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Organic Cotton Tank Tops

Organic Cotton Tank Tops Yoga friendly! These yoga tank tops feature organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics with unique, fun graphics to help inspire others around you. Our organic tanks are screenprinted with images like chakras, peace signs, bees, and sunflowers. All are full of good vibes and positivity. Take a closer look at our graphic tanks featuring images with lots of hippie vibes. One of our customer favorites for yoga is our fitted cropped tank top, perfectly fit for ease of movement. Pair any of our organic tank tops with some Hippie Leggings for true boho vibes. You will fall in love with how all of these organic tank tops feel, whether for yoga, layered with your every day wear, or for a relaxing evening at home!

Why Organic Cotton? Simply put, no chemicals and no pesticides. Our organic cotton tanks are made without toxins. A regular yoga tank top made with conventional cotton can use up to 1/3 pound of chemicals and toxins to produce just one tank. Instead, our yoga tanks and other clothing items are made naturally and chemical free with GOTS certified organic cotton.

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