Have you seen Soul Flower’s latest baby and toddler additions? These natural baby clothes – hippie baby clothes, organic toddler t-shirts, and organic baby bibs – are all 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, entirely made in the USA and feature hand-drawn art and sassy sayings like Happy Baby, Love is All You Need, and Stay Wild Moon Child. These natural baby clothes are so, so cute! 

Natural Baby Clothes – a Photoshoot!

Naturally, we wanted to find an adorable baby who could wear these natural baby clothes and organic toddler clothes for a photoshoot so… meet little J, a one-year-old with a true Soul Flower personality ~ sometimes a wild moon child, other times a peaceful soul, but always, always a free spirit. Thanks to J’s mom and dad for lending us their sweet baby and themselves (for a couple hours of playing chase around the park). Enjoy all the sweet baby moments we captured in our natural baby clothingNatural Baby Clothes - Happy BabyNatural baby Clothes Natural Baby Clothes Natural Baby Clothes Natural Baby Clothes - Free Spirit Onesie Natural Baby Clothes - Stay Wild Moon Child Natural Baby Clothes - Stay Wild Moon Child Natural Baby Clothes: Peace, Love, Naps Natural Baby Clothes: 100% Organic Natural Baby ClothesNatural Baby Clothes - Born to Shine Bib Natural Baby Clothes - kids patchwork pants

ajax loader - Natural Baby Clothes: A Photoshoot

1 Comment on Natural Baby Clothes: A Photoshoot

  1. Georgia McCarty
    February 25, 2019 at 11:55 am (1 year ago)

    Amazing clothing and cute babies. I also want same kind of clothes for my baby.

    I really love the pics and clothes. Thank you for sharing.


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