Sustainable Clothing Companies | Carbon Neutral Clothing

Soul Flower is committed to making cool threads with respect to people and to the planet. We have strict (and really positive!) environmental standards we follow in production and in our everyday operations. But with all the labels, interpretations and standards in our world, it's hard to know what really means something these days. So in addition to always using organic, recycled and other eco-friendly resources, we have chosen a few organizations to work with and certify our processes so we can proudly stand behind our commitment as a sustainable clothing company. Read more about our other environmental efforts

Green AmericaWe are a Green America Certified Business. As a sustainable clothing company, we meet all of Green America's Business Standards for environmental responsibility. These practices are maintained in our daily business and throughout all our manufacturing processes.

Green Office CertifiedWe are Green Office Certified thru Greenline Paper Company. This means we use energy wisely and efficiently, and are all around environmentally savvy. You know we produce sustainable clothing. But we also practice sustainability daily by composting, recycling, reusing and reducing.

Carbon FreeDo what you can, offset what you can't. As a Carbonfree Partner with Carbonfund.org, we are Certified Carbon-Free, which fights climate change and promotes renewable energy. We are proud to offer our Soul Flower line of carbon neutral clothing!

UPS Carbon NeutralWe know the heavy impact shipping has on our environment, so we ensure all our outgoing UPS shipments are carbon neutral at no extra cost to our customers. Carbon neutral shipments help to offset climate impact that comes with shipping. High five to Mother Earth!

Fair Trade CertifiedEach season, we release our imported Fair Trade Certified collections. Fair Trade is a designation developed to help consumers support products that come from farms and manufacturing that have been certified to provide fair wages and safe working conditions (forced child labor is prohibited). Fair Trade ensures standards are met for pay and working conditions and is overall better for our environment.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)GOTS is the world's leading textile standard for organic fibers. They include both an ecological and social criteria of the entire textile supply chain. They ensure the organic status of our organic cotton fabric, from harvesting of the materials through the entire manufacturing process. We only use GOTS to certify the organic cotton used in our clothing.