Green Practices for Creating Sustainable Clothes

Our Green practices

It's no secret that we consider ourselves "eco freakos" around here. We work hard to make sustainable clothes and help you build your ethical wardrobe. Part of our process includes our day-to-day eco friendly practices. Read on to find out more of what we do every day around the office to be kind to Mother Earth and create sustainable clothing.

Our Green practicesbetter screenprintingWhen screenprinting our sustainable clothes, we employ a variety of green practices, including using only low-impact inks, citrus solvents for clean-up, and printing in small batches for less waste.

Our Green practiceswaste reductionWe reuse paper, boxes and envelopes, as well as all packing materials we receive. Don't be surprised to see you receive a box with some markings and history - keep the story going!

Our Green practiceseco goods onlyAs a sustainable clothing brand, we carry eco-friendly clothing items, many of which contain organic cotton, recycled fibers, and hemp. Check out our eco guide to find out more about our products.

Our Green practicesgreen officeWe use energy wisely, we recycle, we use recycled products & we are overall environmentally savvy.

Our Green practicesless printingOver the past few years, we have greatly reduced the number of catalogs we print. We no longer offer wholesale catalogs and only produce online linesheets.

Our Green practicessofter footprintsWe have helped to offset our carbon footprint through many donations to Carbon Fund which support renewable energy and reforestation projects that reduce CO2. We ship all UPS shipments carbon neutral to help offset our carbon impact.

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