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Karma Krewe’s Lil Treehugger

I have always had a strong connection with nature, in mind, body and soul, so for me the saying “Tree Hugger” goes way back. I respect nature of all kinds and couldn’t be more in love with the outdoors. Yes, I’m a tree hugger to the fullest extent.

My lil Treehugger

I believe that all things living should never be cut down or destroyed in any way. I try my best to do my part in taking care of the environment. You see we wouldn’t have anything without Mother Earth. She provides us with food, oxygen, and endless resources. Why wouldn’t I want to protect and take care of her?
On a less serious note, my daughter is my little mini me. I’ve been raising her to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. She loves going for adventures, or “venters” as she says in the “jungle.” Be it digging in the dirt, helping me plant flowers, swimming in a lake, or riding her 4 wheeler, this girl is 100% nature girl!

When it comes to finding clothes to fit her personality, that’s not always so easy. I have found her some cute peace tees, but nothing that truly stated, “I’m a baby environmentalist!” I was checking out Soul Flower’s new toddler tees and I found THE cutest tee!

Soul Flower’s Hug Me Toddler Tee

It’s too darn cute! This organic cotton tee screams “outdoors kid” and I just adore it. My daughter loves it too, she says, “Mommy, I wear tree shirt please!” The tree on the shirt reminds me of a Disney movie, it’s a big eyed gentle part of nature. It’s super versitile, if fact she’s had several spills on it already and they came right out in the wash.

What I really love about this shirt is the message it sends. Not only is it a darling shirt, but when adults see it they’re instantly drawn in to read it. So it’s also putting the message out everywhere to be kind to mother earth. I’ve already received so many compliments on it, asking me where in the world I found a shirt like that, I reply “Soul Flower of course!” Soul Flower has a variety of like minded toddler tees and onezies.

Lost in the Jungle

My lil nature girl had a blast outside the other day wearing her Tree Hugger tee. She blew bubbles, played kick ball, went on an adventure, but most importantly she enjoyed the great outdoors!

Candice O.

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Welcome to the New Krewe!

karma krewe logo 300 - Welcome to the New Krewe!

Over the next couple of weeks, we will say goodbye to our first krewe & welcome a whole new karma krewe (the coolest & best customers who spread the soul flower vibe) to Wow buds, it is amazing to look back over the last year – so many great memories & reviews. In short, our first EVA! krewe went to hundreds of festivals & concerts (more than I can count), traveled extensively (cross-country & internationally), welcomed a baby (hi Oliver!), finished two semesters, dealt with a few unwelcome curveballs (and made it thru), started a business, and more! And as we wind down and say goodbye, we are reminded that the nature of the krewe is to keep the karma going….

So we are now welcoming a whole new group of buds to take over this little karmatic experience for the next year. Watch here for introductions & be sure to say HELLO to our brand new krewe as they help spread vibes virtually and in real life. Peace Buds,

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IMG 1667 640x430 - Picnic in a Cool Bag

Picnic in a Cool Bag

Some people are sad when Summer ends. No more swimsuits, flip flops or sundresses. However, I look forward to the beautiful foliage, harvest festivals, and crisp cool air of fall, as well as the cozy sweaters, family time, and quiet calm that Winter brings. (more…)

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med tee 1a 640x430 - Soaring Soul Organic T-Shirt Review

Soaring Soul Organic T-Shirt Review

There are very few moments of Zen when you are the mom to a 3 year old. Ok, there are no moments of Zen. In fact it’s pretty much chaos, noise, mess, and joyful exhaustion until bedtime. So the idea of me sitting in lotus pose deep in meditation is sort of hilarious. (more…)

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Yoga 640x430 - Yoga for Clear Healthy Skin

Yoga for Clear Healthy Skin

Our Karma Krewe bud, Heather, has been working at finding ways to clear her skin holistically, without using harsh chemicals or medications. Last month, Heather shared her delicious homemade detox tea recipe with us that has really helped clarify her skin, and today she is sharing a few simple yoga poses that will help get the blood flowing to your face to promote healthy, glowing skin. Doing a few fun yoga poses every day sounds easy enough! Here is more info from Heather on why yoga is good for a glowing face: (more…)

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bohemian style soul flower e1423254650702 640x430 - Cranberry Wine Boho Dress & Corn Fields

Cranberry Wine Boho Dress & Corn Fields

The Cranberry Wine Boho Dress! Perfect color for a quick evening walk and little photographic adventure! We loved how the color popped against the faded dry corn field. The days are getting shorter and shorter and we just missed the sun on the fields! My kids still thought it was fun to park in the middle of the road and get out to snap some pictures. All of our neighbors are used to seeing us out and about, camera in hand, usually dressed up or sometimes dressed weird or in costumes. (more…)

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088 640x430 - Detox Teas for Healthy Skin - Recipe

Detox Teas for Healthy Skin – Recipe

When I wake up in the morning there is nothing that can make me feel like I’m walkin’ on sunshine quite like a delicious cup of detox tea. It’s just a wonderful way to awaken the senses, before diving into the day. Are you looking for a recipe for a good detox tea? Read on for more info on a great detox tea for healthy skin! (more…)

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bees post 640x430 - Plant Organic Flowers: Save the Bees

Plant Organic Flowers: Save the Bees

Calling all buds! It’s time to let the world know how they can help our beautiful earth…and the human race! As a patron of this wonderful company, I’m sure it’s no news to you that pesticides have been affecting our bees. They have been disappearing and their colonies have been declining. This is not good, buds! (more…)

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20140518 121652 640x430 - Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin

Weekend Adventure in Wisconsin

Hey y’all! I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Soul Flowers Karma Krewe for a little bit now. I had been selecting items for other people for the most part. But the Neverland Crop Skirt Pants? Mine. All mine. And as a photographer I always had it in my head that I need to do photo shoots and organized theme or something for the items. Not this time! Total relaxation and fun weekend-friends, family and good times! All in the comfort of my awesome new cropped pants! (more…)

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butterfly trip blog 640x430 - Stargirl Butterfly Trip

Stargirl Butterfly Trip

Summers for me, remind me of Stargirl, one of my favorite books of all time is Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Summer is a time for riding bikes, walking in the dessert, mediation, and just enjoying the sun. The story is about a girl who is a unique individual, a outcast at times, a girl who cares about people, and plants, and the world, who teaches people how to be themselves, and enjoy life, who makes a impression on one boy, and ends up disappearing in the end, but leaving a mark always. (more…)

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Soul Flower in Ecuador e1424202796114 640x430 - Soul Flower in Ecuador

Soul Flower in Ecuador

This winter, I decided to escape the Northern Hemisphere winter and embark on a Southern Hemisphere adventure in Ecuador.  My goal was to relax and whitewater kayak with my husband for one month: an amazing adventure and relaxing vacation all at the same time. (more…)

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tie dye post e1424207279743 640x430 - The Retro Vibe of Tie-Dye

The Retro Vibe of Tie-Dye

My daughter and I love all things old and interesting, and I have had my eye on this property for quite some time to photograph.  For so long, the schedule was never right to be there with my camera during the day and I sometimes worried that the next time I drove past, it would be demolished.   (more…)

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tie dye and reggae e1424290645642 640x430 - Tie-Dye and Reggae Music

Tie-Dye and Reggae Music

Though snow and hot chocolate with marshmallows can be fun, every winter I quickly find myself looking forward to Summer. I think of rubbing my feet through the sand, the smell of sunscreen, the warm sun on my skin, the cool breeze…but mostly, that giant blue ocean. This is the time of year that summer is so close, yet so far! (more…)

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drawing post - Folk Art Design

Folk Art Design

I would consider myself a creative person. In grade school I drew, years later I branched out and tackled sewing, design and embroidery. But with all areas of life there seems to be times of inspiration and times of… well ruts. My creativity seems to be fickle at times, dependent on variables, locations, schedules, and simply inspiration. (more…)

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snowy owl 534x430 - Woot! Snowy Owl Organic Tunic

Woot! Snowy Owl Organic Tunic

When a new Soul-Flower owl item pops up I can guarantee it will be perched in my closet faster then you can say who cooks for whom!! I’m really just crazy about this tunic and how could I not be, I have a cute lil’ hooter riding on my hip with me! Wait, make that two!! 😉 (more…)

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