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The Strength to Be Yourself

Hey Buds, here’s a thought:

Be yourself.

Easy enough to read and remind ourselves, but how many of us actually live it?

BEYOURSELF3 - The Strength to Be Yourself

New school year, new apartment, new classes, all opportunities to reinvent myself; who will I be this year? Do I even want to create a new persona? Everyone at some point in their lives has used different circumstances to create a new version of themselves, yet, do any of us truly have a grasp on who we are?

Let’s take my love affair with fashion, for example. Since middle school I’ve been flipping through pages of Vogue getting ideas for the next day’s outfit. I wore some crazy-wild-things trying to translate what I saw on the runway to my school’s hallway. Sure, I got some stares and snickers but most of the time I got compliments, some for the outfit and some for the guts to where it when anyone who wasn’t wearing jeans and a tee was fair game to poke fun at. I even saw some girls wearing the same outfit I had worn the day before. I used each day as an opportunity to experiment and reinvent the way people saw me through bold attire. Through the years, I’ve kept the boldness and tried to translate it into every aspect of my life.

BEYOURSELF1 - The Strength to Be Yourself

In high school, it was very…hmm, how should I say this…interesting going to a private school in South Orange County, California. I pride myself on being Latina and of Native American descent, and I never expected to be in an environment where diversity was at an all-time low. My freshman year some seniors decided it would be funny to yell across the PE field that all I would ever amount to was a maid, given my background, and that their rooms had better be clean before they got home. I didn’t care that these “young men” (who had a lot of growing up to do) were at the top of the social ladder, I gave them a piece of my mind and confronted the Dean of Students. “Is this really the perspective you’re allowing your students to graduate with?” Apologies and conferences ensued, but all I wanted to do is show my peers that I wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed of who I am or where I came from.

It wasn’t until college that I learned that I didn’t have to create a new persona every day, like in middle school, and that being myself – an insane mix of qualities – could be attractive. I owned up to my craziness, or as I like to call it eccentricity, and the more I acknowledged my little quirks the more confident I became.

Now, I take pride in my Latina curves and my insatiable appetite for clothes. I know that I learn through creative processes and doodling next to my notes, making songs, and listening to classical music help me do better on my tests. I know that I love learning and I’ll never satisfy my need to ask Why. I know that I love Elvis and John Lennon, even though those two did not see eye to eye. I know my values include peace, respect, and an overall love for our small fragile planet and those living on it. I believe that individually we can make a huge impact and together we can change the world.

BEYOURSELF2 - The Strength to Be Yourself

And I know that having the strength to “be yourself” gives you strength to stand up for what you believe.

This shirt is a little reminder that there are a lot of phonies out there and if everyone’s acting fake the real one’s are the individuals. So put on those colorful tights, wear your “Save Japan Dolphins” tee, write that controversial article, and sign that petition. Yeah, people will smirk and snicker but more importantly people will see you as an example, strong and confident, and no one can take that away from you.





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Eco Tee and Sailing Around the World

I take my role as Hippie Mama Clothing Tester quite seriously. When I got the Nouveau Soulflower Eco Tee I put it through the paces.  I didn’t just wear it, I have been living in it. Here’s what happened. I put it on and fell in love. It was one of those shirts that made me say “ahhhhhhh” when I put it on. It’s so soft and fit just right on my mama of two kids frame.

July+21+2011+014 1 - Eco Tee and Sailing Around the World

So I have been wearing it. And wearing it. And wearing it. And truth be told I don’t always wash it between wearing again and again. It’s my go-to tee these days and it’s takes a licking and keeps on looking fabulous. I have had baby spit on it, dead crab bits brought to me by my 7-year old son, I have spilled my kombucha all over it, I have been doused in sea spray, and I have sweat my fair share in this crazy summer heat. But this shirt still looks like new!

July+21+2011+012 1 - Eco Tee and Sailing Around the World

Then for grins I went and read about how it was made. The shirt is 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled p.e.t.  Seriously, how cool is that? I am wearing old plastic bottles that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill. No wonder it’s looking so good! And now I feel good too knowing it’s made of all kinds of good things, especially since I have a little one right next to me and the tee all the time.

Zach+July+20+2011+036 1 - Eco Tee and Sailing Around the World

Living in the small confines of a sailboat we cannot keep a lot of anything, especially clothes. But this little baby will make the cut and go around the world with us!

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One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

It’s full summer here in the southern U.S., and that means that the long days are hot, sultry, and sticky.  Luckily, I’ve been spending my days whitewater raft guiding and staying cool in the water; but the long days in the sun steering thousands of pounds through technical sections of whitewater leave me sunburned and exhausted.  After a long day in “the office,” I am stoked to peel the wet clothes from my skin and slip on this super soft organic cotton Sun and Surf Eco Sundress and kick back with a cold sangria.

surf - One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

I fell in love with this dress because of two reasons:  the super soft, cool, and comfy cotton for our southern summers, and I admire the beautiful waves decorating the dress.

Since I live this active, wet lifestyle, I am always searching for clothes that feel comfortable when it’s time to dry off; and Soul Flower’s signature soft, organic cotton fits the bill perfectly.  I need a dress that is not binding—that moves and stretches with me and that feels soft against my skin.  I am also searching for something that I can go eat sushi in as well as break out some yoga poses on the bank of a river.  This sundress has been perfect for all of that!

sunsur - One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

I am a water person and I love being in the water all the time.  I got into whitewater paddling as a way to play in the water, and I stuck with it because the river is a fascinating medium. Becoming involved with rivers has changed my life, so that is what the waves on this dress mean to me—the waves represent the waves that I surf and play on everyday.  I love the clear, fresh flowing water in rivers where as I surf, I can look down and see the carved rocks of the river bed and feel the energy of the wave with my boat.  Also, the fact that this dress is made using organic cotton is important to me because organic cotton does not pollute our waterways.

sun+coll - One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

This sundress is more than a dress too—it also works as a bathing suit cover up.  So, if you are planning to hit the river or the ocean, and you are looking for that soft cover up to drape over sunburned skin that you can then wear into an evening sipping cocktails, eating dinner by candlelight, and/or dancing under the moon until 3am, this sundress is the only one you’ll need to pack.  And since it only weighs a few ounces and folds up really small, no matter how you’re traveling, you can be “travelin’ light.”

Enjoy Summer!

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Hometown Tourist – Hippie Dress

Hey Buds! Making the best of this wonderful sunshine?

So I got a little piece of the islands with me for the past couple weeks. My friend from school decided to fly out all the way from Dallas, Texas to hang out with me in Southern California.

lauren1 - Hometown Tourist - Hippie Dress

I have to admit, it’s a little exciting to be a tourist in your hometown. If you haven’t tried it, you really should! We tried heading out to the beach but it was so cold and the clouds were so thick we ended up turning around and heading straight for the pool. Not before getting an acai bowl, though! ;]

We went to Disneyland for a few days and normally I’ll go a little later, hop on a few rides, catch a bite to eat, and head out.

Not this time.

We woke up early and were one of the first people in the park! We spent all day there, only taking a small break for lunch and a quick nap at the hotel room then back to the Disney magic ‘til well after midnight. Needless to say I brought all my Soul-flower goodies with me so I was comfy and cool but still looking like the artist I like to call myself.

lauren2 - Hometown Tourist - Hippie Dress

Those of you in California know all about our beautiful missions. Most have somewhat dark histories and as a Native American I pride myself on learning the stories of my tribes as well as those around them. Any trip to Southern California is just not complete without a trip to the San Juan Capistrano Mission. All you flower and garden enthusiasts out there will have a ball!

To match this dazzling backdrop I decided to wear something captivating as well, my new Cutting Floor Hippie Dress. Just added a cute little sun hat and I was ready.

I think it goes without saying that I love airy and flow-y clothes because they’re lightweight and easy to move around in. I always want to be comfy! (I’ve been putting my pj’s on at three in the afternoon since I was in second grade.)

lauren3 - Hometown Tourist - Hippie Dress

As you know from my last posts, my legs are short. So when I put on the dress I was surprised to see that it hit about two inches above my ankle. Normally, I like when the length of my clothes are longer than the length of my legs but after I started moving around in the dress I realized it was a lot easier to move at this length. The colors are very bold and they don’t fade a bit in the wash (trust me I wear this dress once a week!). There are two loops at the back of the dress so you can tie it like a tank top, zig-zag, or even a halter. I suggest tying the straps in a bow before it goes in the wash, they’re a bit thin and very delicate. Each one is unique and I love that mine has a red and yellow border at the top even though the dress is very blue. The versatility is awesome; I can tie my hair back and wear it on a casual and laid back day or wear my hair down throw on some dressy shoes and go somewhere fancy!

Well, buds, have fun wherever the universe is taking you! Next time I post I’ll be back in Hawaii!
‘Til then,
Lauren ☮

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Carry Your Own Sunshine Tank Review

When I was about 5, I made these little books about the sun.  I colored a sun on each page and wrote down a benefit that the sun provides.  I then walked around my neighborhood door to door and sold them for 10 cents each (and today I am a publisher!)  I am sure that some of my neighbors were going through life drama, and when they opened that door, and I was standing there so innocent and confident with those books, that their troubles momentarily melted away.

DSC 0087+%25282%2529 - Carry Your Own Sunshine Tank Review
Since then my own life has had its dramas, and I have to continually learn the lesson that I so naively taught then—that no matter what, be sure and carry your own sunshine.  Yoga has been my main tool as an adult to help me learn to be a happier person.  Now, whenever I find myself becoming tense across my face and getting upset about a situation, I go inside and find that ray of light.  I have finally learned that the world will never be exactly as I would will it to be, so I may as well carry my own sunshine.

DSC 0130+%25282%2529 - Carry Your Own Sunshine Tank Review
Wearing this tank is a good reminder to me to send out the warmth of the sun to the world around me, but it does so while keeping me cool as a cucumber.  This tank is super soft cotton and it feels cool and refreshing on the skin making it a perfect tank for a hot summertime yoga practice.  I love how it is not tight too.  Being a yoga instructor, I have a lot of tight Lycra tanks, which can be hot in the summer.  This tank is loose enough to not be constricting or hot and tight enough to not flop around during a yoga practice.  As a matter of fact, the material of this tank and the Soulflower lounge pants are so nice against the skin, I feel as if I am wearing nothing at all!  I visualize this tank to be a great tank for a mid-day yoga practice during a summer music festival.  You can put it on and lounge around camp to rest up between bands.  Also, I have included a Festival Yoga sequence for you to try at your next festival!  Here ya go buds:

DSC 0137+%25282%2529 - Carry Your Own Sunshine Tank Review

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Woo be Scrunchalicious

Yay! Got my new crop pants, buds and I gotta tell you, they’re packin’ some serious scrunch! They definitely deserve the name scrunchalicious! I’m always amazed at how much I adore these garments when they arrive. Is that weird? I can’t remember ever being so happy about getting clothing before. Describing the goods with such strong emotional phrases like “love, love, love them!” Yep, aha and theses capris are so wonderful, I just love ’em, too!

cool hippie crop pants - Woo be Scrunchalicious

The soft fabric gives them a lot of stretch (95% cotton and 5% lycra) making for one cozy pair of crops. I gotta admit, I’m more of a shorts or jeans kinda gal when I’m in casual mode. Creature of habit, maybe? Well, these scrunchie crops have changed my mind on what’s most comfortable. These cropies are mucho soft, a nice weight plus have great details and style. I feel like I’m dressing up every top I own with them. All the same, I can totally lounge around the house while sporting these puppies and don’t miss wearing jeans or shorts AT ALL. In fact, I feel like I’m in my pajama bottoms! Shhh.

cool ruched summer capris - Woo be Scrunchalicious

As for the design, the waist has a thin elastic band that is very stretchy. The size small waist seems to comfortably stretch to twenty eight inches. Below the waist the capris have a three inch stitched yoke design. Love that 80’s throwback detail. They seem to be a little big in the hips for me but I wear long tops anyway so, no worries there. The sweetest little embroidered tree lives centered on the back of the waistband and they have a nifty seam down the middle (front and back) of each leg. Starting at the knees, the main feature, the coolest gathered scrunchieness ever! I ordered them in brown which is a really nice chocolate shade (darker than the picture online) and they go with almost everything I own. I like them so much I’m thinking about getting the black ones (which will go with everything else I own).

funky boho women outfit - Woo be Scrunchalicious

There’s another important benefit of owning these capris, they are part of Avatar Imports clothing line. Avatar is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, (a nonprofit trade association that promotes businesses that adhere to principles of fair trade). So, workers creating these great clothes aren’t paid as little as possible (sweat shop amounts), they are paid an amount that actually allows them to…live. Not only that, Avatar is a certified “Green” company practicing resource conservation – conserving energy, water, materials, preventing pollution, waste, etc. This inspires me to do what I can in my own life because even simple things like shutting off power when leaving a room, printing double sided or canceling junk mail CAN make a difference. These things matter. Every natural resource is precious and every being is of value and deserves to be treated with fairness and a chance at a better life for the work they do. Wouldn’t it be great if this was a priority for everyone? Today is the day to change. So, I will gladly wear wonderfully unique scrunchalicious capris from companies that believe in doing good, being conscious and fair.

Peace and love,

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Growing Up Organic

My love for these little onesies runs deep. Of course the messages on them are right up my peacenik alley. As a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist who wants her kiddos to spread love not war, I am proud to have my baby wear her “Pick Flowers, Not Fights” message. And that’s saying a lot for me because in general I am not a fan of clothing with words, but this is an exception indeed. And the “Let It Grow” onesie is just too sweet. If there is one thing babies do like crazy (aside from poop) it’s GROW!

let it grow baby onezie - Growing Up Organic

Sometime baby onesies are paper thin or rough and poorly sewn. I guess people figure because your kiddo will grow out of it so quickly, why bother? Not these though! The fabric is thick and soft and it’s very well made overall. It’s the sort of onesie that will take a lot of abuse as my baby scooches around the floor and will still have plenty of life left to pass the love on to the next little bud.

bright organic baby onezie - Growing Up Organic


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Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper

I love a good music festival, buds. Specifically, I am in love with Wanee Music Festival in Live Oak, Florida. If you didn’t make it this year, you have 11 months to check out their website and get yourself ready! You don’t want to miss another one! And, we’ll see you there! Look for the Soulflower Peace & Love tapestry, stop in and hang out!

happy camper hippies - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper

There really are differences between a good concert and a good festival, and if you are not familiar with either…stop reading this review, locate the closest venue, check out their lineup, and make some plans 🙂 For me personally, the music festival is the way to go. You might spend more initially, but you typically get a few days’ worth of several musicians and sometimes even, a place to camp out. Wanee is put on by the Allman Brothers, one of the founding fathers of jam bands. This year, artists like Stephen Marley, Widespread Panic (PANIC!!!), Robert Plant (I saw half of Led Zeppelin, y’all!), Steve Miller (some people call him a space cowboy!), Keller Williams, Ween, etc…showed up to rock us out. And, boy howdy…did they ever rock us out! The music was insanely good! But, I think that what I loved most about Wanee was simply the vibe.

wanee music festival crowd - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper wanee music festival stage - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper wanee music festival goods - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper

Everyone was happy, there were no fights or drama, no one took too much of anything… it was like we were just one big family, probably the Partridges. My husband, Berg, and I camped out along the road to the river, and we saw so many happy hippie people just coasting by on their bikes, faces smiling, and loving the life they live. It was really something to see, buds. I’m still holding on to that happy hippie vibe!

happy camper eco tee - Wanee Music Festival & One Happy Camper

The day Bergman sported his Soulflower ‘Happy Camper’ tee, he was stopped by so many festival friendlies who thought it was Awesome! One vendor kept shouting at us, ‘Hey! It’s the Happy Camper!’ every time we walked by…he thought that shirt was the cat’s pajamas. The days got hot while we were there, so Berg was loving that the tee is constructed of a lightweight material. He didn’t get overheated while wearing it, which is easy to do around here. The color is somewhere in the neighborhood of grayish brown, or if you’re a cup half full kind of person…brownish gray. And, once again, Soulflower honors their commitment to lovin’ Mama Earth by creating this shirt with an organic cotton/recycled PET blend. We’ve seen this tee through several washes now, and there is (as always, happily) no shrinkage to report. The colors are just as vibrant as before, too. All in all, another SCORE! for Team Soulflower…we love this shirt!

So, buds…if you’re a happy camper and you know it, clap your hands and buy this tee!

Play me out, Allman Bros…

Allman Bros ‘Midnight Rider’ by Cam LaBelle on Vimeo

Peace, Love, & Good Tunes, buds!


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Wranglin’ up flowers: Little Cowgirl Dress

little cowgirl dress - Wranglin' up flowers: Little Cowgirl Dress

Ok, saddle up all you cowgirl buds! This one will surely rope you in. It’s a sassy lil’ cowgirl dress and it’s so much fun. But, let me back up a bit. I started anticipating the new Soul-Flower spring catalog many weeks before its arrival. I perused Soul-Flowers website and Facebook page every few days leading up to the mail order catalog as they often revealed new merchandise teasers each week, which by the way is really fun! The day the cowgirl dress was unveiled I was immediately drawn in by the multitude of color, pattern, texture and design. How often can you get so much bang for your buck? (No pun intended – Yeeha!) Well, I gotta tell ya, it’s even better in person! Of course it was a one of a kind find (I think I can safely say that about all Soul-Flower items) and I wasn’t gonna miss it. Plus it’s mucho fun to get some new clothes with spring now underway – finally! But, back to the dress.

cute hippie boho dress - Wranglin' up flowers: Little Cowgirl Dress

The day I received it in the mail was such a treat. I really dug the overall design and funky patterns. Not only did the colors seem absolutely brilliant, but the design is sweet and very pretty. I don’t wear a lot of dresses so this was really a treat! I think I got it out of my closet ten times that day because well, there’s so much to look at! The cotton is light weight with a bit of crinkle to it, making it easy to care for and great for anyone who likes to line dry and/or conserves energy usage.

womens patch top - Wranglin' up flowers: Little Cowgirl Dress

The empire waist, tie neck, puff sleeves and tiered ruffles (each with a different pattern) hearkens back to things I wore as a young girl but with a gypsy artist flare. I like clothing that represents who I am and what I love to do. As a painter, I love me some color…not gonna lie and this measures up in that department. The dress has lots of colors (like my paint pallette) but they blend together very nicely (unlike my paint pallette). It’s vivid but with a slight muted look. As far as what to wear it with, I’m really partial to boots this year and this cowgirl dress really does rock out paired with some boots and skinny jeans. I’ve also thrown a long sleeve tee under it and worn it that way on cooler days and nights. I look forward to summer when I can wear the dress alone and stay uber cool since it’s a really light weight cotton. As with all Soul-Flower items, I look forward to wearing it every time, and that’s just one reason I love it! I would definitely think about getting this one, it’s fun, it’s colorful, it’s… happy! Yeah, I feel happy when I wear it! On that note enjoy spring, buds! Life is popping up all around. What a beautiful and much embraced time of year! ~Woo

karma krewe logo 300 - Wranglin' up flowers: Little Cowgirl DressWendi reviewed the
Little Cowgirl Dress
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Burnout Tank Top.. or is it a tunic?

Hey Buds!

burnout racerback tank top - Burnout Tank Top.. or is it a tunic?

Howzit? Just spent a wonderful Earth Day in the sun at Sandy Beach in Oahu and wore my Headdress Racerback Tank all day. When I got the shirt in the mail I was a little surprised at the length, it could work really well as a mini-dress as well as a tank top or tunic. It’s also a bit more see-through on the grey parts but it works really well, and isn’t revealing in any way. I love the material, which has definitely become a trend in the clothes I get from Soul-flower. It is ridiculously comfy which makes it easy to wear to any event and know that you look good.

tunic native headdress tank - Burnout Tank Top.. or is it a tunic?

I absolutely love the versatility of the shirt. In the morning I paired it with some rolled up shorts as an easy outfit to ride the bus in. After playin’ in the surf and seeing some awesome turtles floating out on the reef, I took a quick shower and dried off a bit and threw the shirt on as a cover up. It worked quite well and I got a lot of compliments on it.

Since we worked up an appetite being at the beach all day we stopped in Kailua town to grab a quick bite to eat. I put the shorts back on, threw on a light jacket, and a feathery headband and was ready to walk around town.

This shirt is definitely “the bee’s knees” as my friend would say. It has become a key piece in my wardrobe and I will be sure to grab this tank first whenever I’m heading out on a trip somewhere.

Hope you’re having a good time wherever the universe is taking you!

Lauren ☮

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I Love the Love Dress-Skirt!

eg - I Love the Love Dress-Skirt!

When spring and summer comes around I am always the first to break out the dresses and skirts.  I’m somewhat picky when it comes to buying a dress.

I look for these key things:
*It HAS to be comfortable, there is no way I can spend my life relaxing in a too tight dress!
*Form-fitting.  I have curves that I don’t mind showing off so I like my dresses to be form fitting.
*unique, pretty! Obviously, it has to grab my attention.  If doesn’t grab mine attention then what would make me want to put it on in the morning?
I spotted the Organic Love Dress-Skirt at Soul Flower and I was in love!  Wait, what is a dress-skirt?
This is a dress, and a skirt.  Hold up, it’s both?  That’s right!  With dual purposes the Love dress is a serious must have!  All you do is fold down the dress to fit like a skirt, and because it’s organic cotton is stretches to fit your uniqueness.

EGGG+HUNTTT%2521+084 - I Love the Love Dress-Skirt!

*Super Comfy!  When I tried this on I immediately thought Moby Wrap (baby carrier).  When my daughter was young that’s how I would carry her around, it was so comfortable I just loved wearing it.  This is the same type of material, you really can’t go wrong with organic cotton!
*Form Fitting, Again organic cotton is the way to go!  The Love dress truly hugs your curves, accentuating the positive!
*Unique.  I really love the color, azure blue, it puts off a chill, calm, relaxing vibe. The love design looks to me like it was written with dandelions blowing through the air.  This dress is casual with an awesome splash of radiance!

EGGG+HUNTTT%2521+083 - I Love the Love Dress-Skirt!

What I LOVE about it:
It’s great being able to wear this as a dress or a skirt.  Spring is funny in Georgia, someday it will be cool and others humid hot.  So when it’s too cool out to wear a strapless dress I can fold it down into a skirt and throw on a tee!

EGGG+HUNTTT%2521+089 - I Love the Love Dress-Skirt!

When I put this dress on not only do I feel comfortable and confident, I like feel myself.  I feel spunky and free.  I feel like I want to go outside in a meadow and run.  My inner hippie spirit comes out and I feel like a kid again.  I can’t have a bad day wearing this gorgeous dress-skirt!  Thank you Soul Flower!

karma krewe logo 300 - I Love the Love Dress-Skirt!Candice wore the Love Organic Dress-Skirt

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Recycled Baja Hoody: Roy keeps it simple

recycled baja mens hoody - Recycled Baja Hoody: Roy keeps it simple

In the past few years I’ve been across Canada on plane, on bus, and on foot. I’ve taken up learning and selling things like pottery, hemp making, and creating healing natural soaps. Most of my travelling was because of WWOOFing (organic farming) and wanting to live at awesome oceanview houses. I really learned a lot about myself, sustainability, and nature. and knew a simpler lifestyle would be my key. I enrolled in adventure recreation & parks and graduate this summer. I will be working as a hiking guide this summer in Banff, Ab. and going to as many summer festivals as possible.

Lately my real passion has been for the mountains, I just want to hike, climb, and explore every inch of beauty out there. I like to paint, take pictures, play guitar, do yoga, and write. I love music. Bands like Xavier Rudd, Devendra Banhart, Mumford and Sons, Phish really make me happy. and of course the 64-74 music. My favorite concert of all time though would have to be suprisingly enough… Ravi Shankar.

comfy hoodie sweatshirt - Recycled Baja Hoody: Roy keeps it simple

The thing I love about Soul-Flower is it’s nice to be able to break away too from the norm (mall clothing) and really wear something that’s eco friendly, stylish, and natural.

SF switches up the line frequently enough too, that no matter how much I have, their’s always going to be something that I want in the next order.

I chose this hoodie really because I don’t own many pullovers, the design is so natural and still funky having a cool design on the strings and hood. I love everything about it but the comfort is the best part. This sweater is so soft, and fits perfect around the arms, neck. I chose this because it’s always nice to have a good non zip up hoodie and this was definitely the perfect choice. It’s not heavy whatsoever and not too thick. But it does still keep me very warm. Because it’s 100% recycled materials I feel better about my impact on the earth. The hood is great too, doesn’t fit tight at all. So once again I am happy, and warm, I think I’ll be getting the blue and green too.

let vision come with insight, and let illumination be the source of given light.

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Daytripper Women’s Tee Review

hippie chic frog tee - Daytripper Women's Tee Review daytripper shirt sophisticated - Daytripper Women's Tee Review soul flower outfit hemp skirt - Daytripper Women's Tee Review

She was a day tripper! Yeah! This t-shirt is perfect for any day trip you want to take. It’s super soft, comfy, light weight and has a flattering, stretchy shape that rests gently at the hips. Of course, that’s not all that makes this tee fabulously awesome. The colors! The pattern! The Frog! Forget about it! Wait, no don’t! In fact, once you see it you can’t forget about it. That is precisely why I own it! When I saw this item in Soul-Flower’s “What’s New” category, I KNEW I had to have it. It did not disappoint! Love, love, love this laid back froggie strummin’ his guitar. Amazing color, design and image. As an painter, I appreciate the wonderful watercolor texture throughout the images and the soft woody hues. So unique and so very Alice In Wonderland like awesomeness.

The flattering cut makes it perfect for wearing alone. It’s a statement absolutely by itself. However, it has a scoop neck design so you can pop a light weight tank under it to catch a little color peeking out around the neckline. I’ve worn it with a button down sweater and jeans since it’s a bit cool outside yet. The warm hues are fun to play with and layer under greens, oranges, and taupe. It also looks pretty sweet under my zip up hoodie and a pair of khakis (or even sweats) for a casual style. Works great dressed up, too! Probably my favorite thing to do with the Daytripper T-shirt is to pair it with my Soul-Flower eco-friendly Desert Mountain skirt and a pair of boots. Can’t say enough about this versatile top and if there is one thing a girl can never have enough of its versatile tees! A top that you can mix-n-match, dress up or down. A tee with a great design and flattering cut can go anywhere!

So, this lil’ froggie chillin’ with his guitar has no worries but unfortunately, real frogs are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Over the last few decades there has been a rapid disappearance of many frog species. A sure sign that something is going very wrong on our planet and how we care for it – habitat destruction, depletion of the ozone layer, pesticides, acid rain, are a few threats. This is why I am happy to live with greater respect for this earth and its creatures. This is also why I feel the need to buy from a company (Soul-Flower) that believes in doing what they can for the planet, too. As an artist, animal and earth lover, this tee fits me to a T!

Feelin’ the froggie vibe,

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SXSW Skirt Review: Sheila at SXSW!

2 hike bike tee - SXSW Skirt Review: Sheila at SXSW!

After a long Winter, the hubby and I set out seeking adventure. It sure is hard to return to reality after having a blast at the South By South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas! I love music festivals, but I had never been to anything like SXSW! Music filled the entire city as every bar, bench, sidewalk, & street filled with artists from all over the world! Music was EVERYWHERE! The local Austin acts like Alejandro Escovedo, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, and Toni Price were my favorites. As you journey through Austin, it is impossible not to notice, and be consumed by, the eccentric “bohemian-hipster-meets-the-Southwest” fashion of the city.

2 sxsw festival funky skirt - SXSW Skirt Review: Sheila at SXSW!

Individuality and comfort rule the scene at SXSW, so I was thrilled that I had brought my SXSW Short Skirt from SoulFlower along! SXSW was party after party and endless free music and margaritas! South Congress and 6th Street were buzzing with average joe’s seeking thrills, laid back Austin musicians promoting their music, and celebrities seeking refuge from their fame by rocking attire as unique as the city of Austin itself! I found it ironic that the more unique one dressed, the more they blended in!

We were lucky to have family in Austin to guide us to the secret venues and give us insider information as to the best food and music in the city. Most of the venues we frequented were outdoors, and my SXSW Short Skirt was the perfect item for me to grab and go! Afterall, I didn’t want to waste a moment thinking about my attire when there was so much music to be seen and heard!

2 colorful stripe mini skir - SXSW Skirt Review: Sheila at SXSW!

The SXSW skirt was comfy and kept me cool in the 80 degree Texas sun. On the cooler days, I rocked the skirt with some black leggings and my sweet new boots that my husband bought me in Austin for my birthday. The SXSW Short Skirt was the centerpiece of my ensemble every day. From Zilker Park, to Barton Springs, to Antone’s and the famous Continental Club, the tiers of brilliant colors in the skirt made me feel as vibrant as the city!

2 journey organic hoodie - SXSW Skirt Review: Sheila at SXSW!

Have I also mentioned that my Not All Who Wander Organic Hoody came in quite handy during the festival as well!? The unpredictable weather of Spring in Austin can make it difficult for festival nomads to dress accordingly. As we were staying with family just outside of the festival zone, we hauled our gear in a backpack everyday & left the house in the early AM, not returning until late at night. It was great to have my hoody just in case the cool temperatures crept in during the evening. My hoody was soft, warm, and crucial during the fireworks show that followed the free Strokes concert in the chilly breezes wafting off of Town Lake at Auditorium Shores!

This was one of our greatest adventures yet, and I can’t wait for Philadelphia to warm up a bit so that I can wear my SXSW Short Skirt again and relive all of our great SXSW Music Festival memories!

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Go Go Tie Dye Hoody Dress Review

tie dye hoody dress - Go Go Tie Dye Hoody Dress Review versatile hippie tunic dress - Go Go Tie Dye Hoody Dress Review

When I first saw this dress, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it—the colors and the style were mesmerizing. But would I ever wear it?, I thought. You know how it is—you see a dress that you love—it’s gorgeous. You finally break down and buy it, and then it sits in your closet, too impractical to ever actually wear anywhere.

When I opened the package, I immediately knew that would not be the case with this dress! I put it on immediately. It was a freezing cold day and I wore it over my long johns to the river to go paddling. It looked fabulous yet relaxed at the same time and most important, I was super comfortable due to the stretchy organic cotton and lycra blend. After we were done paddling, I slipped the dress back on and I noticed the second best feature for me, a whitewater paddler who travels all over from river to river—it was easy to change under.

I proceeded during the week to wear the dress on a road trip in the mountains, hiking, at work in the office and to yoga class over my yoga clothes as a tunic.

Then my birthday came and I wore it as a festive birthday girl dress. A couple of days later, I wore it to a St. Paddy’s Day party. This was like day number 6 in the dress. My husband asked if I would ever take it off and I said an emphatic NO! He said that was cool because he loved it on me anyway.

Then the weather warmed up into a fabulous warm spring fling and I could wear the dress without the long johns! We packed up our van for a weekend of travel and kayaking. I stuffed the dress in my clothing cabinet. We went kayaking and when we got back, I pulled the dress from the crumpled mess, shook it out, and easily slipped the dress on. The crumpling of it was not a problem and it felt SO GOOD against my skin after kayaking on a warm spring day. And I could dry my hair with the hoody. It was the perfect thing. I wore it after kayaking for the next few days and to another party.

This dress is so comfortable and easy to wear, I can actually do yoga in it! It will be perfect for some concerts too because it will be so easy to dance in.

This dress turned out to be the perfect addition to my wardrobe because it is versatile—it can go from riverside to being stuffed in a bag or cabinet to van living to out on the town. It’s nice enough to wear out, yet relaxed enough to kick back in. It’s stretchy and non-binding, so I can move around and just be free. I can even spill something on it and it would just blend in. (If you know me, you know this is super important!)

The extra super cool bonuses are that it’s eco-conscious and affordable. The dress is made of organic cotton, fair trade, and the company even donates some profits to environmental organizations—they tell you which ones on the tag! This dress is by the people for the people—kind to the environment, to the workers, on the eyes, to your skin, and your wallet! I never thought one dress could do so much!


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Review: Stir It Up – island style!


2 island colors halter dres - Review: Stir It Up - island style!

What’s up buds? Just writing to tell you about myself and the awesome Stir It Up Halter Dress. I love this dress! Not only is the name absolutely wonderful (bringin’ back memories of Bob Marley playing on the radio at a beach on Catalina Island) but it’s so comfy! I’m definitely a low-maintenance kind of girl so this dress makes it easy to look good without the fuss. The material is super soft and almost feels like my favorite pj’s, it’s also very thin and light which makes it perfect for twirling. The dress hits right above the knees on me, but I’m a bit shorter than most, and the elastic at the top is tight enough to dance the night away without worrying about indecent exposure. Normally I don’t care for clothing that is tight around my neck (I cut all my t-shirts and never wear scarves) but the ties on this dress are very comfortable and after a few minutes I didn’t notice them at all.

2 beach coverup dress - Review: Stir It Up - island style!

So how does this dress represent me? Well, the print reminds me of seashells or ocean waves, and those of you who read the last post know that the ocean is my passion. I love learning new things and the ocean is so full of mystery the possibilities of discovery are endless! I draw my creative energy from hours spent floating and swimming over the waves in Kailua and this dress allows me to bring that serenity with me.

2 classy hawaiian pattern d - Review: Stir It Up - island style!

Hope you all are having a great time going wherever the universe is taking you! Make sure to get this dress so you’ll have fun on all your adventures (and you’ll be comfy too!)

Peace, buds!
Lauren ☮

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100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved!

1 colorful children clothing - 100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved! 2 active boys pants - 100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved! 3 cotton kids patchwork pants - 100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved!

As a mom with a growing boy who marches to the beat of his own funky drummer, clothes can be an issue. I know some moms say, “Boys are easy! Just jeans and a shirt and they’re set.” Well not all boys. My boy LOVES color. And this mama wants to honor his artistic soul and free spirit both inside and out. So khakis and a plaid polo just won’t do. Soul Flower understands this!

I don’t know who was more excited about Soul Flower’s A Day At The Beach pants – my little guy or me? But when they came he stripped down to put them on right away (with a gentle reminder from mama to add a shirt and some undies, it IS still 40-something degrees here after all). “Oh mom, they’re so comfy!” I could tell the 100% cotton agreed with his sometimes picky sensitivities. And of course being 100% six year old boy, he noticed the two generously sized cargo pockets right away. “Look, treasure holders!” Exactly!

The drawstring is perfect for keeping these lounge style pants on a slim frame. And the fit is perfectly true to size. He wore them 3 days in row before I managed to talk him into tossing them into the laundry bin. Living on a sailboat we love clothes that protect us from the sun while keeping cool and comfortable, these pants definitely fit the bill. Color plus comfort makes for one happy kid!


karma krewe logo 300 - 100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved! Cindy reviewed the
A Day at the Beach Kids’ Patchwork Pants
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Sweet Dreams! Dreamcatcher Organic Tee Review

dreamcatcher longsleeve tee - Sweet Dreams! Dreamcatcher Organic Tee Review

The earliest peoples to inhabit our precious land now known as the USA, the Native Americans, made ultimate use of the natural resources that surrounded them, and they did this in the greenest and most efficient way. Dream catchers were of great importance to Native American culture. They were intricately created using woody vines, leather, eagle or hawk feathers, and other such natural treasures provided by Mother Earth.

Dream catchers were hung above the sleeping entity below and were intended to protect them from negative dreams that digress through the dark night skies. Positive dreams would slip through the hole found in the center of the dream catcher, coast down the affixed feathers, and good vibes would cascade the being lying below. The negative dreams would be caught in the web and terminate when the morning’s enchanting sunshine gleamed upon them, the good surpassing the depraved. The figure of the hoop that is the foundation for the web and the seizer of dreams epitomizes strength and unity in the Native American tradition.

dream catcher organic shirt - Sweet Dreams! Dreamcatcher Organic Tee Review

Dream catchers are so intriguing, as they capture dreams, both good and bad, but they also liberate the being that rests beneath. The Dream Catcher Organic Long Sleeve tee will protect you from all of your dire dreams! It rests soft upon your skin like the feathers that have the power to deliver you tranquility in your slumber. Wear this tee in the cooler temperatures with a scarf, or simply solo when the air is a little warmer, as it has quite a light, soft, organic cotton feel! Anything that you dream of would work with this tee! I like to wear it with a pair of yoga pants to keep the comfort level to a maximum, but you can also throw on a pair of jeans to go casual, or even a skirt to jazz it up a bit. Keep in mind that this tee does run a little bit small! Sweet dreams!

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Dream Catcher Organic Longsleeve Tee
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Free Your Mind Tee

free your mind quote shirt - Free Your Mind Tee

Do you like awesome reminders to live free? Do you like wearing shirts that inspire people to break out in song? Do you look good in blue or black? (of course you do!) If you answered yes to any of the above, then this review is for YOU!

The new ‘Free Your Mind’ tee is the fourth shirt from Soul Flower to have made my face incredibly happy. They were all so diverse with the ‘feel’ being different for each one. The ‘Hunter Tee’ and the ‘Treehugger Tee’ were both very lightweight in construction, and maybe even a little stretchy in composition. The ‘Free’ tee is more like the ‘Soul Flower Block Print’ tee… it feels more like your favorite worn cotton t-shirt. Not too light, not too heavy, but broken in just right.

The design is awesome because it gives off the effect that your t-shirt has been spray-painted. Like, maybe you were just walking to your car one day when out of the blue, someone ran up to you, and tagged your shirt with some fun advice! The process of creation was recently explained on the Soul Flower blog here. The blue and white colors make for a wicked cool contrast. Both are vibrant shades and really Pop! I like a little length to my shirts and this one lands just below my pants pockets. No riding up going on here. It stays just where I like it.

The ‘Free’ tee is my favorite t-shirt so far. I am literally wearing it right now. You should be too. Then, we could sing to each other. ‘Free Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow.’ You’re singing it right now, aren’t you? 🙂

High-fives, buds…

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Free Your Mind Tee
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Spreading the Vibes

We hope you all are enjoying your summer, and that you are getting to spend some time outdoors in the wonderful weather!

Our bud Trish from the Karma Krewe went to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, CO, and shared some pics with us, rockin’ her Down Low Hemp Hat!

DSCF4488 - Spreading the Vibes DSCF4420 - Spreading the Vibes DSCF4414 - Spreading the Vibes

At the festival, Trish also handed out some Soul Flower catalogs and stickers as a way to get the word out about our cool threads for kind heads… which reminds us…

The Fall/Winter 2010 Soul Flower catalog is now in the works! It won’t be delivered to you til October, but get excited! Because we’ve been working hard to bring in a bunch of new items that we’re sure you’ll love.

And speaking of love, we all know reusing is even better than recycling (though recycling is good, too!), so if you’ve exhausted your current Soul Flower catalog with all your lovin’, pass it on to a friend. It’s always awesome to spread some positive vibes!

If you’re looking for more ways to spread the Soul Flower vibe, check out our new Goodies section on the site. We’ve got badges for your blog, sweet desktop wallpapers, and some cool cards you can print out.

One more thing for you to check out…

catalogs - Spreading the Vibes
Remember our past catalogs? We just added a gallery of covers so we can all reminisce… and see how far we’ve come!

PS: If you’d like to be added to our mailing list to receive a paper catalog, you can sign up here! Or you can browse the catalog digitally.

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