Were You At Woodstock?

Our bud Burnell at Raven’s Wing Studio recently stayed in Woodstock NY and experienced everything from tie-dye, new age shops and bookstores, organic produce, hip restaurants, and a weekend flea market to a guitar expedition and a community drum circle. This is a trip any hippie would appreciate!


Cloud Cult Tour Diary #4

Ryan, our screenprint magician, recently hit the road for a tour with the band Cloud Cult. Check out the first installments here and read on for more synergy between Soul Flower and Cloud Cult. This diary features an interview with Singer/Songwriter Craig Minowa.



Rock climbing takes serious endurance, but to start you just need to face the wall.

My sister and I have had climber’s blood in us since we were born. Our father climbed all the way up the summit of Boundary Peak in Nevada (that’s 13,143 ft.) with two blow up bananas to get a photograph for me, his Hannah Banana, when I was one. And while I inherited my father’s photography skills, my sister took to the mountains with his love of a challenging climb. Last week we headed over to Midwest Mountaineering’s bouldering cave so Josie could climb, and I could sit safely on the ground with my camera.


Cloud Cult Tour Diary #1

Our own graphic designer and illustrator extrodinaire, Ryan, recently hit the road for a tour with the band Cloud Cult. Ryan’s usual job involves running our screenprint shop and creating sweet new designs for Soul Flower. But he also has an unusual job of selling merchandise for Cloud Cult and going on the road with this cool indie band. It makes for some pretty good stories and, lucky for us, he kept a diary on his travels. Check out the first installment right here–


Packing for a Tropical Vacation – Bali 2016

Packing for a trip is never easy, let alone packing for a trip to a country that is tropical – and given the time of year almost an 80 degree difference from where I live. Being a northern midwest girl I have quite the collection of clothes. I knew that I had some serious packing to do before my trip to Bali. (more…)

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