I have been trying, really trying to take some good pics of this shirt. My buds at Soul Flower sent it to me to review, and I had a tidy little write up on my computer, but no photos. The problem? The shirt was constantly in the dirty laundry bin because it’s constantly getting worn! I kept saying to myself, today will be the day. This will be the day I put on the shirt, go out in the winter sun, and take some cool shots. But being a mom of two little ones the reality is more like this… put on the shirt, baby smears food on it, I manage to drool on it while brushing my teeth, my older son leaves a goopy glitter glue filled art project somewhere and I manage to brush against it, and so on. So by the time I have a rare free minute to whip out the camera I am a mess. And so is the shirt. And it goes back in the laundry bin, and it comes out looking awesome again, and we start over.

Blog Image Foereveryoungcol - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat

What’s not to love… it’s 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled PET. It’s soft and wears well. Of course the “Forever Young” theme with the kid on the swing is classic and joyful. But my favorite thing? It’s purple! I love purple and this is the perfect purple. It makes me smile and always brightens up my frumpy mommy look. And it hides kid goop. So excuse my photos, I just took a close up as the shirt was drying on the line and a quick camera photo. This shirt is way too busy for the paparazzi.

IMG 6072 - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat
Ha! Back to the Laundry Bin! 

Stay Forever Young!

ajax loader 2x - Forever Young: Play Hard -Wash - Repeat

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