Which side of your personality shines the brightest?

Your butterfly side is the cheerful, outgoing, social you (social butterfly!) who flutters around during the day with a smile. It’s the side of you that you show to the world: your outermost beauty that others are drawn to and easily attracts praise.

model 1 - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

Your moth side is the peaceful, reserved, introspective you who is guided by something greater and doesn’t feel the need to show off. This side is more closely guarded: the strange, innermost soul that raises eyebrows and takes patience to get to know.

night moths 3 - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

The butterfly sees everyone as a friend.

The moth has a small circle of close kindred souls.

model 2 - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

Get to know a moth, and you’ll be dazzled by their magic.

They’re celestially guided by the moon. And they create their own cocoon from their own silk or materials found in their environment: leaves, hair, saw dust, plant matter, and even paper. Divinely guided and crafty? Moths are freakin’ badass!

night moths 1 - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

I drew these moths in an old repurposed day planner: the pages coated with white gesso for a whiter and textured base. I referenced photos of moths mostly for shape, but filled their wings with funky stylized patterns. I wasn’t going for realism, but simplicity and whimsy. At this stage, I photographed the moths to use for the t-shirt design.

night moths 4 - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

Normally I don’t take a t-shirt design this far: the outlines are enough to transfer to a screen. But these moths felt like they needed an environment to play in so I filled in each moth with Sharpie marker, and the night sky background with black watercolor. It’s a pretty art journal spread all on its own!

night moths 2 - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

Don’t stifle your introspective moth side! When you spend all day as a butterfly, it’s important to take time to recharge each night and get in touch with your guiding light. Let the moths inspire your journey <3

night moth outfit - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

artist at Soul Flower

ajax loader - Are you a Moth or a Butterfly?

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  1. Barbara Jurasko
    November 1, 2019 at 11:23 pm (8 months ago)

    I love what I just read on if we are a moth or butterfly. I appreciate and respect your web page. Do you have a newsletter I can sign up for? Thankyou


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