Fabric Guide

Made from a foundation of eco friendly raw ingredients, our fabric varieties rock different blends of eco materials to make our unique Soul Flower eco apparel. Organic cotton for softness, hemp for durability... we choose whatever works best for the design and provides affordable eco friendly clothing options. We then take the finished knit or woven fabric and cut it up into garments. From soil to sewing machine to the shirt on your back! Each blend has its own qualities that we use in our affordable eco friendly clothing; read on to find our more about your favorite fabrics.

Styles with 13% spandex have a lot more stretch and allow for a lot more movement. These flexible and fitted items keep their shape and are great as activewear for yoga or for layering under other garments.

Our 100% organic cotton styles have a little less stretch than items with spandex in them. These styles are soft on the skin, and very breathable.

Half organic cotton, half polyester from recycled plastic bottles, 100% eco goodness! These garments have a heathered appearance and are lightweight, casual, and flowy.

These items are mostly organic cotton with a touch of spandex. Styles with 5% spandex have slightly more stretch and movement. These garments allow for a little more flexibility and hold their shape well. The fleece blend is heavier in weight.

We use hemp in a number of different fabrics in our line. All of our hemp blend fabrics are flexible, smooth, and soft against the skin. Hemp is a natural fiber that dyes and acts very much like cotton, so it holds dye well, is preshrunk and wears beautifully.

Our eco blends vary, but all are made with an eco-friendly combination of organic cotton, recycled plastic, and/or rayon and end up a soft part of our eco apparel. Knit with spandex for stretch, comfort, and durability, this eco apparel is always sustainable and eco-friendly.