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Holiday Roundup Preview

Gifts for Free Spirits – Cool Boho Gifts

Whether for holiday, birthday, or just good vibes, we want to help you pick some special, unique items for those free spirits in your life. Are you are shopping for someone with true boho chic style? Looking for trends? Or looking for a cute treasure to add to your boho jewelry collection? Or just need some hippie vibes to help spread holiday cheer? Find our ultimate gift guide here: 10 awesomely amazing gifts for free spirits below and a few bonus tips to keep your hippy holidays festive, eco-friendly and full of (free) spirit!


Eco Baby Gifts Preview

Eco Baby Gifts – Organic Baby Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique, hand-crafted organic baby gift ideas? We create fun organic items for babys and with Mother Earth in mind. We make our baby clothing with sustainable and organic materials always, and the bulk of it right here in the USA. So whether you need a gift for that hippie mama who wants only the best organic products for her baby, or that eco-dad with sustainability and nature in mind, look no further. We have you, and your eco baby, covered!


gifts for a hippie mom 5 760x570 - Gifts for a Hippie Mom - Boho Chic Gifts

Gifts for a Hippie Mom – Boho Chic Gifts

We’ve put together a list of earth-loving gifts that any Boho Mama will love! We all know an earth-loving, treehugging, boho mom who needs a little extra love this season. So take a look at some of our best boho chic gifts to help put a smile on mom’s face and some hippie love in her heart <3 (more…)

convertible skirt 3 760x570 - Convertible Skirt: Our Multi-Wear Skirt

Convertible Skirt: Our Multi-Wear Skirt

This season, we are introducing our Multiwear Skirt, a convertible skirt that converts from a skirt to a dress to a top and features an optional foldover waist.There’s something amazing about a piece of clothing that is versitile enough you can wear it in more than one way. Plus, it is also made from super soft organic cotton and is Fair Trade Certified! Check out our convertible skirt in its many forms (burgundy, indigo, black, printed or blank)…. but hurry because it is going fast!


peace sign gifts peace gift ideas 3 760x570 - Peace Sign Gift - 10 Peace Symbol Gift Ideas

Peace Sign Gift – 10 Peace Symbol Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique, hand-crafted peace sign gifts for that peaceful soul in your life? Here at Soul Flower, we create funky organic items and eco-friendly clothing with a message of Peace and Love always! We use sustainable and organic materials in all of our products. We hope we can help you find the perfect peace sign gifts! In the words of Jimi Hendrix, “When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Keep spreading the peaceful vibes buds and take a look at some of our favorite Soul Flower products that feature a peace symbol or help spread a message of peace!


ethical holiday shopping 760x500 - Ethical Holiday Shopping

Ethical Holiday Shopping

Of all the retailers scrambling for your attention this holiday shopping season, who do you feel good about buying from? What if this year, you aligned your gift-buying with your values– by supporting socially responsible and sustainable brands (like ethical clothing brands) that have a mission beyond profit. By purchasing ethically made clothing like Soul Flower you are showing you care about the planet by spending your money in a way that matters!


preview bralettes - Which is the Best Bralette for Me?

Which is the Best Bralette for Me?

Our organic cotton bralettes are the best bralettes! Really, they are some of our bestsellers in the shop and they are so comfy. No underwires. No metal adjustments. Just simple organic cotton bra goodness! We have multiple styles and they’re all comfy and versatile – if you’re wondering what’s best bralette for you… read on.


Eco Baby Gifts Preview

Gifts for Tree Lovers – Tree Themed Gifts

Are you looking for unique, hand-crafted gifts for a tree lover in your life? Here at Soul Flower, we create funky organic items and eco-friendly clothing with Mother Earth in mind. We use sustainable and organic materials always. And we cater to tree-hugging earth lovers … so if you are searching the internet for a crunchy, organic baby gift for a that new natural mama… or looking to find a nature lover’s t-shirt for that relative who would just rather be camping… we’ve got you covered! We will help you find perfect eco-friendly gifts for tree lovers in your life. Take a look at our top tree themed gifts from Soul Flower and some of our other favorite sites.


Unique 1 760x500 - 5 Reasons to Shop Unique Eco Friendly Threads

5 Reasons to Shop Unique Eco Friendly Threads

One-of-a-Kind threads for the One-of-a-Kind you!

Hey Buds! In our shop, we carry a variety of eco-friendly, organic, and fair trade clothing items and accessories. And you’ll notice that some of these items are marked “Each One Unique”. This means that every individual product is different from the next. Cool, right?! Here are FIVE insane reasons why owning our unique threads are not only awesome but even more eco than you might think!!


SOL833alt3 818x1000 760x570 - Gifts for Elephant Lovers - 12 Elephant Lovers Gifts

Gifts for Elephant Lovers – 12 Elephant Lovers Gifts

Elephants are a symbol of great strength, gentleness and knowledge. They are among the most intelligent of creatures on our planet! Here at Soul Flower, we often look at elephants as a source of inspiration in our designs, our artwork and for the gifts we carry in our online shop. The elephant theme runs throughout our elephant clothing collection and jewelry line. Take a look at some clothing and gifts for elephant lovers – and that will remind elephant lovers everywhere to stay STRONG and KIND always.

mandala 760x570 - Best Yoga Headbands - Hot Yoga Headbands

Best Yoga Headbands – Hot Yoga Headbands

Looking for the Best Yoga Headbands? Yes Please! Our Bud Reanna (from Live Laugh Blog) recently told us how much she loves our boho headbands – especially for her hot yoga practice. These boho yoga headbands are eco-friendly, very versatile and available in a plethora of colors and designs. We are constantly making new yoga-inspired designs (like our newest Chakra Headband Collection!), so you have lots to choose from. Read on to hear a few things Reanna loves about using our headbands in her hot yoga practice, and why she thinks these are the best yoga headbands out there! (more…)

tarot collection 2 760x570 - Shark Bite Tank Tops: Design Inspiration

Shark Bite Tank Tops: Design Inspiration

The tarot line. Blissful, Warrior, or Treehugger: which are you? Three sharkbite tanks, each with a different vibe. They’re not traditional tarot symbols, but if the imagery speaks to you, let it offer inspiration and guidance!

Nearly a year in the making, the design elements in this mini collection of screenprinted shark bite tank tops go way back. Like early-2000s-way-back.

This is a story of inspiration…


DSC1149 640x430 - I Need a Miracle

I Need a Miracle

Holidays are for spreading cheer and good vibes…which is why we’ve decided to randomly gift a few of our buds with a free order! Read on to find out how to enter…


Cabin Models 0039 1 640x430 - Merkaba Shirt - Sacred Geometry Shirts - Behind the Design

Merkaba Shirt – Sacred Geometry Shirts – Behind the Design

The mysterious Merkaba! I was immediately drawn to this symbol when I first saw it. It reminded me of Egypt, the pyramids and Ancient Aliens (I admit it, I love that show). After doing some research, I realized I wasn’t so far off base. Researching the merkaba inspired me to create the merkaba shirt, one of our cool sacred geometry t-shirts at Soul Flower! (more…)

ryan 3 640x430 - Behind the Design: Twisted Trunks

Behind the Design: Twisted Trunks

“You know how you scratch away at a lottery ticket to see if you’ve won? That’s what I’m doing when I begin a piece. I’m digging through everything to find something. […] Scratching can look like borrowing or appropriating, but it’s an essential part of creativity. It’s primal, and very private. It’s a way of saying to the gods, ‘Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just wander around in these back hallways…’ and then grabbing that piece of fire and running like hell.”  -Twyla Tharp (more…)

IMG 4419 640x430 - Behind the Scenes: Siera + Sophia Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Siera + Sophia Photoshoot

There’s a common Shakespeare quote that goes, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” Best friends, Siera (Soul Flower owners Mike & Peggy’s daughter) and Sophia, who were recently in for a photoshoot, are truly the embodiment of that sentiment. Scroll through these photos to get a feel for their friendship and some sneak peeks at some not-yet-released threads! (more…)

hollie1 640x430 - Expression from the Inside Out

Expression from the Inside Out

After six years of searching for the perfect design, I finally got my fifth tattoo.
When I decided I wanted another one, I knew I wanted something beautiful, elegant, unique and fun… like me, right? Hee hee!! I’ve always loved the mehndi designs used for henna tattooing but I’ve never wanted to get henna because I feel it’s too beautiful to be temporary.


patches 640x430 - Inspiration for Soul Flower Patches T-Shirt

Inspiration for Soul Flower Patches T-Shirt

It’s the circle of life for old t-shirts to be discontinued and new designs to be released. If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of our Soul Flower tees stick around a long time. It’s because you guys love ’em! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?! We retire old designs almost every season to make room for the new ones. But that doesn’t mean they’re retired forever! Once in awhile, we’ll bring back an old design or remix it somehow. The vibes in some of those classics will never die. (more…)

soil 1 640x430 - Soul Flower Introduces New Dirt Dye!

Soul Flower Introduces New Dirt Dye!

While we already use low-impact dyes on all our screen printed garments (meaning they are free from heavy metals and chemical mordants and use less energy/water), we wanted to find an even more environmentally friendly printing process. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to dirt dye!  (more…)

flowergirl 2 640x430 - Behind the Design: Free Spirit

Behind the Design: Free Spirit

Ever wondered where our cool screen printed designs come from? Well, it’s probably one of two people! Ryan and Leiah are two artists who take inspiration from the world around them, weave that into a mental design, move it to the drawing board, and then it gets printed! Below is an interview with one of our designers, Ryan, about his Free Spirit design(more…)

goldie curtis bts 640x430 - Ethics & Yoga Clothes

Ethics & Yoga Clothes

Yogic beliefs are a big part of how we operate. We believe in showing kindness and compassion to people who work in manufacturing clothing. That’s why these items are made in the USA in small batches, hand-cut, sewn, dyed, and manufactured all here! (more…)

RPC4 640x430 - Plastic in my clothes?!

Plastic in my clothes?!

You might be imagining your own plastic version of the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz right now. We get it. It seems weird to literally be wearing recyclables, but have no fear! Textile mills have come a long ways since the days of Dorothy and the yellow brick road! (more…)

IMG 6298 e1423251897899 640x430 - Ben Good Vibes Yoga

Ben Good Vibes Yoga

Here are a few shots we recently took with Ben GoodVibes, yoga instructor extraordinaire – and a perfect Soul Flower spirit. Ben is one of those souls whose positivity and peacefulness is always showing. We got these great shots from photographer, Jeff Corcoran. Here are some of our favorites- enjoy! (All clothing is available at Soul-Flower.com.) (more…)

SOL594alt3 e1423258455948 640x430 - Elephant Be Strong Yoga Set

Elephant Be Strong Yoga Set

Hey Buds, We released an awesome new be strong elephant set last week modeled here by our bud Goldie. It is a 50% organic cotton, 50% Recycled Plastic blend. Yep, using plastic water bottles! And 100% made right here in the USA. Take a look buds, we hope you love the energy of it – it helps remind us to always be strong.

Note: even tho we no longer carry this elephant set, you can find some pretty amazing elephant clothing and accessories on our website. We suggest starting with this blog post: Gifts for Elephant Lovers everywhere!

fake gauge 520x430 - Fake Gauge Earrings - You'd Never Guess

Fake Gauge Earrings – You’d Never Guess

If you’ve always liked the gauged earring look, but never cared to go so far as to actually gauge your ears, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a way to achieve the gauged look as long as you have normally pierced ears, because Soul Flower has a funky-fun selection of fake gauge earrings to choose from. (more…)

Elephant Charms: Love & Protect

ganesha symbolism2 - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
The attributes of Ganesh

Elephants are a symbol of great strength, gentleness and knowledge. Due to their majestic beauty and symbolic meaning, they make wonderful gifts. So, if you have a friend or family member who absolutely adores elephants as much as we do, you’ve hit up the right place. 
Here are some of our faves:

Elephants by soulflower featuring an elephant charm
ganesh+tapestry - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect

Ganesh Tapestry
shiva+tapestry+dress - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
Shiva Tapestry Dress

This maxi length tapestry dress has a subtle elephant print  that is extremely lovely and eye-catching in combination with the floral vines and calming colors. 

tusk+earrings - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
Tusk Earrings 

Hand carved from salvaged and recycled wood, these Tusk Earrings are faux gauges for normal, pierced ears. They allow you to get that rad tribal look without the commitment of gauging your ears. SAweet!

stampede+elephant+purse - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
Stampede Purse
blue+elephant+tapestry - Elephant Charms: Love & Protect
Arabian Nights Tapestry

And this isn’t even all of the elephants Soul Flower has to offer – we have even more hanging out in the warehouse taking up all kinds of space! 😉 lol

Utopia Tapestry Pants

Vacationing in a tropical purple paradise, that’s what these pants do for me! The ornate design of the Be Striped Tree Tapestry has been a soul-flower favorite for quite some time and if you love the look of the tapestry like I do, you’ll love these pants, too! How smart are they, aye? I mean, when something is a SF  favorite, why not make it available in another form? Ok, pants please! Walla! So, when I get the urge for a getaway, I throw these purple tapestry pants on and utopia awaits me!

utopia+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
Purples aplenty! 🙂

It’s easy to see that these pants will trip the purple lovers radar!! My undying love for the color had me practically salivating over these pretty purple pantalones!!

purple+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
Utopia Tapestry Pants

Even the lovely Jacqui from Soul-Flowers noted on my invoice, “More purple for you, Woo!”  Yes, it’s a fact, where there is purple clothing to be discovered…there I’ll be!   And I do believe that these purple puppies are pajama pants in disguise! Yes they are tapestry but they don’t fail at being completely cozy and fun to wear. It’s also kinda neat that they are fun yet dressy enough for work. I find by slipping into this utopia a day at a job can magically be transformed into a fantasy land of purple play for the day!

bohemian+tapestry+pants - Utopia Tapestry Pants
These pants have the same print as the five star favorite Be Striped Tree Tapestry!

The only dilemma I had when choosing these purple pretties was size. I wanted to make sure I got enough length. Sometimes worldly clothing runs a lil’ funky so I decided on the medium for my 5’5” frame. They are great! Not too short, too long, too tight, or too baggy. The elastic tie waist is nice and stretchy; the overall cut is beautiful and flattering with a slight flare at the bottom of the leg. I hand wash most things that are ornate or delicate which is recommended on the tag for these anyway. They have a great weight and are nicely lined, too. Can’t forget these are fair trade and made in Nepal, giving me a warm fuzzy feeling about my totally cool purpley pants!! A great addition to my plethora of purple!!

Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

So I’m sure all you Soul Flower lovers have been hearing all about National Volunteer Week, and Soul Flowers Kindness Matters Giveaway. If you haven’t shared your story, be sure to do so before the 31st! I have loved reading about the other volunteer experiences, it’s nice to be reminded that in a sometimes “every-man-for himself” world, in a day of crisis and hard times, people are still willing to step outside of their everyday life and do something good. Even though it isn’t required, it might not directly benefit us, and sometimes it isn’t asked for or even appreciated, regardless people find the need to serve, and help, and make the world a better place when they really don’t have to. It is inspiring.

friendship+bracelts - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
bff+bracelets - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

Well, I heard about the giveaway, and I didn’t have any volunteer ideas in mind. I used to help out at a retirement/ rehabilitation center, which was so much fun, but having a little baby, and not feeling so great, I needed to think of something that would work for now. The beautiful thing about volunteering is there are so many options, there are millions of ways you can help, if you search around a bit, you really can find a opportunity that you will enjoy and that will really use your talents to help others. I find everything happens for a reason, and while I was at church Sunday a friend mentioned that her and her sister were collecting friendship bracelets for orphans in Haiti.

creating+bracelts+for+charity - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
kindness+matters+tee - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
My Kindness Matters Organic T-Shirt and some friendship bracelets I made 🙂

This was a perfect opportunity for me, something I had the stuff for, something I could do, and although its something little, the fact that a bright colored bracelet could mean so much to a little kid who has hardly anything in terms of family, food, and circumstances, means alot to me. It was something I was excited to do.

night+nomad+and+friendship+bracelets - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
night+nomad+purse+with+bracelets - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

These kids have nothing, one pair of clothes, only one meal a day (no snacks) and just really hard circumstances (over the weekend they even ran out of formula for the babies, so just had to feed them water,) Some of these kids are orphans because their parents abandoned them, couldn’t afford them, died or are missing. The last visit they didn’t have enough bracelets for everyone, the ones who got them just thought they were the coolest things, the ones that didn’t get one were pretty sad. Their goal is to make 250 bracelets so everyone can have one.

kindness+matters+tee+and+night+nomad+purse - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
Soul Flower’s Kindness Matters Tee 

I have already made 30, and am trying to get as many done this week as I can, my goal is at least 50, hopefully 100, that way I will be sure everyone gets ones, and gets to choose the one they want. I mentioned this to my family, and Sunday we are having a family dinner, where my brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends said they would also pitch in and make some to send. Although this is something very minimal in terms of making a difference in the world, I most likely only spent $8.00 on supplies, and they are after all just bracelets, I think it is the little things that count, that matter, the effort, the gesture, the fact that you did it, even when you could have said no.

kindness+matters+tee+from+soul+flower - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
back+of+tee - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti
I like pairing this top with Soul Flower’s Night Nomad Hemp Satchel 🙂

When I first saw the Kindness Matters Organic Tee, I instantly loved it, The color and style are perfect, but the saying really stuck with me. I could use a reminder. I think at times I can be a little shut-off, I am warm and loving and .kind to my friends and family, but maybe I stop it there. Do I build up a hard shell around strangers, if someone doesn’t mean anything to me, or I feel like I wont see them again, so I even acknowledge them? Do I not smile, when I should? Are strangers to me just props and scenery when really they could be so much more, complex, beautiful, struggling  eating breathing human beings like everyone else? I think we forget that, I know I do. The other day I was moving some things, and one of my bags broke, this kind stranger quickly jumped up to help me, asking if I needed help to my car. She helped me carry all my bags, and wished me a happy day. Her smile and positive attitude just made my day. Why am I holding back, when I can make someone feel how she made me feel, why not?

be+kind - Kindness Matters : Friendship Bracelets for Haiti

Hopefully you all got a chance to have a wonderful experience, but if not, remember, the little things matter too, smile at someone, try not to honk at the driver who cuts you off, surprise someone with a note or cookies, be kind. Kindness does matter.

Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great

Currently Soul Flower has a selection of skirt-dresses that are absolute awesomesauce! (because you can rock these threads as a strapless dress or as a skirt). Skirt-dresses are especially great for traveling because you can get more than one fun look without having to pack so dang much.

Plus the versatility of the piece makes you far more likely to wear it a whole bunch. For instance, you can wear it as a fancy strapless dress to a wedding, and the next day, when you want to go sight seeing, you can wear it as a skirt and pair it with a comfy tank tank top, like the Mehndi Hands here. Boom. Two outfits and one lightly packed suitcase.
jezebel+skirt+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Jezebel Hemp Skirt-Dress
zaria+skirt+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Zaria Strapless Dress-Skirt
Skirt-dresses are also ideal beach cover-ups as you can wear it as a skirt with your swim suit or pull it up as a dress for more coverage. I personally have always loved wearing strapless dresses while on vacation, since it helps avoid unwanted tan lines. 

mystified+skirt+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Mystified Hi-Lo Dress
Skirt-dresses also make a great gift when you’re unsure if your friend would prefer a dress or a skirt – either way you win- it’s brilliant! 😉

tiedye+skirt+and+dress - Why Skirt-Dresses Are So Great
Good Vibes Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt
Which skirt dress is your favorite? Which way do you think you would wear it most: as a skirt or as a dress?

❤ JacQ

My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip

Mint. Mint would have to be one of my favorite colors, especially in summer. Something about it is so fresh, so girly and so vintage. I see mint, I instantly think of mint porcelain tea cups, tiny key lime bars, and cucumber sandwiches. This dress reminds me of the 1960s, picnics, and Sundays. I love the color, I love that this Swirls Skater Dress can be worn as a maternity dress (I am 7 months along) because of the flowing knit material. I also love the fun little swirls pattern and that the dress is made of earth-kind organic cotton in the USA. Usually I would pair this minty color with more pastels, which is pretty, but being inspired by flea markets and thrift shops, I decided to be a little random, mixing oranges, reds, and prints into this more retro look.

mint+swirl+organic+skater+dress - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
The mint Swirls Skater dress even has a hand-drawn design!
mint+swirl+dress+on+the+go - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
swirl+dress+design - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
 I also carried my fave Mushrooms Messenger Bag which I reviewed recently! 🙂
Spring has just arrived, I have been cooped up in the house getting ready for my new baby, It was a perfect day to get outside and go for a walk. There is this tiny little antique shop a few blocks away, I decided to take the afternoon and browse. This particular shop always lines out a bunch of its items outside in the summer, luring all sorts of people in. I love the mix of colors, mix of old and new, the worn and chipped and faded. Everything is one of a kind. I always stop to look at their collection of colored glasses, wooden duck decoys, and stained glass windows.

organic+mint+dress+thrifting - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
organic+dress+gone+thrifting - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Tripthrifting+in+favorite+dress - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip
thrifting+in+an+organic+soul+flower+dress - My Mint Swirl Skater Dress & A Thrift Trip

Modern times have turned to a throw-away society. We buy, we make, then we throw away, and buy some more. There is so much treasure out there, so many ways to reuse, re-purpose or go organic. Maybe this month, choose local, choose organic, or find something old and make it new. Because history, experience, and a little bit of rust, can be beautiful.

Latter Day Style

Works Great as a Diaper Bag

So I am nesting. I just hit my 30 week mark, 7 months, and only a few more weeks until I have my second little girl. Being my second baby I feel like I am a little more prepared, when it comes to knowing what I always should carry. I saw the Mushrooms Messenger Bag, and I instantly thought about how perfect it would be for a diaper bag. I love the saddle bag style, I love the neutral tan color that will literally match every outfit (plus my husband will be able to carry it around without feeling a little girly), and I also love the bit of fantasy the hand-drawn mushroom illustrations add to it.

zoommushroom - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
Close-up of the hand-drawn mushroom design
mushrooms - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
It has adjustable straps
handdrawnmushroomdesignbag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
And is the perfect size for carrying the essentials

The second It got here, I immediately wanted to test it out, make sure it could easily hold all I needed. I packed in the diapers, wipes, a blanket, a change of clothes, toys, the works. And surprisingly it all fit perfectly. Even though the bag doesn’t look big, it will certainly hold the essentials (whether or not you are using it as a diaper bag, school bag, or a purse). The magnetic snap ensures nothing will fall out while I go about my day. And since it’s made of cotton canvas (50% organic cotton), it’s really durable with a sturdy padded strap.

mushroombabybag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
hipdiaperbag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag
bohobabybags - Works Great as a Diaper Bag


I am so ready for the summer, I am so ready for this new baby, and I cannot wait to tote along my mushroom saddle bag in the process. It’s just a really great bag!

myfavoritebabybag - Works Great as a Diaper Bag

Latter Day Style

Tapestries You Can Wear!


tapestry+fashion - Tapestries You Can Wear!
This Spring Soul Flower has quite a few pieces that were inspired by and created from tapestries. And we are in L.O.V.E! Tapestries have some of the most amazing prints out there, and to see them transform into a wearable work of art is pretty amazing!
shiva+tapestry+maxi+dress - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Shiva Tapestry Dress
tapestry+dress - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Has a beautiful elephant print!
Utopia Tapestry Pants
boho+tapestry+pants - Tapestries You Can Wear!
BSD013 lg - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Or you could just go with the Be Striped Tree Tapestry to decorate your home! 🙂
rani+tapestry+harem+pants - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Rani Harem Pants
elephant+harem+pants - Tapestries You Can Wear!
Great vine & elephant print!

Which tapestry outfit would you like to rock the most?  🙂

❤ JacQ

Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dress

It’s that time of year again…

Soul-Flower has put up lots of new amazing dresses for spring and summer, and I’m sure there will be many more to come! They sent me the beautiful Mystified Hi-Lo Dress. It’s tribal pattern and eye-catching yet subtle colors make a statement. It’s also fully lined, which is unexpected and awesome!

stevie+nicks+style - Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dress
The Mystified Hi-Lo Skirt-Dress all layered up Stevie Nicks style!

However, there’s one dilemma; where I live, as well as a lot of other parts of the country, it’s still chilly outside! BUT don’t panic…there is a way to get some use out of those awesome strapless and sleeveless dresses before the temperature goes up.

There are 3 things every girl should have in her wardrobe to assure that she will get lots of use out of her clothes all year round:

2) Shrugs/Boleros
3) Great boots
IMG 0389+(2) - Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dressstyle+strapless+dress - Warm Ways to Style a Strapless Dress

I like to have each of those things in brown and black; that way, I will be able to wear any sleeveless dress at any time of the year I want! I suggest buying soul-flower’s leggings because they are made with organic cotton. Other good things to have are cardigans, scarves, and arm/leg warmers. They can turn any summer dress into a fall, winter, or early spring outfit. And there you have it. Simple ways to get the most bang for your buck with soul-flower’s cool threads!

And here’s a happy song to warm your soul – Hope you like it! 🙂

Aiko Boxy Top

Hey out there, buds! Just stopping in the say hi and tell you about my latest SF threads! I received the Aiko Recycled Boxy Top and believe it or not I was actually a little apprehensive when taking it out of the package. Its rectangular, box-like shape had me wondering if I could pull off the style. I haven’t bought anything like it yet, (although I have seen this style a lot, and how cute it looks on others). I gotta admit trying it on made a big difference! It is wonderful and fun to wear as you can see! 🙂 Slip it over your head and it flows and lays in all kinds of neat and funky ways.

boxytopcollage - Aiko Boxy Top
With a fun boxy fit & hand-drawn design this is my new fav!

The Aiko, a Soul Flower Original, is one size fits all and made here in the USA with low impact dyes! It’s easy, soft and relaxed to wear due to its ingredients: 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic! 🙂 Like your favorite night shirt it’s soft on da skin and feels about like you’re not wearing anything. No confinement here and I dig the way it drapes the body! Great color too – a slightly faded/heather royal blue hue. Cool fitted ¾ style sleeve so you can push them up a bit or leave them just below the elbows. This top has been fun to wear during this last bit of winter lounging. From yoga to watching a great movie, to baking! Free flowing, light, airy and perfect for anywhere you want to move about with ease, like today when I’m home making something yummy – a peanut butter, marshmallow and cereal treat! If you don’t have this easy one already, here you go!

SFAIKO04+(2) - Aiko Boxy Top


PB & Mallows Cereal Recipe:
3Tbs. butter or substitute
½ cup organic creamy peanut butter or substitute
5 cups of non sweetened cereal – toasted oats are my fav for this!
6 cups marshmallows
Pan 13×9
Large mixing bowl and spatula

Melt butter in bowl, add marshmallows and toss to coat. Microwave 1:30, stir until smooth then add peanut butter. Immediately stir in cereal until coated. Press mixture into greased pan or waxed paper using greased hands or spatula. Let cool!

sfAIKO5+(2) - Aiko Boxy Top
sfAIKO6 - Aiko Boxy Top
sfAIKO7 - Aiko Boxy Top
sfAIKO08+(2) - Aiko Boxy Top

And while my treat is cooling, I’m dreaming about the weather warming! When it does I’ll be throwing a tank on under the Aiko, slipping it off to one shoulder and rockin’ out with some 80’s sunglasses, skinny jeans & high heels! The eco-friendly Aiko is one versatile vixen!

Have a sweet day, buds! Woo

Organic Baby Clothing & Sets

baby playtime sets - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets

As if babies weren’t cute enough already, Soul Flower has created a new line of organic baby clothing that is super adorbs on the little ones!

IMG 7820 - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets
Believe Baby Bodysuit with Believe Knot Hat

SOL378alt2 lg - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets
Born to Shine Playtime Set with Knot Hat
IMG 7889 - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets
Start Small Playtime Set
Playtime Sets include one made in the USA organic baby lap tee and a matching pair of organic baby pants. Available in infant sizes 6-24 months. 
These sets make the perfect BABY SHOWER GIFT and come in a cute lil bundle tied with hemp string.
IMG 2986 - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets
Makes for the most precious mail ever!
You can also play mix & match by buying a Baby Bodysuit, Lolli Tie-Dye Pants and a Baby Knot Hat of your choice to achieve the rockin’ baby look below.
IMG 8008 - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets
Not Too Young For Peace Baby Bodysuit 
It winds up being a super funky-fun outfit for your lil bud! 
IMG 7991 - Organic Baby Clothing & Sets
Old Soul Baby Knot Hat, Lolli Girl Tie-Dye Pants

To view more hand-drawn Soul Flower design options for eco-friendly Baby Bodysuits, Playtime Sets & More CLICK HERE! 🙂

 ❤ JacQ

The Best BFF Bracelets

My best friend’s name is Audrey Louise, my name is Hannah Louise; this was our first bonding experience. We have been best friends for five years, and she is a beautiful light in my life. Since she is so special, I wanted to get her something really special. I had gotten her a few cool things, but nothing that meant anything to our relationship. I wanted it to be something from my heart, that she could look at daily and think about us. That’s what I found in these beautifully handmade Funky Friendship Bracelets. She LOVED hers!

best+friends+forever - The Best BFF Bracelets
funky+friendship+bracelets - The Best BFF Bracelets
Besties for LIFE!

Each of the bracelets were colored right to our personalities; vibrant and beautiful! We couldn’t get enough of holding each others hands to put them together. They are comfortable to wear and we each wear ours every day; it bonds us together and reminds us that we each have a best friend that is there for the other one no matter what. Even though we may live far apart now, I know that she still has my back; and I can feel her constant love, even hundreds of miles away.

love+my+best+friend - The Best BFF Bracelets

If I am ever feeling lonely, or like I have no where to turn; I just hold up my wrist and realize that I have a best friend, forever. I will never be alone, I will always have someplace to turn. She is a part of my family, and I love her like no other. Miles can’t destroy what we have, and our bracelets are there as a reminder if we are ever in doubt.

best+friend+bracelet - The Best BFF Bracelets
wide+friendship+bracelet - The Best BFF Bracelets
Funky friends forever!

Even though we are miles apart, these BFF Bracelets will always connect our hearts  I love you Audrey Louise.

Peace & Happiness Buds,
Give your BFF a good squeeze; whenever you get the opportunity.
xo, Hannah Louise

Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

Soul Flower knows their tie dye! Who can resist bright, bold colors like pink and green? Add in the earthy brown and you’ve got yourself one fun piece of clothing that gives off good vibes. I picked out this skirt because I needed to brighten up my winter!

tiedye+skirt+dress - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress
It can also be worn as a dress! 🙂
watermelon+tiedye - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

If you’ve got the winter blues, prepare to have them chased away. I wore this in the snow and I was still comfy. This organic tie-dye skirt is long enough to keep your legs warm this season and will transition well into the summer. The large band at the waist even makes it possible to pull up and turn into a dress! You will be wearing this one all year long. It’s great whether you want to lounge around or go out and have some fun.

IMG 0086 - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

This skirt is a Soul Flower original, and as you know, soul-flower is awesome about supporting a healthy environment. This skirt was made with organic cotton and low-impact dyes, and it’s Fair Trade!

My Slightly Stoopid – Officer cover! 🙂
soul+snow - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress
IMG 0097 - Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress
Thank you for this amazing skirt, soul-flower!

Peace & Love,

8 Days a Week : Almost Spring Lookbook

Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady

Because I am always altering old t-shirts, and sewing knits, I have been wanting a serger for some time. So after saving, and after some Christmas money, I got an early present. I must say I have been sewing on it daily, and feel a bit like that tiny dancer girl, you know “seamstress for the band”? I figured a day of sewing and embroidery would be a perfect occasion to wear the L.A. Lady Blue Jean Shirt. It is relaxed, comfy, made in the USA, and I love the lyrical reference, love the song, and just love the clever blue jean button up.

blue+jean+shirt - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
Love dressing up this blue jean button up

blue+jean+top) - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
Dig the tie-dyed jean

I have been thinking in strings of  lights lately, my thoughts scrambled in between colorful lights. I want to cover everything in glitter, and cover every inch of my house in lights. I have been working on embellishing this grey t-shirt I have, with rows and rows of colorful thread, it reminds me of colorful rays of light.

how+to+style+blue+jean+shirt - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
stylish+blue+jean - Blue Jean Baby, L.A. Lady
Looks great layered or on its own

The other week my husband tells me he has a surprise, and to get my coat. I figure we are just looking at something outside, but we proceed to get in the car, drive a while, and we pull up to a house covered, I mean COVERED in lights, it was beautiful I don’t think I have ever seen anything so colorful! He changes the station, and the lights are perfectly orchestrated to the music, blinking in and out with the song, changing colors, and pulsing out the rhythm and bringing each song to life. It was so inspiring, made me want to go home and create, be inspired, and finish up my rainbow tee so I could wear it with my jean top, as they would be perfect together.

Hope everyone had a colorful & bright holiday season & a happy new year!


Tiny Dancer

 Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand
Jesus freaks out in the street
Handing tickets out for God
Turning back she just laughs
The boulevard is not that bad
Piano man he makes his stand
In the auditorium
Looking on she sings the songs
The words she knows, the tune she hums
But oh how it feels so real
Lying here with no one near
Only you, and you can hear me
When I say softly, slowly
Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today
Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand
And now she’s in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand
But oh how it feels so real
Lying here with no one near
Only you, and you can hear me
When I say softly, slowly
– Elton John

Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review

I’ve always had scarves made out of wool or other heavy fabrics, so when I wear them, I immediately take them off when I get to my destination. Not with this scarf! I find the cotton so soft and cozy that it’s great to wear inside as well as outside. I even find myself planning my outfits around the scarf so that I can showcase the art everywhere I go.

organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
totem+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
soul+flower+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
The Triple Totem Organic Scarf kept me warm & peaceful 

I was a little skeptical about it’s ability to keep me warm, however, so I decided to go for a hike on a cold, windy day and see how well it did. Well, it was a little colder and windier than I had anticipated, and I found myself up on the mountaintop without enough layers, so I really got to put this scarf to the test! I was really glad that I had the scarf with me because it was the saving grace that kept me warm that day. I wrapped it around my arms sometimes as well as wearing it traditionally around my neck. I am no longer skeptical about its warming abilities!

organic+scarf lg - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review
Triple Totem Organic Scarf
totem+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review

This made-in-the-USA scarf is not only amazingly soft and cozy; it’s a beautiful Soulflower original piece of art as well. The material is 100% organic cotton and low impact dyed to a beautiful red wine color. The artwork on the scarf is amazing and thought provoking, as is the usual with Soulflower. It brings in elements of art from different cultures such as Indian and Native American to give it a worldly feel and message. The scarf begs to be worn to art and wine parties, to yoga class, on a mountaintop for meditation, and really anywhere you feel like wearing it; because it’s not only beautiful, it’s functional and durable.


Hemp Gifts – Unique Hemp Gift Ideas

Are you looking for unique hemp gift ideas? Here are Soul Flower, our selection of hemp clothing and hemp gifts is always growing. We love hemp – and the many benefits of purchasing hemp clothing are beyond what we could repost here. But let us just say this: hemp is the wonder plant that could change our world! Share some hemp gifts with your friends and spread the good vibes this plant has to offer in its many forms. Check out our top hemp gift ideas:


Clothing that Represents Change

This Organic Robin Hoody Tunic is more than just a comfortable tunic in a beautiful color. This piece of clothing represents change, and a step in the right direction taken by people who not only have a desire to make the planet better, but who take initiative and make it happen!

ERC007alt1 lg - Clothing that Represents Change

Buds, I’m grateful to have a store like soul-flower.com to provide me with wonderful brands like Earth Creations. This company makes their clothing with sustainable fabrics, such as organic hemp and cotton. Feel better and healthier knowing that your garment is free of any pesticides that could harm you or mother earth’s water sources. When it comes to dyes, no worries here; natural dyes (like clay) and low impact dyes are used instead of the usual toxic dyes and contaminating salt found in “conventional” clothing.
And another bonus is that this company supports made in the USA.

Jammin’ out to Scarlet Begonias – Sublime & Grateful Dead Cover in my Organic Robin Hoody Tunic!

This hemp tunic in particular is lovely. In addition to being guilt free it is so cute and comfortable. It has pockets, a hood, and long sleeves to keep you warm on those cold days (and at the same time, you don’t get overbearingly hot!). The cool buttons and details make it a stylish piece. Go for this tunic and support two awesome companies while looking great!

ERC007alt3 lg - Clothing that Represents Change

Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter

Searching for an epicly amazing skirt has been quite a challenge! I am a bit of a weirdo when it comes to skirting me. I believe it stems from having no hips – none, nada, negative, zilch, zero and my opinion that clothing, especially skirts and dresses, lay nicer and flow better as they meet those cute curves a long the way.

ruffleskirtSF - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt! MWAH!

Now, I accept me for who I am hips or no hips but since I’m on the subject, (and having fun), along with this hiplessness tragedy, there’s another… resembling a bell. I like bells, on buildings, churches, when it was recess in grade school, or when it’s time to eat but not so much on my body. Ya see, negative hips combined with a bell flare seems to spell double trouble – Bellness to the maximus. Oh dear.

rufflerskirtSF3s - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
<3 Beautiful color combo of purple, brown, and gray <3

So, hunting for that perfect skirt has been a journey, a journey that ended with Soul-Flowers most amazing fitting duds. I was hopeful when the new fall catalog came out and with much anticipation I perused the pages and saw something that delighted my eyes! The most epicly wonderful skirt ever, the new Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt!

So, I got one! WARM & COMFORTABLE! The only way to have winter clothing PLUS I just feel happier when I’m comfy! And, oh! The color! The fuzzy ruffle skirt has a cool color combo – purple, brown, gray and black too! It’s beyond soft and has a neat heathery, cozy cool fabric and freakin swirls!!!! How in the world? Swirls built right in! That’s just wickedly wonderful for superb movement, dimension and twirl! 🙂 I like my fuzzy skirt best with boots of any kind – dressy, riding or rugged. It’s super easy to dress this skirt up or down due to the style and fabric. I am crazy about it because it’s even better then wearing my pajama pants! It’s not every day I can find something that can compare to pj comfort and a skirt of all things?! Pretty stellar!

RUFFLESKIRTSF6sm+(2) - Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt Perfect for Winter
This skirt is SO soft and SWIRLY!

 I’m glad I’ve finally found it! A great skirt with a great fit for all bodies. YAY!

Happy skirt wearing!

The Dude’s Wishlist

Joe's Wishlist - The Dude's Wishlist

Buying for guys can be tricky. It’s a rare day when they tell you what they would like for the holidays, moreover give you a list of options. But it has happened! My office bud, Joe, has handed over his wishlist!

Joe’s a true Soul Flower dude, he likes to camp and hike with the best of them, so if you know a treehuggin’ man, chances are his list won’t be too different.

Joe’s holiday wishlist includes:

Damn Nice Denim Shirt (Code: DFC003) Everyone needs a shirt to dress up a little. So why not a responsibly made one with some Fender flair?!

– A gift from Heifer.org. W/o food & shelter for people it makes getting on w/ life way too hard. This gift helps supply goods that matter and will last!

Positively Hemp Cargo Pants (Code: SOL072) Already my favorite, and I wear them all the time. So good. I’ll always come back to these pants and want more (especially if too much holiday eating occurs and I need a bigger waist size)! 😉

Treehugger Zip-Up Eco Hoody (SOL074) Super soft & comfy with a positive, thought provoking message on the back. Best of both worlds!

Plaid IS the New Plaid Organic Shirt (PRA003)  b/c plaid is rad, and I liked it when I tried it on more than I thought I would. 

Solar Backpack  b/c then you can hit the road, trail, bike trip, hike, etc. and still have tunes and a way to use a phone in case of emergencies.

Kiva.org Card  Already a member (after my dad and I gave them to each other last year) and like being able to give a little help to those in need who are working their butts off in 2ndand 3rd world countries trying to make a better life for themselves, their family and their community.

Happy Camper Men’s Organic T-Shirt (Code SOL236) Caption says it all: Happy & camping what more can you ask for?!

So there it is, what a dude wants a why….a rare glimpse into the wishing mind of an office bud – this doesn’t happen everyday, folks. 😉 Hope it has inspired some awesome man gifts (or gals, cuz I know I’d rock that plaid organic shirt and treehugger eco hoody like nobodies business, too!)!

What Soul Flower goodies will you be getting the guys in your life?

The Daydreamer’s Wishlist

JacQ's WishyList - The Daydreamer's Wishlist

To help get your creative mind going on gift ideas, I asked a couple of buds around the office what their wishlist consists of this season. Above is my “little” winter wishlist.

Gifts such as these would be great for the daydreamer, baker, reader or eco-friendly fashionista in your life. My holiday wishlist consists of:

Head in the Clouds Knit Hat (Code: ART013) since that’s where my head is most the time anyway

Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt in merlot (Code: MAD002) because it’s ubber soft & makes me feel pretty

Triple Totem Organic Scarf (Code: SOL317) the design is just rockin’

Fallen Feather Necklace (Code: DNA014) makes me think of the tattoo on my back

Calm & Cozy Organic Thermals (Code: TFT014) because I’m always cold and wanting to be cozy

-Retro Lookin’ KitchenAid Mixer in robin blue because I live in the kitchen and love to bake

A kitten to play with my already adorable kittay, Turtle, who’s pictured above (isn’t he too cute!?)

-Record/ CD Player because my boyfriend & I keep thrifting sweet records but can’t play them, yet

-Outdoor Reading Bed because… just look at the thing – it’s heaven!

Coming up next:  My office buds Bri and Joe will be sharing their wishlists with you. I’m curious to see what tops their lists, because Bri’s sure to have some uniquely brilliant wants, and good ol’ Joe will hopefully help inspire me as to what I should get my brother this holiday season…it’s always so hard figuring out what to get the guys!

What’s on your Wishlist this year?

Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment

I feel like I can’t get enough apples this fall, you would think after spending the last few weeks drying bushels of apples, making cinnamon apples, and pies I would have had my fill of apples for the year. But after getting the Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt all I can think of are caramel apples. Luckily I still have a little basket of apples, and a bag of caramels.

soul+flower+photo+shoot+092 - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment


soul+flower+photo+shoot+077+(3) - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment
Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt

When you think of fall do you think of food? I can’t stop dreaming of cinnamon doughnuts, hot cocoa, pumpkin pie, peppermint ice cream, all those seasonal special treats. That’s how I think fall should be special, its seasonal, its unique, its beautiful and it comes and goes too fast. Its fleeting, if you don’t take a minute to sit down, play in the leaves, smell the campfire, and pick some apples, they will be gone before you know it. Its a challenge, to live in the moment, and breathe it all in.

soul+flower+photo+shoot+147 - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment
It’s a challenge to live in the moment and breathe it all in

Fall officially feels like it has arrived, I love the seasons, I love the holidays, the family, the food, and I love the clothes. I love layering, mixing and playing with darker colors, I love leggings, sweaters, and boots. Looking over the Soul-Flower fall catalog, I was so inspired by the layering, the gloves, hats, and leggings, that I had to create an outfit that had the same details, I think any color leggings are perfect under dresses or skirts, I wear them as the warmest tights, they make any outfit ready for the chilly weather. I also love layering knits, they are so easy and cozy, you feel ready to take on the cold weather, and explore.

soul+flower+photo+shoot+013+(2) - Hippie Burlesque Skirt : Live in the Moment
This organic skirt is perfect for fall and winter because it looks great with warm layers

I love my new Hippie Burlesque Organic Skirt the color is so rich, it reminds me of warm apple cider, cranberry sauce  red velvet cake with a bit of egg nog, its like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. This skirt will be my go to piece this fall, it fits into whatever i’m doing, its flexible, comfy, and has a bit of that holiday spirit I live for. Bring on the leaves, bring on the snow!

I am ready to soak up the season.

15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin’ People

It sorta happened by accident, but we have a whole lotta purple up in here! SO, we’ve compiled 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin’ People. Before scrolling further, my dear purple loving peeps, be warned: You’ll be craving these threads like grape jelly in the AM. It happens to the best of us. 
LKY015alt2 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
1) Layered Sweets Top 2) Southwestern Sass Bag 3) Winterland Leg Warmers


ERC006alt1 lg+(1) - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
4) 3 Little Branches Eco Shirt 5) Purple Haze Hemp Maxi Skirt 
SOL331alt4 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
6) Shoot for the Stars Organic Circle Top
SOL273alt4 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
7) Walkin’ on Sunshine Eco Hoody


SOL335alt3 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
8) Peace Fingers V-neck T-shirt 9) Night’s Shade Woven Duster in plum 10) Three’s a Charm Scarf
11)  Buddha Yoga Skirt
LPZ003alt6 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
12) Senorita’s Baja Cape Poncho in Purple
AVA009alt4 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
13) Fuzzy Ruffle Skirt 14) Aiko Aiko Headband


MGY001alt4 lg - 15 Purple Outfits for the Purple Lovin' People
15) Our latest color in leggings is even purple! 🙂

P.S. Anyone got some toast?

Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long

Oh Autumn, you go so well with my Lotus Stack Organic Maxi! With your beautiful colors and the slight chill of the season, you make my outfit so easy.
lotus+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
soul+flower+original+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
This Skirt Dances to the Song that is Autumn!
This skirt brought comfort from my travels up north to Cape Cod all the way down to Stoney Brook State Park in upstate New York; all while bringing great color to my already beautiful surroundings. It swayed and danced in the ocean breeze of the Cape and kept me warm in the brisk air; I loved how it felt as the wind whipped it around. There’s something about being on an empty beach in front of a beautiful windy sea; with your hair swirling and the waves crashing, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect skirt for the occasion. I took a deep breath of salty air and felt so thankful and happy.
fall+walk - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
fall+scenery - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
I wore the skirt again hiking with my dogs in Stony Brook State Park. I rolled it up so my knees could lift easier and to keep it out of the water. The lotus flowers go all the way down to the bottom of the skirt, so it looked great at a shorter length too. It was a warm day and it kept me cool enough all the way into the evening, and when the temperature dropped I rolled it back down to keep me warm throughout the rest of the night.
lotus+flower+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
Roll the waistband for a shorter skirt!
I like the skirt a lot, I think its just lovely, and it’s so wonderfully versatile. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to look good, while being able to relax and be yourself.
lotus+flower+maxi+skirt - Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Worn Short or Long
Lotus Stack Organic Maxi Skirt
I hope you are all appreciating this beautiful season and taking advantage of these last few warm, sunny days. There is so much to be thankful for and so much to smile about. Look around, the world is beautiful; and so are you.
Peace & Happiness to You All,

Boho Headbands Layered Up for a Fun Look

I just found my new headband obsession. Soul Flower offers such a wide variety of beautiful designs on their boho headbands that I’ve had a hard time choosing just one. From that life crisis 😉 arose my absolute favorite way to wear their growing collection of Boho Headbands, LAYER THEM UP!! 🙂
Boho Headbands Layer them Up
The headband colors, and hand-drawn designs really stand out when worn as a pair
Boho Headbands Layer them Up
Tube headbands just look awesome layered together!
Try it out – Let me know how you like the look! 🙂

Handmade Paisley Hat

Fall. A season like no other here in Iowa. I wait all year just to shoot photos and paint images of the colorful variations in the rolling hills. Equally as marvelous is to simply roam around admiring the beautiful multi-colored swirls in a single leaf. Life is changing all around. Hues of yellowy golds, reds, rust and copper are rushing in and they are simply breath taking! How interesting are trees anyway? Their ability to begin conserving energy for the long winter ahead – triggering their leaves to turn these amazing shades before they “fall”. Fascinating really, just another living organism going through their own cycles in life, just like us.

sfsixpence2+(2) - Handmade Paisley Hat
Heart the side bow!
While the cycle of falls outdoor color has me thrilled to no end, there’s another cycle brewing in my closet! Time to change my wardrobe! It’s a joyous process really, getting to break out warmer clothing I had forgotten I owned (like my ol’ Soul-Flower winter favs) and even making a few trips to recycle warm items someone else can enjoy. This seasonal change also means adding some new things into the mix and getting to wear more layers, jackets, boots and hats. YES, HATS! I love hats, but only really great fitting ones and yeppers the Soul-Flowers new Sixpence Paisley Hatis in that group! It is the bees knees! This hat is perfect for fall and for my love of it’s warm colors which are all gathered together by pretty paisley designs. The Sixpence Paisley blends in perfectly with all the outdoor scenery and I now get to enjoy wearing the colors I enjoy see everywhere!  

sfsixpence1s - Handmade Paisley Hat
It seriously goes with everything!
 The features on this years hat model includes a super cute little green/blue bow and soft velvety fabric that make it perfect for wearing with dressier duds. Just the same the relaxed style of the Sixpence Paisley keeps it laid back and chill enough for casualdays. I‘ve realized in my hat quest that NOT all are created equal and have come cross many a hat that fail to look or fit “right” once on my head but I’m quite convinced that this handmade style is a good fit for anyone! The little miss sixpence is also really fun to wear when you add your own style flare! I like to wear mine with the brim just a tad off to the right side combined with a little forward tilt. So, if you’re a hat wearer, need a hat for the occasional bad hair day or just want to try something new, this hat’s for you!

sfsixpence3 - Handmade Paisley Hat
Sixpence Paisley Hat, handmade in the USA
Hats off to ya,

P.S. I’ve had so many people come up and ask me about this hat – moms for themselves and their daughters, grandmothers and even guys for their gals! They all agree – great style, cool fit and of course unique colors and pattern! So, get it while you can…I’m just sayin! 🙂

Good Luck Charms

It’s not on purpose, but a lot of the necklaces we have at Soul Flower right now make perfect good luck charms!

good luck charms 2 - Good Luck Charms

When I buy jewelry, I like for it to mean something. It should be special. The best jewelry I own reminds me of either someone I love (my aunt gave me this necklace!), a special time (I bought this bracelet during my trip to Europe!), or remind me of a goal I have (this pendant reminds me to stay calm & go with the flow…)

The best thing about these necklaces is they can mean anything you want!

Wear the Fatima Hand Necklace as a sign of protection, or to remind you of the power of using your hands when creating art.

Give the Take Aim Necklace as a gift to the one who captured your heart, or wear it to remind you to “shoot straight” while working toward your goals.

Forget Me Not: the perfect gift for someone unforgettable, or a reminder to never forget to notice the beauty all around you.

Whichever charm you choose, attaching your own special meaning to it makes it all the more special. Whether you keep it secret (even though life seems crazy, I’m on the right path) or show off your message to the world (I’m a treehugger!), there’s a charm for everything. We hope they bring you good luck!

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Kurtas – Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower

I’ve noticed that if someone is buying one kurta they seem to be buying several kurtas. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to pick just one color or style, or maybe it’s because they’re so incredibly comfortable! This season our collection of kurta’s has grown, and now there’s a kurta style to match every mood, every day – this kurta craze just got real! 😉

tie dye+kurta - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
Brite Tie-Dye Kurta
gauze+kurta - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
The Classic Gauze Kurta 
classic+kurta - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
Comes in a variety of colors!

The Classic Gauze Kurta has been a continual favorite with our customers for years, and we know several of our buds have more than one color in their closet!

LUV005alt3 lg - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
Tea Leaf Crochet Kurta
ruffled+kurta - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
Ruffled Kurta (Also comes in brown or black)


flower+kurta - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
Field of Flowers Ombre Kurta
 Both of our floral kurtas are perfect for every flower child at heart!
bell+sleeve+kurta - Kurtas - Cool Hippie Tops at Soul Flower
Blossoms Bell Sleeve Kurta


It’s easy to see how they’ve become so incredibly popular; they’re great whether you’re in the mood for sweet crochet, bright tie-dye, or simply something lightweight and wearable. If you own more than one you’ll have to let us know what snagged you into the kurta craze!

Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

When the weather starts to cool down, I start wanting to wear some favorites: tall boots and long-sleeves.  It’s just one of the pleasures of fall for most females!  I’m always looking for long-sleeved t-shirts for my wardrobe, and this Soulflower tunic caught my eye.

organic+long+sleeve+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

What I love most about tunics is how versatile they are.  You can wear them with jeans as a t-shirt or put in on over your yoga clothes and add boots to go out on the town after class.  As the weather gets cold, you can put it on over long johns just for lounging or for going out.

spirit+tree+organic+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Spirit Tree Organic Tunic

Since this is a Soulflower tunic, it’s made of soft GMO-free, organic cotton and is made to be just as comfortable and simple as it is beautiful.  The shape is cut to accentuate the female figure.   But the material is soft, so it’s non-binding.   The result is a tunic that is flirty and fun, yet comfy like lounge clothes.  In fact, the thing about Soulflower is that it seems like they make all of their designs as if they are lounge clothes as well as going out clothes.  It’s awesome because you can feel good if you’re just lounging around the house, yet be ready to go out in a hurry.  So you can wear the clothes for multiple purposes, such as lounging, going to class and work, yoga class, out for a hike or bike ride, and out on the town.  It’s also so nice to go out and still feel snuggly and comfy in your clothes.

organic+spirit+tree - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Honor nature

This tunic is not just for fall and winter, either.  It can be worn with leggings and sandals in the spring and as a bathing suit cover-up in the summer.  So many options!

As things change in this world, I am always looking to buy stuff made in the USA that is low impact on our environment.  The Soulflower line is made in the USA and dyed with low-impact dyes.  Thanks Soulflower for bringing it home and keeping it clean!

spirit+tree+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Love trees!

Soulflower’s graphics always astound me.  The designs are beautiful, yet simple, and they reflect nature and have positive messages to inspire those that wear them and those that get to see you wear them.  Their designs always have the effect of stopping someone to let you know how cool it is and how good you look.   Every piece of clothing represents the art of mindfulness, presence, and thoughtfulness.

I chose this tunic because I love trees!  The tree design and the color of the tunic are to remind us of the spirit of the tree.  Trees live in harmony with their environment.  They live much longer than we do generally, so they have much wisdom to teach us if we learn to slow down and listen.  This fall season is the time to get out and listen to the trees!

organic+yoga+fashion - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

These photos were taken in Pisgah National Forest in the Laurentian forests that inhabit the tops of these Southern mountains.  We’ve lost many of the species that once thrived here due to invasive insects and diseases.  Be sure and pay attention to what is native in your area and never plant non-native trees and plants in order to prevent the spread of pests.


Soul Flower Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog Release!

Hey Buds,

 It’s finally here! Soul Flower’s Fall/Winter Catalog is now on its way to your mailbox!

soul flower catalog release - Soul Flower Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog Release!
Organic cotton, recycled fibers, original designs, hemp, patchwork, tie-dye & More!
If you would like to receive one and haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here.  

If you’re feeling antsy and want to view the catalog asap, you can check it out on our site right here.

We hope you love it, and that you find just what you were looking for. 🙂

Your Buds at Soul Flower

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