I love to be able to move around: dance, do yoga, play, sit on the floor at a dinner party… and I don’t want my clothes to hinder me.  At the same time, I don’t want clothes that are so loose as to get in the way or are boxy; besides, my husband will complain if my clothes are too baggy.  These pants are the perfect combination of loose, fun, and free, while accentuating the female figure. They hug the butt and hips just a bit without being too tight, and then the legs of the pants flow and dance around with freedom and sass.  Wearing these pants feels like wearing a flowy skirt that twirls and a pair of pants at the same time!

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The tiers of heavy-duty 100% cotton fabric wave over each other to create a cool effect that’s fun to look at and to experience.  Instead of the pants feeling big and clumsy, the pants are put together just right so that the fabric never gets in the way.  The cotton is also somewhat stretchy, so that the pants will stretch a bit if they are a little snug in the butt and hips.  However, it’s not super stretchy, so choose your size accordingly.  I am 5’3″-5’4″, have 35.5″ hips, 32″ low waist, and a 29″ inseam, and the smalls fit just right with no extra room.  I am thrilled about the length since I have trouble finding pants that aren’t too long for me.  I have been tying them around the tops of my hipbones; and I probably could wear a medium too, and then I’d tie them up higher.

Since the cotton is heavy duty, the pants are nice and warm, but not too much so.  I wore them outside on a cold winter day and inside at a dinner party and was comfortable both times.  I’ve also added long johns underneath.  Since cotton is breathable, they’d also be great on a cool summer day or evening as well.

flowy+pants - Freedom Never Felt So Good!

You can’t go wrong with the earthy color choices that the pants come in.  I got the brown and they go with almost anything.  You can match them with other earth colors or wear something bright for contrast, and it still looks good.  These pants do steal the show though, so be sure and let them have center stage!

waves - Freedom Never Felt So Good!

Another wonderful thing about these pants is that you can go anywhere in them.  They look great dressed up for a show or a party.  They’re super fun and comfortable to dance in!  They have this cute little hip hugger tie that ties around the hips and make me feel like a belly dancer, which encourages me to shake those hips!  They’re also great if you have an office job where you need to look kinda dressy, but you want to maintain your funkiness and feel comfortable.  They’d also be great for going to class since they’re so comfortable; and then they transition well to the pub after.  They’re also super fun and easy to do yoga in and they’d be great for belly dancing and hooping as well.  

wavespants - Freedom Never Felt So Good!

One of the many reasons that I love Soulflower is that it is a company run with consciousness—of the environment, of human relations, and of art.  The Waves of Freedom pants are fair trade from Nepal, and they are a true work of art that will accentuate the artistry of every wearer.  

To celebrate the art that is you, I’ve put together a playful standing pose sequence—play with me at http://www.yogaventures.blogspot.com


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