Good Vibes Photoshoot

Our latest good vibes photoshoot shows off our new men’s line, featuring Ben Spellman. It takes about 30 seconds with Ben to understand why his nickname is Good Vibes – he is all about living in the moment and loving life. If you are ever find yourself in Des Moines, be sure to try one of his yoga classes — you will leave with new friends, a smile on your face and goodness in your heart. We hope you love this preview of our new men’s items, coming in the next few months… and thanks Ben for bringing your good vibes to Soul Flower ~ Peace Buds!



Hey Buds! We had such a great time at our most recent photoshoot for our newest Spring 2017 pieces, we want to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse with you! Our latest looks will be releasing over the next 6 weeks, so check back on the site for all these organic, eco-friendly and Fair Trade imported pieces. We hope you love it!


Shark Bite Tank Tops: Design Inspiration

The tarot line. Blissful, Warrior, or Treehugger: which are you? Three sharkbite tanks, each with a different vibe. They’re not traditional tarot symbols, but if the imagery speaks to you, let it offer inspiration and guidance!

Nearly a year in the making, the design elements in this mini collection of screenprinted shark bite tank tops go way back. Like early-2000s-way-back.

This is a story of inspiration…


Behind the Design: Twisted Trunks

“You know how you scratch away at a lottery ticket to see if you’ve won? That’s what I’m doing when I begin a piece. I’m digging through everything to find something. […] Scratching can look like borrowing or appropriating, but it’s an essential part of creativity. It’s primal, and very private. It’s a way of saying to the gods, ‘Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just wander around in these back hallways…’ and then grabbing that piece of fire and running like hell.”  -Twyla Tharp (more…)

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