International Yoga Day: Make Every Day Yoga Day!

International Yoga day is June 21st – a day dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of practicing yoga world wide. For many of us, every day is yoga day! We have integrated philosophies and concepts from our yoga practices into our everyday lives. So for international yoga day, we like the idea of sharing a bit about how we practice YOGA EVERY DAY – and most of our practice doesn’t involve a yoga mat.


Dress Like A Hippie (i.e. Be Yourself!)

So you want to know how a hippie dresses?

The best advise we can give you to dress like a hippie is to always wear a big smile, carry a kind heart, and simply be yourself. p.s. shoes are optional. Read on to see more ideas of how to dress like a hippie 🙂


The Best Yoga Headbands!

The Best Yoga Headbands? Yes Please! Our Bud Reanna (from Live Laugh Blog) recently told us how much she loves our boho headbands – especially for her yoga practice. These wide yoga headbands are eco-friendly, very versitile and something Soul Flower carries in multiple colors and designs. And we are constantly making new yoga inspired designs so you have lots to choose from. Read on to hear a few things Reanna loves about our headbands in her yoga practice, and why she thinks they are the best yoga headbands out there! (more…)

Funny Yoga Shirts to Inspire Your Practice

Are you looking for funny yoga shirts? Here at Soul Flower, we add a little fun and lightheartedness to our designs to keep you smiling and spreading good vibes wherever you go. Check out some of our funny yoga shirts and yoga tanks with sayings – and as always, keep smilin’ buds!


Celebrating Bob Dylan

In honor of Bob Dylan’s Birthday on May 24th, I wanted to share a playlist of my favorite Dylan songs. Bob Dylan is a huge influence to me, his music always seems to strum a cord within and inspire my thoughts and feelings.


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