Here at Soul Flower, we love our leggings! The leggings we produce are made from one of our favorite fabric blends: 87% organic cotton and 13% spandex. Safer for the planet, plus they retain their shape! Our leggings are made in the USA and screen printed by hand in our print shop in Minnesota.

On top of all that eco goodness, our prints are one-of-a-kind!

lotus organic yoga leggings - The Art of LeggingsBlog Image

Way back in the spring of 2013 we introduced our organic leggings, and a year later we launched printed leggings. We haven’t stopped since! Screenprinted leggings are unique and fun, and we’re always trying new designs, print locations, and print techniques.

We just finished printing a set of 5 new designs on our Organic Cropped Leggings:

soulflower leggings - The Art of LeggingsBlog Image

  1. Lotus Power
  2. Bee Goddess
  3. Retro Mushrooms
  4. Celestial Sun and Moon
  5. Earth Magic Mandala

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these hand-drawn designs.

Earth Magic Mandala

This mandala design was inspired by all things nature: the moon, stars, flowers, trees, roots, and even the flowing wind. Drawn from the center out, this mandala got so big that we couldn’t even fit on the leggings! We had to trim it down to the petals, but it still looks awesome.

mandala process - The Art of Leggings

earth mandala art leggings - The Art of Leggings

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Bee Goddess

Inspired by bees, flowers, and sunshine: the perfect summertime trifecta. This symmetrical design has tons of texture and is a reverent ode to the humble bumble. (There is actually a difference between honeybees and bumblebees, but all are worth celebrating!)

bee art closeup - The Art of Leggings

bee goddess art process - The Art of Leggings

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Even More Art

Check out our dozens of leggings designs and find one that speaks to you!

Wear ’em for yoga, lounging, or everyday life. Layer them under dresses or tunics when it’s cold. Funk up a basic top by pairing with funky printed leggings. Wear your art on your sleeve…or legs!

retro funky mushrooms cropped leggings - The Art of Leggings

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celestial sun leggings - The Art of Leggings

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moon sun leggings accessories - The Art of Leggingshippie art apparel - The Art of LeggingsBlog Image

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hand drawn organic cotton tights - The Art of LeggingsBlog Image

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elephant art yoga apparel - The Art of Leggings

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green tree usa leggings - The Art of Leggings

The acro-amazing Goldie in Soul Flower leggings.

ajax loader 2x - The Art of Leggings

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