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Soul Flower OriginalSoul Flower Designs

Soul Flower Designs

While we support a variety of wonderful manufacturers, we also take pride in our very own line of eco-friendly boho graphic tees, organic cotton tops and more! Soul Flower Originals include t-shirts, maxi dresses and skirts, yoga wear, pants, and boho headbands. Most of our line is Organic Clothing Made in the USA, while a small portion is Fair Trade imported from India and Nepal.

Soul Flower Designs

Always Positive
Get inspired and spread good vibes in any of our designs! Our talented designers create artwork based on nature, sacred geometry, music and spreading positive messages. Feel good knowing that your fave Soul Flower tee will bring a smile to someone's face!

Loved a boho graphic tee that we don't carry anymore? Don't worry, it might show up on a tank top. organic cotton top or skirt later! Many of our most popular designs are "recycled" and used on different items!

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Environmentally Friendly
Everything in our Soul Flower Original line is either 100% organic cotton, a 50/50 blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic, or an organic cotton/spandex blend in our yoga items. Shop with ease knowing that, whatever you choose is kind to Mother Earth!

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