I don't normally write letters like this, but I really felt compelled to write you guys about my order from last week.
    I was really blown away with the speed that my order was processed I received everything in less than 1 week! And as usual, I'm VERY happy with everything.

    I've got to tell yas though, when I ordered the rope sandals, I really took a gamble. I loved their funky look, but I really wasn't sure how they'd feel. Let me tell yas, they're the next best thing to being barefoot! (Something my bosses really aren't that crazy about, but they've been letting get away with it - through gritted teeth). I'm sure they'll be pleased the next time they drop by and see that I "have something on my feet."

    Well, I just wanted to thank you guys. Know that I'll be ordering again soon.
    Till later............
    Peace & Blessings,"
  • "hello! my name is karri. i placed an order with you on march 12th, and i received it today! (march 16th) i just wanted to say that
    your products are great, your service was impeccable....
    all my best and good luck, and thanks again...so much,"
  • "Hello gang!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for such a pleasant transaction! I received the skull cap today. Not only was the shipping extremely quick, but the quality of the product was awesome! I almost didn't mail today because I knew nothing could have been shipped that fast. I'm beginning to think you guys shipped the hat out before I even placed an order...Ha-ha
    Your pal,"
  • "Hey Buds at Soulflower:
    Just thought I would drop you a line to say how much we love your cool threads and we LOVE Soulflower!!!! We live in Essex which is near London, England. Until my next order, Peace, Love and Blessings to you all at Soulflower
    Your buds" J & N
  • "i'm e-mailing not only as the giftee (of a beautiful new patchwork skirt and a handsome jerry garcia doll) but also on behalf of the gifter -- my mum. one who is often very skeptical of doing online business, let alone skeptical of hidden motives in modern business alone. she purchased the two items mentioned above as christmas gifts for me and couldn't have had a more peaceful transaction. you've made her a believer! ...all the right motives/intentions makes soul-flower a rare breed... one that we'll be supporting and sustaining for as long as it's in existence. i've never seen good vibes so tangible -- so tangible that they can be shipped via the post."
    t & l
  • "Hey guys, I just received a the clothes that I ordered...I just wanted to let you know that I love what you are doing.
    I like the way you give back. You have a real good business. You guys rock and I love all your products......
    thanks for all you do.
    Peace & Love,"
  • "My husband got me a sweater from you guys. I love it so much....Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. He doesn't know I ordered some things for him for xmas too! ;-) Have a beautiful day! Happiness always,"
  • "I love doing business with a company like yours which is so together..Thank you.."
  • "I just wanted to write and comment on your excellent customer service and extremely fast shipping. I placed an order on Monday 10/24 earlier in the day. In the evening I sent an e-mail that I needed to change something on that order. By morning I had an answer to my e-mail and in 2(TWO) days had my merchandise. The service was wonderful. I'll definitely recommend your catalog to others."
  • Howdy
    I have received a number of orders from you and I want you to know that I think your order service is excellent. Your products are as pictured and described. I usually request standard shipping and I receive my order in less than a week, even when I returned an item for exchange. Your communications are always pleasant and efficient. All of the above is why I am a repeat customer and will continue to frequent your online store. 
    Thank you.
  • "i love your magazine and the message that you chose to send inside with your wonderful selection of your environmentally safe clothes tapestry's jewelry etc. i love what you have done with it... the message your sending is a good one. something that this world needs a little more of thanks for doing your part."
  • "Hey Guys,
    I just received my order from you folks. It's the little things that make peoples days so "warm and fuzzy!" Kudos to everyone there for really striving to make you who, and what, you all really are a fantastic bunch of Brothers and Sisters. See you around the bend. Whirled peas!,"
    Tim R
  • "I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your fast service. I LOVE the three skirts I got in the mail, and they came so fast!!!! In time for my 27th birthday!!! There is another place I have been going through, and they are really unorganized and took at least a month last time I ordered something. I have officially converted to a soul-flower customer."
    Thank you!
  • "I love Soul-Flower - Great jam band gear, fast service, very kind people, website updated frequently, and an earth friendly color catalog to boot. Best store on the net. "
    A Friend
  • "Dear Soul-flower, I just wanted to say how awesome this Online store is!!! It has my kind of style for great prices. And I love that you guys also sell gift certificates. I actually ordered one for my boyfriend and I received it in no time. I love that you guys put whatever we want to say on the certificate for us and it has such simple directions of how to use the certificate on the back!! Thanks so much Soul-flower and I will definitely be ordering more!"
    -Lauren F.
  • "Thank you so much for the speedy delivery.  I received my vagabond hemp pants a few days ago, and have been wearing them ever since.  I think they are the best pair of pants I have ever owned.  Keep up the great work, I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon, and I recommend you to all of my friends!!
    Have a happy day,"
  • "I'm writing to thank y'all so much for everything! I received my order faster than any other catalog service I've ordered from (which is saying something; I'm a bit of a catalog connoisseur). I found your company when searching for a company that sells quality hippie threads; Soul-Flower boasts this and so much more! The shirts, pants and gloves I received are great and I expect that the order will be the first of many... thanks so much for providing us kynd people with a green, respectable, happy business.
    Much peace, love and sunshine,"
  • "I just received my order from you- after placing it in the middle of the night on saturday! I can't believe how fast I got my stuff; and the hemp pants I ordered (I got the sweetgrass ones) are the most comfortable pants i've ever put on, and I can't believe how well they fit me! The t-shirts i ordered my boyfriend look great too, and my car's going to get some cute new stickers. Thanks for making this kind of stuff available to so many of us out there- and so quickly too!"
  • "The tapestry arrived today--I LOVE IT! Everyone is envious of my tapestry but I am sharing the love and hanging it in my office. You have done a great job, and I am now a loyal customer.
    One luv and much respect,"
  • "Hello! I just received my order today and I'm writing to tell you how completely impressed I am with the fast service I received from you. Also the quality of the shirts is top shelf.(Sugaree, and Moon Dancer) Keep up the great work, and thanks so much!
    Gratefully yours,"
  • "Soulflower is amazing. Thank you so much for everything i have ever ordered from you! Everyone i know loves everything i have ordered. Everything i've gotten from you i am in love with. Thank you for the care you provide and how fast you ship your kynd goods.
    i hope for happiness and love to you all"
  • "Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service. I traded in my car last weekend, and the worst part of it was losing my grateful dead stickers! I ordered new ones from you on Sunday and received them Thursday - now I'm myself again. Thanks - I will definitely order again soon."
  • "You guys are amazing. I truly love doing business with you. I have received so many inquiries and compliments from people about the clothing and handbags I've purchased through your online store. I have to say that your site and the items you market have brought me full circle in this life. It's like finding an old friend from my days growing up in San Francisco back in the 60's and peace rallies in Berkeley. Again, thank you for your "kynd" reply to my inquiry. Take care,"
  • "First of all Thank you. I Live in good ol WV not much comes through here and well you've provided a way to shop for the clothes and materials you want... Just wanted to send a Big Thanks to all of you."
  • "i am so glad i stumbled upon your store online! the service is excellent & i am so happy with my shirt that i ordered. i look forward to buying more!! thank you! stay kynd. =]"
  • "You guys are awesome... shipping was quick and quality was excellent. I will definately be ordering from you guys again sometime soon. thanks so much!"
  • "i just wanted to take a minute, to let you know, I'm very pleased with the ease, speed and accuracy with which you processed my order. i have dealt with a few on-line buying nightmares, and you made it pleasurable and worry free. i received my package this afternoon. thank you much"
  • "I'm so impressed on how fast I got my order! And the bag I got is awesome! It's exactly what I wanted. I ordered something from a different place 2 weeks before I ordered from you guys and I still haven't received the stuff from the other place..but It's cool because you guys are going to be the only place I order from now. Thanks again for the kynd-ness"
    Krystal from Ohio
  • "I am extremely pleased with the fast shipment and the quality of the hemp belt I ordered. Just wanted to say thanks for the kynd product and I will be sure to order from you again."
  • "I have received my order, thank you again for taking care of everything for me. I am very happy with my purchase as well as the great cd surprise.  My one year old daughter, Healy, was jamming in the car on the way home from the post office.
    Thank you again and I defiantly will be ordering from soul-flower again.
    take care,"
  • "i am extremely pleased with your services.  i received my order so fast! i've had so many problems ordering online and it usually takes weeks for anything to get to me, but i got my order from you right away.  i will definitely continue to order from your store. 
    thank you so much
  • "I just wanted to let you guys know that you're awesome!!! I've finally found a place were i can get good quality clothing cheap and fast. 
    i received my goods in record timing and with all the right sizes. thanks again and u'll be hearing form me very soon when i get some more cash."
  • "I just wanted to thank you for getting my order shipped out to me so quickly. I love all the stuff you guys sell on your site and will definitely be buying from you again. Anyway, you have definitely earned yourself a loyal customer. Peace and much love to you all"
  • "Hey there...
    Just wanted to say thanks so much to whoever helped my Dad surprise me for Xmas with a couple of very cool Phish shirts for me to take to Hampton! It was very unlike him to go after lot gear - but he says he did it with the help of someone on your site.  Thanks so much for helping to make a merry xmas at my house:)"
    Sam. in Chicago
  • "Flower-Buds, you are welcome for my purchase! I couldn't find those gloves anywhere else! I'm very happy that I went to your web-site and found them! Thanx again!"
  • "I just wanted to send an e-mail to let you know how happy I am that i got my phatty shorts so quickly. Ya'll are doing a great job there. thanks so much.... now if I could just get phish NYE tix :("
    R.N., perrineville, NJ
  • "I received my order in such short time!--thank you!--we love the hat and the shirt!
    Have a peaceful day!"
    Steph E
  • "I ordered my girlfriend a patchwork skirt from you a few months ago and I'm just now getting the chance to write to thank you. It was a beautiful skirt that was shipped in a very timely manner and she loved it! Your staff was very courteous on the phone and they were more than happy to answer all of my questions about my order. So... thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you and you will have my business for sure in the near future.
    Be well."
  • "hey guys--it had been a while since i last ordered some goodies from you, but when i got my tee recently...the 'scent' that i get from the clothing when i first open up the pkg is absolutely amazing anyways, thanks for the goods. take er ease,"
    N.U. (by the way, it's nag champa incense that smells so good!)
  • "hey there phriends! i just received my phatty pants in the mail yesterday and felt i had to send a big ol' thank ya very much your way! i love them!!
    i am going to thank their kynd creator too.. hope we can do business again sometime. until then, i will be smiling every time i am wearing my new pants!
    thanks and don't forget to play in the sunshine..."
  • "Hey now.....just wanted to let ya'll know that I got my stuff prolly in record time and it was all great!! Thank You. I have turned my friends on to the website and they love it also. Thanks a lot,"
    Josh S, Philadelphia, MS
  • "Hey - I just wanted to thank you guys for my recent order. I appreciate the extras that you threw into the box, very nice. My wife loves all the clothes she picked out and she has told all of her friends, because you just can't find alot of those clothes here. SO thanks, keep up the awesome job. PEACE"
    David F
  • "I received my order from y'all today. Excellent! I wanted to thank you on the prompt and personal service shown by your staff. They called to double check my shipping address, which I thought was very cool. The goods I received are super phat. I will be sure to order from you again and let all my friends know about you. Thanks Again,"
  • "Hi, I just wanted to write you a quick email and say thank-you for the hoodie. It is beautiful. I've never received anything so fast in the mail.
    Thanks again!"
  • "I just recently ordered some patchwork shorts, and an SCI shirt from you. Soul-flower is where it is at because of their huge selection and great prices but most of all because of there down to earth employees and owners and the spectacular service. You guys are cool"
  • "... they fit! Right ON. Thanks for all your help! I look forward to ordering from you guys again soon. When the t-shirts came out of the bag - they smelled like your store. :)
    Yuv and Hugs,"
  • "Hey guys, I got my order a few days ago. I must say, I really loved the way all of the shirts smelled like incense (my friends were getting kinda pissed that I kept asking them to smell my clothes :) Anyway, thanks for the site!
  • "I am so impressed with the level of service I have received from Soul-Flower.com. I made a mistake on my original order and ordered 2 of the same item and within an hour I received a phone call to verify that I actually wanted a duplicate. You really do not see to much of that type of service now a days. Keep it up!!! 
  • "Hey guys, I just got my order today, very quick response! Its great to know that there are good folks like y'all out there. You have definitely got one satisfied customer. Thanks again and have a wonderful day."
  • hi i just wanted to drop you guys a line and say that i was very pleased with my order i received from you guys. since summer is here and my winter t-shirts were in need of repair i decided to purchase some new threds. your site worked wonderful, and my stuff got here in a very timely fashion hand delivered by bob my postman. thanks again. peace!
  • "i love ordering from y'all. thanks for ev'thing. peace and kind tunes back at ya."
  • "What's up freaks?? I just got my order today. I can't thank you enough! The shirts and stickers are awesome!! If I'm ever in your area I'll definitely come by the shop. It sounds like you've got a lot of things going!
    Peace and Panic,"
  • "received my moe. and panic shirts today, just wanted to say thanks and let you know that i was happy with my order. the quality of the t's and your quick response is greatly appreciated. it's nice to do business with people who know how to do business. peace and panic, gosey"
  • "Hey!  I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for having such a cool place to shop. I can only shop online, but it is great to find a place that sells such cool dresses and lot shirts when it is not tour time! Thanks so much!!!"
    Amy V.
  • "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for shipping my order so quickly. I believe that was the first time ever I had ordered something online and gotten it that fast. Be prepared to recieve many more orders from me and friends of mine in the future. You guys are great!"
    P.S. Athens, GA
  • "dear soulflower souls,
    thank you so much for my order!! i just got it today--sooo quick! my boyfriend LOVED his box of rain t-shirt--he had one exactly like it, but it had gotten to the point of a rag from much tour lovin... he was so happy to see a replacement so he can put his original away! i'm a satisfied customer!
    thank you!!
    love n peace,"
    M.Q. Columbus, OH

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