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Field of Dreams Bag : Why Moms Love It!

This is a bag for the mama warrior on the go. You know how “mom” bags look really corny and sedate? I remember browsing diaper bags while I was pregnant and thinking, “No. No. No. None of these will do.” Here’s the thing, you don’t need a “mom” bag to carry all of your mom gear.

The Field of Dreams bag is 10” by 15”, which means it can fit your diapers, your wallet, your phone and keys (there’s a handy inside zippered pocket), a spare onesie, some snacks, and all of those other mysterious things we end up carrying in the bottom of our bags (hey how did this dead beetle and random doll dress get in here?) But when you close up the 100% cotton canvas messenger style flap it all disappears.  The straps are made from cotton webbing and the closures are antique brass turnbuckles so this bag is strong and can put up with a lot of abuse, travel, weather, and kid goop.

The best part is, instead of a corny kitten and calico fabric screaming to the world that yes, you are a human napkin and milk wagon, there’s a very cool mandala on an army green background. You can be you. You can be hip and stylish and still carry all of the trappings of parenthood.

The bag name kind of made me giggle. I remember the movie Field of Dreams. And I may have even taken a road trip as a teenager to said field in Iowa just to play a game of catch with my best friend. Those were good times, young and free. But I gotta tell ya, this bag is serving a very different field for me these days. I like to think that the subtle military theme is very appropo for a young parent. Yes, you are in the trenches now. Wear your bag with honor and soldier on. May it serve you well.

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Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash – Repeat

I have been trying, really trying to take some good pics of this shirt. My buds at Soul Flower sent it to me to review, and I had a tidy little write up on my computer, but no photos. The problem? The shirt was constantly in the dirty laundry bin because it’s constantly getting worn! I kept saying to myself, today will be the day. This will be the day I put on the shirt, go out in the winter sun, and take some cool shots. But being a mom of two little ones the reality is more like this… put on the shirt, baby smears food on it, I manage to drool on it while brushing my teeth, my older son leaves a goopy glitter glue filled art project somewhere and I manage to brush against it, and so on. So by the time I have a rare free minute to whip out the camera I am a mess. And so is the shirt. And it goes back in the laundry bin, and it comes out looking awesome again, and we start over.

Blog Image Foereveryoungcol - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat

What’s not to love… it’s 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled PET. It’s soft and wears well. Of course the “Forever Young” theme with the kid on the swing is classic and joyful. But my favorite thing? It’s purple! I love purple and this is the perfect purple. It makes me smile and always brightens up my frumpy mommy look. And it hides kid goop. So excuse my photos, I just took a close up as the shirt was drying on the line and a quick camera photo. This shirt is way too busy for the paparazzi.

IMG 6072 - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat
Ha! Back to the Laundry Bin! 

Stay Forever Young!

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Wander Trucker Hat Out…Wandering


My husband and I are a good pair, even though truthfully we’re very different. We don’t agree about politics, religion, food, or music. But we both have a deep bite from that old travel bug. We wander the world together debating the merits of social policy and eggplant and kombucha and never really come to an agreement. But that’s because we both realize and savor the journey, literally and figuratively. So when I saw this hat, I knew he had to have it.
“All who wander are not lost,” is a phrase that gets tossed around in many contexts. But J.R.R. Tolkien fans will know it’s from the The Fellowship Of The Ring. My husband is a big fan of these books so I knew that would hook him in. He’s usually not a fan of hats or t-shirts with messages, so I was a little tentative that this hat would get nowhere with him. But he went for it – Score!
Of course he wears it on all kinds of wandering journeys from kayaking to sailing to geo-caching with our 7 year old son. Here he is in the cockpit of our boat checking the GPS. Are we wandering honey or are we really lost?
It’s made from organic cotton and recycled poly mesh which is all good earth loving stuff to me. He loves that it keeps his eyes shaded and his hair hidden on those big hair, roll out of bed days. And we both love the sentiment. If there is one thing we can agree on it’s that wandering it good. And if you can find good threads like these to wander in, well who can argue with that?


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Kid’s Patchwork Pants

The Kid’s Patchwork Pants should be renamed “Mom’s Favorite Pants”. Here’s the lowdown on these threads. First, they are stinking cute! They are the perfect combination of unique enough for mom to fall in love with and cool enough for the little guys to want to wear. The patches are done in fun forest colors that work in any season or setting.


Next, these pants are “sooooo comfy mommy!” That’s a direct quote from a 7-year old who rarely notices IF he’s wearing clothes when he walks out the door, let alone how they feel. Made of cotton and hemp they’re airy, but still sturdy enough to stand up to kid play. So far he’s worn these at the beach, in the woods, at the park, to a birthday party, out to lunch, to the museum, they work in every occasion.


Finally, these pants are awesome because they hide dirt. Yes, the pants have magical powers to make kid goop disappear. Ok, maybe it’s not magic, maybe it’s the wonderful color and pattern combination that manages to keep your kid looking decent even after a romp in the great outdoors. Oh, and they have pockets to hold stones, shells, dead bugs, and toy cars.


So what d’ya think, rename these pants? Or just get them for a kid you know and see for yourself.

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Hello Little Flowers Dress

If you are going to buy this dress you better be a people person. Everyone, and I mean everyone from old ladies to burly dudes to squeaky tweens, will stop you and tell you just how cute this dress is and how adorable your daughter looks in it. You will do a lot of chatting, so be ready to meet and greet and share the love for the Little Flowers Dress.

This has been our go-to dress for summer time because it’s so light and cool made from gauze cotton and a beautiful crocheted top. But with the weather cooling we can not bear to say goodbye to this little beauty for the season just yet. So we pair it with leggings and a cardigan and voila! We can still go out and and chat with strangers in the cooler fall weather.

I love that this dress is Fair Trade, which is hard to find in baby dresses! A little further reading revealed that some families of Inca descent make these dresses in South America. Hey cool, we are from Inca descent too.

No wonder we love this dress so much.

The best part is, this dress is not just for babies. It goes all the way up to size 6! You can bet I will be getting the next size up. And the next one. And the next one. Afterall, we like meeting new people, and my little girl loves her beautiful dress!


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Eco Tee and Sailing Around the World

I take my role as Hippie Mama Clothing Tester quite seriously. When I got the Nouveau Soulflower Eco Tee I put it through the paces.  I didn’t just wear it, I have been living in it. Here’s what happened. I put it on and fell in love. It was one of those shirts that made me say “ahhhhhhh” when I put it on. It’s so soft and fit just right on my mama of two kids frame.

So I have been wearing it. And wearing it. And wearing it. And truth be told I don’t always wash it between wearing again and again. It’s my go-to tee these days and it’s takes a licking and keeps on looking fabulous. I have had baby spit on it, dead crab bits brought to me by my 7-year old son, I have spilled my kombucha all over it, I have been doused in sea spray, and I have sweat my fair share in this crazy summer heat. But this shirt still looks like new!

Then for grins I went and read about how it was made. The shirt is 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled p.e.t.  Seriously, how cool is that? I am wearing old plastic bottles that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill. No wonder it’s looking so good! And now I feel good too knowing it’s made of all kinds of good things, especially since I have a little one right next to me and the tee all the time.

Living in the small confines of a sailboat we cannot keep a lot of anything, especially clothes. But this little baby will make the cut and go around the world with us!

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Growing Up Organic

My love for these little onesies runs deep. Of course the messages on them are right up my peacenik alley. As a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist who wants her kiddos to spread love not war, I am proud to have my baby wear her “Pick Flowers, Not Fights” message. And that’s saying a lot for me because in general I am not a fan of clothing with words, but this is an exception indeed. And the “Let It Grow” onesie is just too sweet. If there is one thing babies do like crazy (aside from poop) it’s GROW!

Sometime baby onesies are paper thin or rough and poorly sewn. I guess people figure because your kiddo will grow out of it so quickly, why bother? Not these though! The fabric is thick and soft and it’s very well made overall. It’s the sort of onesie that will take a lot of abuse as my baby scooches around the floor and will still have plenty of life left to pass the love on to the next little bud.


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100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved!

As a mom with a growing boy who marches to the beat of his own funky drummer, clothes can be an issue. I know some moms say, “Boys are easy! Just jeans and a shirt and they’re set.” Well not all boys. My boy LOVES color. And this mama wants to honor his artistic soul and free spirit both inside and out. So khakis and a plaid polo just won’t do. Soul Flower understands this!

I don’t know who was more excited about Soul Flower’s A Day At The Beach pants – my little guy or me? But when they came he stripped down to put them on right away (with a gentle reminder from mama to add a shirt and some undies, it IS still 40-something degrees here after all). “Oh mom, they’re so comfy!” I could tell the 100% cotton agreed with his sometimes picky sensitivities. And of course being 100% six year old boy, he noticed the two generously sized cargo pockets right away. “Look, treasure holders!” Exactly!

The drawstring is perfect for keeping these lounge style pants on a slim frame. And the fit is perfectly true to size. He wore them 3 days in row before I managed to talk him into tossing them into the laundry bin. Living on a sailboat we love clothes that protect us from the sun while keeping cool and comfortable, these pants definitely fit the bill. Color plus comfort makes for one happy kid!


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A Day at the Beach Kids’ Patchwork Pants
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