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Flowy Pants and our New Flow Collection

Our bud Leah over at StyleWise Blog recently did a little review for us on our newest flowy pants and ruched skirt. Our latest Flow Collection features these flowy hippie pants and ruched skirt as well as a drapey cardigan. These are fairly made organic pieces are comfortable, super soft and feature hand-drawn artwork. They are perfect for layering, mixing and matching. Read on the hear what Leah thought and see more of our newest flow collection, including bohemian pants.


Best T Shirt Dress for Summer

It’s summertime, so break out the flips flops, straw beach bags, SPF and your favorite dresses! We think the best t shirt dress for summer is our organic t shirt dress with pockets. Here is a recent review from our bud Rachael of Rachael’s Journal. See what she has to say about one of the best t shirt dresses around and see how she styled it…


12 Things to do with Clothes You No Longer Wear

With the current downsizing and minimizing trend, many of us are looking in our closets and wondering if we need all the clothing we own. For various reasons we’ve accumulated a few more items than we truly need. I’ve been going through all my clothing and making two piles. One pile is only for items that I absolutely love and wear. The other pile is for items in the following categories – Don’t fit. Don’t want. Don’t like. Don’t wear. (more…)

Dr. King

A few days ago my mother and I visited our town’s recently restored Scott Joplin mural and it got me to thinking:  My goodness, we’ve come a long way. Once upon a time blacks were only seen fit to be nothing more than entertainers and servants. Even Scott Joplin, the father of ragtime entertained at places where other blacks weren’t even allowed. That’s just the way things were in the late 1800’s and people were used to it. (more…)

Logging Off

Happy winter everyone! I had my very first white Christmas. We had a few snow storms in the past few weeks leaving snow and ice all over. Big difference from the beach weather, which I am used to. I am loving the seasons changing so much.  (more…)

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