DSC9968 - Screen Printing: All. Day. Long.

Screen Printing: All. Day. Long.

You said you love seeing our designs from the start of the drawing to the final piece of art that you see on our clothes… but it’s been a few years since we’ve taken you behind the scenes  to our screen printing shop. We have two crazy-talented screen printers who work every day to get your favorite designs printed on our eco threads. And because they do it all by hand, each item is its own unique piece of art!


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definitions blog preview grid 760x500 - Hippie Definitions

Hippie Definitions

Hippie, Treehugger, Wanderlust, Earth Warrior, Free Spirit… what do these words mean to you? Sometimes unconventional words like these aren’t so easy to explain, yet when you read the definition you say, “Hey, that’s totally me!” So take a look at a few of these words that fit the distinctive and cool lifestyles of our customers. And let us know, which one are YOU?


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bohemian tent diy 7 760x500 - Bohemian Tent DIY - How to Make a Boho Tent

Bohemian Tent DIY – How to Make a Boho Tent

We recently had an in-house photoshoot where we made our very own Boho Tent (to add little extra texture and color to our model images). It was such a fun project, and a few of our buds have requested details on how we did it. So maybe you have an upcoming party where you want to create a cool chill space? Or just want your own backyard get away for the summer? Let us help you with this bohemian tent DIY – build your very own boho tent, indoor or outdoor!


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Meet Goldie Preview

Yogi Vibes: Photoshoot with @goldie_yogi part 2

We shared a few photos from our shoot with @goldie_yogi last month but have so many more to show you! You can read our initial post here. Then Read On with this post to get to know Goldie more and about her Soul Flower connection. (Did you know Goldie was the cover girl on one of our original Soul Flower catalogs? It is always great to see our old buds and share our fun memories!) Thanks again for lending us your positive vibes and awesome smile Goldie 🙂


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unisex clothing line soul flower 3 760x570 - These Clothes Don't Need a Gender...

These Clothes Don’t Need a Gender…

This recent photoshoot brought us to Schmidt Artist Lofts in St Paul where we chilled with Abby and Jordan. This cute couple shows off our latest unisex line for fall – some classic cuts in neutral colors with simple graphics. These pieces work great for guys and girls! The four cuts featured in this line all contain organic cotton and all are made in the USA. Check out Our Slouchy Beanies, Our Organic Super Soft Hoodies, Our Waffleweave Thermals and Our Organic Unisex Tees. These new comfy and cozy cuts show that clothes don’t need a gender – you can simply just wear what you love! Take a look at our unisex clothing line below – thanks again to Abby and Jordan for sharing their loft and vibe with us!


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goldie yoga 7 760x570 - Yogi Vibes: Photoshoot with @goldie_yogi part 1

Yogi Vibes: Photoshoot with @goldie_yogi part 1

A recent beautiful summer day in Minneapolis brought us to Minnehaha Falls for a Soul Flower Yoga Photoshoot. Sunshine, yogi vibes, and a little shenanigans made for a great time. A huge thanks to the forever awesome Goldie Harmon (@goldie_yogi), her acro yoga partner Jillian (@amaizaea), and Jillian’s little mini-me for lending us their smiles and acro-yoga moves. Take a look at these fun behind the scenes photos:


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behindscenesHippiesummer8 1 760x570 - Behind-the-Scenes: Sunnyside Gardens

Behind-the-Scenes: Sunnyside Gardens

Our recent Spring/Summer shoot took us and our model PK to Sunnyside Gardens in Minneapolis. This place has been around since 1935 – it’s the perfect combination of plants, planters, starters, gardening supplies and a grow-your-own attitude.Take a look at our behind the scenes photos and enjoy the vibe of this cool Minnesota tradition! A huge thanks to PK for bringing her beauty and energy to this photoshoot!


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SydneySF 2018 122 760x570 - Outtakes: Heart & Soul Style

Outtakes: Heart & Soul Style

Hey Buds, We had some interesting (and always fun) moments during our photoshoots for the release of our new Heart & Soul Collection. We always seem to capture a few of those behind-the-scene photo moments – like a visit from a cute puppy to a dancing to an unexpected song choice to a funny side joke! Hope you enjoy these behind the scenes shots as much as we enjoyed taking them ✌️❤️😌 ~Team Photo at Soul Flower


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DSC3371 2 - Photoshoot at Hymie's Records

Photoshoot at Hymie’s Records

10 Questions for Hymie’s Vintage Record Store

Laura (co-owner of Hymie’s) recently welcomed Soul Flower into Hymie’s Record Store, located off Lake Street in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Hymie’s was once described by Rolling Stone as “a classic, overstuffed mom-and-pop used-vinyl haven”  and we were so excited to to have it as a backdrop for our Heart & Soul Collection! We took the opportunity to ask Laura about herself, Hymie’s, and of course music.


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Blog 004 1 760x570 - Such a Winter's Day

Such a Winter’s Day

My daughter Siera and I did a mini photoshoot a few weeks ago at Greenwood Park and Salisbury House neighborhood in Des Moines. We had planned the shoot for the last week in 2017 but the subzero weather kept us inside for weeks. So on the first day that is popped above 10 degrees, we headed out for a walk in the park. I have to say, Siera was a trooper, considering how cold it was to be wearing tank tops and short sleeves! Enjoy the photos (our dog Ziggy makes a guest appearance) and more of these products will be on our website in the coming weeks!! ~Peggy


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IMG 5242 760x570 - Soul Flower Team: Meet Selene Part 2

Soul Flower Team: Meet Selene Part 2

We had so much fun with our first Selene photoshoot, we decided to do a second round featuring one of her favorite hobbies: Hula Hooping. And with one last bit of summer sun, we got outside for a little fall hooping at a nearby nature reserve. Read on to see some of the fun photos we captured on this beautiful early autumn day… Thanks Selene for lending us your hooping skills and beautiful smile.


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IMG 8766 760x570 - DIY Tie-Dye Party

DIY Tie-Dye Party

We have had a few customers ask us whether Soul Flower’s white organic cotton t-shirts and white organic cotton blended fabrics can be dyed. It seems like they could be, so just for fun, we decided to put it to the test – a perfect excuse for a DIY Tie-Dye Party! Our crew gathered for a Happy Hour/Tie Dye Party right in Soul Flower’s parking lot. Most of us hadn’t tie-dyed anything before, but that didn’t stop us from experimenting and trying something new! Here is a look at what can happen when you combine a creative bunch of folks with happy hour, some white clothing, and colorful, funky dyes…

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SeleneBlog11 - Soul Flower Team: Meet Selene

Soul Flower Team: Meet Selene

Soul Flower’s latest mini shoot features our very own Selene, rocking the outfit of the week and showing off a few of her flow skills. Selene is a part of our warehouse crew. She picks & packs orders, is our go-to for onsite sewing, and recently accepted the invite to do in-house modeling. Scroll on to read a quick Q & A with Selene and view more photos from our mini shoot!


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IMG 5055 760x570 - Good Vibes Photoshoot - Ben Spellman

Good Vibes Photoshoot – Ben Spellman

Our latest good vibes photoshoot shows off our new men’s line and features our favorite yoga instructor Ben Spellman. It takes about 30 seconds with Ben to understand why his nickname is Good Vibes – he is all about living in the moment and loving life. If you are ever find yourself in Des Moines, be sure to try one of his yoga classes — you will leave with new friends, a smile on your face and goodness in your heart. We hope you love this preview of our new men’s items, coming in the next few months… and thanks Ben for bringing your good vibes to Soul Flower ~ Peace Buds!


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