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Down Low Hemp Hat (with secret pocket)

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A customer fave for years, this one has truly stood the test of time! Our down low hemp hat is perfect for whatever the day throws your way. Some call it the perfect festival hat - the flexible brim of this hemp hat allows you to rock it any way you choose! The sweet bonus? A secret Velcro pocket sewn into the inside - a stash pocket - for all your stash-ables. A great hippie hemp hat you can take wherever you go! But may we suggest a festival?? Made from 100% hemp. Available in one size that fits most.

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Reviews for: Down Low Hemp Hat (with secret pocket)

(4.9)33 Reviews

Brenda Gverified buyer
So cool....by both definitions!
I owned a similar hat (without adjustable rim) in the past that was my favorite "grab & go" accessory. It's a wee bit large for my choosing but better a bit large than a bit small and entice a headache. Also, I had forgotten about the "secret pocket" until seeing the oversize, sewn-on, label. GREAT feature!
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Jaanaverified buyer
I knew I’d love this hat! Looks just like pictured, and has a hidden wire at the end of the brim that keeps it in whatever shape you choose. If you have verrrry fine hair like I do, you might find it a bit itchy against your scalp, but certainly not so much that it’s unwearable (and you get used to it quite quickly). The secret pocket located under the crown of the hat is big enough to hold a small wad of cash or credit cards -or whatever small item you need to squirrel away. The SMELL of the hat is intoxicating! I hope it doesn’t lose its smell too quickly... Anyway, the hat is very well made and looks like it could last a lifetime, and that’s probably how long I’ll be wearing it. Mahalo, Soul Flower!
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Alex Chessmanverified buyer
Hemp hat
Love this so much. It folds, bends, and shapes very easily. Mine has a wider rim (or maybe I have a smaller head?) than the photos, which I love! I can't wait for warmer weather so I can wear it everyday.
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Susan Dhu
All purpose hemp hat
This is a hemp hat for any occasion. It folds up, it fits in my bag, and the little inside pocket means that when I go for a walk - I don't need a bag! Perfect travel companion. Love it.
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Lizverified buyer
Great Festival Hat
Great festival hat. You can move it and shape it however you like and it holds the shape. Can't wait to wear it on sunny days in the garden and summer days at festis! :)
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Patverified buyer
return purchaser
Bought this hemp hat for my daughter in law...liked it so much when it arrived I bought myself one...just purchased a third for a friend! love it!
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JLuvBudverified buyer
Great beach hat
Wore this hemp hat throughout our week long vacation to some spectacular, and spectacularly hot, beaches of Costa Rica. My husband loved it on me, and wanted to take it for himself. Fantastic quality hemp hat, provides great shade. So happy with the purchase, I'm getting another one.
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Melissaverified buyer
Best festival hat ever
I have never written a review in my life, but I had to on this purchase. This is quite possibly the coolest hemp hat ever! I am a 'hat' girl, and I buy them all the time. The problem is most of them don't look so great on my super curly hair. This hat makes my hair look even better!

I saw one reviewer say she might buy another just in case something happens to her first one. I think I will do the same.

Thank you Soulflower! BTW, I am 51 years old and love your stuff
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Hayley Pragerverified buyer
Cute Hemp Hat!
Really good quality... great fit. Stash pocket! Cute Hemp Hat!!
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Lucy N
Just right...
This is not only great for the sun, it is tolerable for my hot flashes, and fits my terribly large head! Yay for the down low hemp hat!!!
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Perfect Hat!
This hat is perfect for any outside event! I like to wear a headband underneath the brim because it can sometimes be a little itchy and the hat has a distinct smell to it since it is made from hemp. I love the pocket inside!!!
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Best Hemp Hat Ever!!!!
Love it holds whatever shape you put it in....My kids hate it so that makes it even better.
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Love this Hat!
Wow, I Love this festival hat. It's so flattering on me and I can't wait to wear hiking and for the summer!! Love Love!
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So cute!
I got this hemp hat the other day in the mail, I was super excited!! It looks great with my wavy/curly hair :) Can't wait til the festie season comes up and my favorite artists who will be going on tour! :D :D Thanks Soul Flower :)
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Big enough to fit over my dreads
Love this hat! I have had it a few years now and its held up great. A bonus is Its like the only one of my old hats that fits over my dreads.
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Love this hat!
Awesome hat! I bought it for Bonnaroo and was a bit worried about it being too hot and scratchy, but it was super comfy, cool and breathable. Best of all you can fold it, roll it and easily pack it in your bag without having to worry about ruining the shape. Great for festivals, beach trips, anywhere you travel really. Best of all is that this hemp hat looks so cute.
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Seriously, this is the best hat ever! I'm tempted to buy another one just in case anything happens to this one. It breathes, and it holds any shape you put it in. It looks like its from the earth. I've found my perfect hat!!!
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Sooooo cute!
Love this hat! It's adorable. It can be molded into any shape. Folded or crushed for packing, and comes out looking great.
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Stellar Hemp Hat!
This is exactly what ive been looking for! a floppy at with not too much flop. Awesome that you can shape it however you feel like wearing it :) Oh and the super secret stash pocket is rad.
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Looking for a hat just like this!
Just arrived yesterday. Cannot wait to wear it! Perfect for river trip this 4th of July! Thank you!
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Funkylicious Festival Hat
Cute, comfy, husband loved it. Thank you for the little surprise.
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cute, but disappointed.
i bought this festival hat for coachella and there definitely was not a pocket on the inside. so disappointing! the whole reason why i bought this one instead of the rasta one is because of the little pocket. what happened soul flower? besides that, it's really cute and versatile.
Hey Bud! We are so sorry your hemp hat was missing its stash pocket. What a bummer! Please contact us and we will trade it out. That happens every once in a while and we want to make sure you love your down low hemp hat so get in touch! Peace ~Your Buds
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Robbie T
Awesome as Awesome can be
Soul-Flower you dudes are so very cool, this hemp hat is sweet as.
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Wonderful Hat!
Comfy & very cool! I love the little secret pocket on the inside - a very nice touch!
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Jessica Hardin
This hat is fantabulous! Being able to adjust it to whatever shape you want is amazing! Can't wait to where it to shows and festivals this summer! Til then it'll be stuck to my head wherever I go!
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Awesome Hemp Hat!
This hemp hat is perfect for everyone! The flexible brim makes it so easy to pack for travel. Perfect for going on trips, festivals, or a day in the sun. It also has an convenient pocket at the top for you to keep all your secrets:) I love it! Great fit, comfortable, and looks great!
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Amazing hemp hat! adjustable brim, great fit and the pocket it clutch! perfect for any out door activity
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Awesome hemp hat!
Ive had it two days and i love it. I wish it was festie season, til then ill just be wearing it all the time. i can still fit a beanie on underneath it so i can wear it while shredding this season. thanks soulflower!
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Love it
I love this hemp hat!
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Pure Sunshine Daydream
I love this hat!
It's wonderful. It's perfect, especially for summer sun and the festivals that I partake in! My first down low hat got ruined by the storm at Harvest festival in 08 so I was sure to buy a new one for this season! Thank you so much for ALL of your beautiful and quality product!!
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Festival Hat
This hat is amazing...wore it the whole time I was at Bonnaroo and now I wear around campus...absolutely love it.
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Love it!
That's all I've got to say.
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great hat
I love this hemp hat, only gave it a 4 instead of 5 b/c the hidden pocket has a plant leaf on it. I think it kind of defeats the purpose of having a hat with a secret stash pocket when you label the pocket with a leaf. otherwise great.
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