Behind the Art: Sacred Place Mandala

This mandala was inspired by cupcakes. Wait, what?

It started the day I saw this instagram post by Real Simple: a photo of what looks like a bunch of flowers, but is actually cupcakes. A cupcake bouquet! For some reason, those tightly-packed flowers gave me an idea. It sparked something. It became the center of my mandala:

It’s funny how inspiration works. You never know when something’s gonna “click”.


Adjust your Gratitude!

Our very own photographer, Hannah Lee, tried this cool writing assignment recently. Simply said, it helps you take a deeper look at what you have in your life (and what you have is likely enough if you look at it right)! It’s all about an attitude of gratitude. So find a peaceful spot and:


DIY Jewelry Storage – The Natural Way!

Are you looking for a creative and natural way to store your boho baubles? Then try this DIY Jewelry Storage idea from Rachel (our Soul Flower Graphic Artist). Rachel made these unique driftwood jewelry storage pieces for organizing her funky necklaces, bracelets and other Soul Flower jewelry. Read on for details on how to make your very own Driftwood Jewelry Storage Rack.


Agate Search at Lake Superior

If you live in Minnesota (like us), you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “up north.” It refers to the part of the state near the shore of Lake Superior and Canadian border. One of the many magical things about this place is the abundance of Agates. Read on to learn more about this unique stone.

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