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Ethically Made ClothingEthically Made Clothing | Ethical Fashion

Ethically Made Clothing | Ethical Fashion

What does it mean to us when we say ethically made? It means we ask a series of questions before we carry any product - where is it made? who makes it? how is it made? Then we hand select items only when a producer can show they are being made in a way that respects both the workers and the environment.

Ethically Made Clothing | Ethical Fashion

All of our ethically made items are produced in small factories or coops by small companies. While these items are not officially Fair Trade Certified, we work hard to find companies who follow similar fair practices and philosophies in the production of their products. We know we work in an industry that has long taken advantage of workers and hurt the planet - and we want to change that and are always looking to work with manufacturing that is better for people and communities. We do our best to put specific information in every product descriptions but if you have a question about a particular product, feel free to email us.

Ethically Made Products

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