It is said that elephants never forget. Is this true? A better question may be: How would we know?? Did some perky pachyderm spill the beans one day? I don’t know, but that saying has stuck with me my whole life.

IMG 3107 - An Elephant Never Forgets
Adrienne (our newest Karma Krewe member!) =)

My love for elephants began early in life, my mom and I used to visit Packy (a longtime resident) at the Portland Zoo when I was young. I remember eating a slice of a giant sized cake on Packy’s birthday in the early 80’s.

Another great time was when my dad took me on a camping tour of Oregon when I was about 7. On that trip I had the opportunity, at a wildlife park, to take a ride on an elephant. Being that up-close with such a magnificent creature really touched me. Feeling its rough, dry skin and gazing into those big, soulful eyes…well, I fell in love right then. I have had an ever-growing collection of elephant things since then. Everyone knows I love them and I get many as gifts.

That trip and those times with my parents are some of the greatest memories of my life. To me that’s what “elephants never forget” means – it reminds me to never forget the special times in life. I hold on tight to remembrances of my past. I can taste my Grandma Rosie’s famous strawberry jam and can still feel the wind from riding with my Grandpa Jack in his ’64 Mustang convertible to the old country store for ice cream. Many long summer afternoons were spent with my cousins running around the hills of Astoria, building forts in the woods of my grandparents’ property, and hitting the arcade & beach in Seaside.

One summer I drove cross-country with my grandparents and met many of my distant relatives in the tiniest town of Birchtree, Missouri. I got to see the cabin my Grandfather was born in and the schoolhouse he attended. I remember how hot it was that summer and the endless hours of AM country radio as my Grandma sang along.  Another great trip was when my family moved from Oregon to Michigan the summer I was twelve; many fun memories were made on that long drive, the best being when we took old-timey photos in Wyoming.

For me these memories are magical, a glimpse into the happiest and most carefree days of my life.  They keep me focused on my family and remind me that the most important things surround me every day…my home, husband, children, family and community.  Now that I’m a parent I am very aware that every day we are creating these same sacred memories for my children. Extraordinary moments in an ordinary day can be the most special times of all. I remind myself often that “elephants never forget” and neither will I. I keep my life and heart open to accept the gifts offered to us every day.

Wearing my wonderful clothes from Soul Flower keeps me in a positive, grounded state of mind and reminds me to live comfortably, naturally and with a conscience. These are the days that will stick with me forever. I choose to live with moxie and style and make the most of every day!

As the seasons are changing and the sun is warming the Earth, I encourage everyone to pause for a moment each day and appreciate the memories you are making. Share a moment with someone special – dance in the rain, splash in a puddle, take joy in the small moments in life and by all means, live like an elephant and Never Forget!

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3 Comments on An Elephant Never Forgets

  1. bts
    March 8, 2012 at 5:28 pm (12 years ago)

    where are these pictures taken?

  2. Jacqueline
    March 8, 2012 at 8:38 pm (12 years ago)

    California đŸ™‚

  3. Sanati
    March 27, 2012 at 10:55 pm (12 years ago)

    I Love this soulflower shirt almost as much as I Love Elephants! I just HAD to have it ;~) YAY for another “ele friend” out there! Elephants are very intelligent & special animals & they’re DISAPPEARING … Ivory is evil!


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