Are you looking for unique, hand-crafted peace sign gifts for that peaceful soul in your life? Here at Soul Flower, we create funky organic items and eco-friendly clothing with a message of Peace and Love always! We use sustainable and organic materials in all of our products. We hope we can help you find the perfect peace sign gifts! In the words of Jimi Hendrix, “When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Keep spreading the peaceful vibes buds and take a look at some of our favorite Soul Flower products that feature a peace symbol or help spread a message of peace!

10 Peace Sign Gifts

1. Driftwood Peace Sign Slouch Top

Take the iconic symbol of the peace sign and add a little bit of Soul Flower earth love and you have a sweet peace symbol gift filled with positivity.

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

2. Peace Fingers Dress

Our Organic T-Shirt Dress features a hand-drawn peace fingers symbol filled with sunshine-y vibes! Be reminded to send out a little peace, love, and happiness in this peace symbol dress.

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

3. World Peace Sign Necklace

A long time best seller on our website, this Wold Peace necklace reminds you to give peace a chance. Go ahead and grab some world peace earrings to match!

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

4. World Peace Symbol Earrings

Here is the earring version of our world peace necklace – a great peace symbol gift set for that peace warrior in  your life!

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

5. Peace Sign Tapestry or other Cool Tapestries at Soul Flower

Talk about spread vibes of peace and love man, this one works great for festivals, picnics, or even as a wall hanging. Peace symbols on a tie dye background = PERFECT!

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

6. Peace, Love, Naps Bib or other hippie kids clothes

You can never be too young for PEACE, and our hippie baby clothes will help your little one tell the world. Our Peace, Love, Naps Onesie and Organic Baby Bib feature three baby buddhas.

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

7. Peaceful Soul V-Neck T-Shirt

Find a peaceful vibe with this peaceful soul tee and other peace symbol t-shirts from Soul Flower!

Peace Sign Gifts: Peaceful Soul Tee

8.Peace Symbol Talkin’ Bout My Generation Onesie
You simply can’t go wrong with the peace symbol organic baby gift!

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

9. Peaceful Soul Headband

Stay peaceful and guide your soul to where you belong. Inspired by one of our best selling women’s designs and made entirely in the USA. Peace starts at home!

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

10. Power to the Peaceful Muscle Tank

Wear this muscle tank to remind others of the how powerful peace can be! This handdrawn image and lettering were inspired by the 60s, social revolution and activism – right where the peace symbol started!

Peace Sign Gifts - 10 Peace Gift Ideas

Peace Sign Gifts and Peace Symbol Gifts From Your Buds at Soul Flower!

Find these and many other amazing gifts in our Peaceful Gift Shop! There are many types of peace – world peace; a peace of mind; inner peace; a peaceful harmony among people; peace, love & happiness. Here’s to spreading peaceful vibes wherever you go with these awesome peace sign gifts! Peace & Love Buds!!

power peace mantra - Peace Sign Gift - 10 Peace Symbol Gift Ideas

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