So I came across an amazing book. It is called “Radical Acceptance: Embracing your life with the heart of a Buddha” By Tara Brach. Although I don’t practice Buddhism, I heard the book was amazing, and find you can learn so much from people regardless of if they have the same religion, views, lifestyle as you.

So if you personally don’t practice Buddhism consider reading it still, you can learn so much about simply you way of thinking! I love this book, I just thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes from this book, as I can imagine a lot of you guys enjoying this read, very inspiring, very amazing!!

Radical Acceptance basically talks about the authors journey in self acceptance. The book has lots of meditation practices, and each chapter covers an area of your life you might need to show more “acceptance to” Instead of avoiding pain, avoiding fear, negative feelings, we need to accept all of our shortcomings, (or believed shortcomings) accept our bodies, our thoughts, our- lives, experiences, emotions, everything, so we can accept ourselves as the people we are. The book focuses on experiencing the now through mindfulness meditation, and teaches acceptance and forgiveness.

I just got the new Lost in Stars Organic Shirt which reminded me of this book. Getting lost in the now, enjoying the beauty of nature and life. And just noticing each little star, each little detail, and accepting it for what/ who it is and experiencing it as a whole. Be sure to read this book it you have a chance, it is one of my favorites, has so many inspiring, thought provoking quotes, be sure to read it!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Radical Acceptance:

“” Every-time we hide a defeat we reinforce the fear we are insufficient. When we strive to impress or out-do others we strengthen the underlying belief that we are not good enough as we are”

“When we look directly at the bandaged place without denying or avoiding it, we become tender towards our human vulnerability”

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