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flow 760x570 - Flowy Pants and our New Flow Collection

Flowy Pants and our New Flow Collection

Our bud Leah over at StyleWise Blog recently did a little review for us on our newest flowy pants and ruched skirt. Our latest Flow Collection features these flowy hippie pants and ruched skirt as well as a drapey cardigan. These are fairly made organic pieces are comfortable, super soft and feature hand-drawn artwork. They are perfect for layering, mixing and matching. Read on the hear what Leah thought and see more of our newest flow collection, including bohemian pants.


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Soul flower pic 760x570 - 12 Things to do with Clothes You No Longer Wear

12 Things to do with Clothes You No Longer Wear

With the current downsizing and minimizing trend, many of us are looking in our closets and wondering if we need all the clothing we own. For various reasons we’ve accumulated a few more items than we truly need. I’ve been going through all my clothing and making two piles. One pile is only for items that I absolutely love and wear. The other pile is for items in the following categories – Don’t fit. Don’t want. Don’t like. Don’t wear. (more…)

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IMG 20170110 155300778 760x570 - Dr. King

Dr. King

A few days ago my mother and I visited our town’s recently restored Scott Joplin mural and it got me to thinking:  My goodness, we’ve come a long way. Once upon a time blacks were only seen fit to be nothing more than entertainers and servants. Even Scott Joplin, the father of ragtime entertained at places where other blacks weren’t even allowed. That’s just the way things were in the late 1800’s and people were used to it. (more…)

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Logging Off

Happy winter everyone! I had my very first white Christmas. We had a few snow storms in the past few weeks leaving snow and ice all over. Big difference from the beach weather, which I am used to. I am loving the seasons changing so much.  (more…)

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emily holiday 1 640x430 - Gearing up for Christmas...

Gearing up for Christmas…

Hello there! I hope everyone is gearing up for a great Thanksgiving! We are just kickin’ it local in Connecticut this year. I had a surgery about two weeks back (it wasn’t anything big) so I have been having to take it super easy. I overexerted myself putting the Christmas tree stand together and popped something gross and bloody open. Yikes! So since then I have been obeying the doctor’s orders lol. My comfortable lounge tops have been a lifesaver! The first few days after the surgery I just wore one of my husband’s pajama tops, but then I started feeling like I looked gross and it all went downhill. So comfy AND cute it is!


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971599 10151509379426825 1159994508 n 581x430 - Oh, Thank You Dear Knights

Oh, Thank You Dear Knights

When you’re growing up there are always people telling you that life is hard, whether its your parents, your sixth grade English teacher, or your best friend. You respond with a casual roll of the eyes and thoughtless response like “Ugh, I know!” You swear to yourself that you will be prepared and have your life together. It’s so easy, right? And it isn’t until you find yourself twelve years later looking back and laughing at yourself for how naïve you were. (more…)

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deck at sunset 10.29.16 640x430 - Stick with Natural Fibers...

Stick with Natural Fibers…

Hey Buds, We are excited to share Katrina’s review and why she chooses to shop at Soul Flower…..”They make it so easy for me! I love the styles, the prices are reasonable and their clothes are eco-friendly. It’s a win-win-win for me, my hubby and the planet.” Read more!

A few weeks ago I saw a groovy pair of non-organic tie-dye pants for sale online from a box store…large, well-known retailer. The price was great, the reviews were good and I decided to order them. I usually buy organic but thought I’d bend the rules for this purchase. A few days later the pants arrived. I opened the box to look at them and saw that they were enclosed in a clear plastic bag. The colors were beautiful and I quickly opened the plastic bag so I could try them on. (more…)

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pdx1 640x430 - PDX Adventures

PDX Adventures

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween weekend! I don’t know about you but I am so happy October is coming to an end. The beginning of the month started out weird for me and nothing too exciting happened, besides watching the weather shift into its rainy season here in Oregon. October was my reflection month, I suppose. I moved here with my partner about a year ago and I’ve been reflecting on all the new memories we’ve created and how far we have come. (more…)

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Hollie Love Leggings 3 640x430 - 5 Ways to Love Yourself

5 Ways to Love Yourself

We are our own worst critics. When we fail we insult ourselves, when we make mistakes we scold ourselves, when we succeed we feel it’s still not good enough. This kind of negative thinking is absolutely destructive to our self-esteem and it can absolutely ruin your life. How can you change this? Treat yourself the way you would like the treated! (more…)

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Balance 2 640x430 - Finding Balance in a Busy Life

Finding Balance in a Busy Life

With the holidays just around the corner, my weekly phone calls with my sister and mom have lately focused around where and when we will find time to celebrate the holidays together. It might seem early, but it’s nearly one month before Thanksgiving and two months before Christmas. Wow! And it’s going to be here sooner than we think! It’s time to plan parties and gatherings, and take time off work. (more…)

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IMG 2720 1 640x430 - Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

Can you feel the crisp, autumn air? The mornings are getting chilly, maybe smells of chimney smoke, and falling leaves? Drinking hot tea to warm the core up. Meals are beginning to change too! Maybe, warmer foods, root veggies and soups!  (more…)

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