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Folk Art Design

I would consider myself a creative person. In grade school I drew, years later I branched out and tackled sewing, design and embroidery. But with all areas of life there seems to be times of inspiration and times of… well ruts. My creativity seems to be fickle at times, dependent on variables, locations, schedules, and simply inspiration. (more…)

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Triple Totem Organic Scarf Review

I’ve always had scarves made out of wool or other heavy fabrics, so when I wear them, I immediately take them off when I get to my destination. Not with this scarf! I find the cotton so soft and cozy that it’s great to wear inside as well as outside. I even find myself planning my outfits around the scarf so that I can showcase the art everywhere I go.

soul+flower+organic+scarf - Triple Totem Organic Scarf ReviewBlog Image
The Triple Totem Organic Scarf kept me warm & peaceful 

I was a little skeptical about it’s ability to keep me warm, however, so I decided to go for a hike on a cold, windy day and see how well it did. Well, it was a little colder and windier than I had anticipated, and I found myself up on the mountaintop without enough layers, so I really got to put this scarf to the test! I was really glad that I had the scarf with me because it was the saving grace that kept me warm that day. I wrapped it around my arms sometimes as well as wearing it traditionally around my neck. I am no longer skeptical about its warming abilities!

organic+scarf lg - Triple Totem Organic Scarf ReviewBlog Image
Triple Totem Organic Scarf

This made-in-the-USA scarf is not only amazingly soft and cozy; it’s a beautiful Soulflower original piece of art as well. The material is 100% organic cotton and low impact dyed to a beautiful red wine color. The artwork on the scarf is amazing and thought provoking, as is the usual with Soulflower. It brings in elements of art from different cultures such as Indian and Native American to give it a worldly feel and message. The scarf begs to be worn to art and wine parties, to yoga class, on a mountaintop for meditation, and really anywhere you feel like wearing it; because it’s not only beautiful, it’s functional and durable.


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Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion

When the weather starts to cool down, I start wanting to wear some favorites: tall boots and long-sleeves.  It’s just one of the pleasures of fall for most females!  I’m always looking for long-sleeved t-shirts for my wardrobe, and this Soulflower tunic caught my eye.

What I love most about tunics is how versatile they are.  You can wear them with jeans as a t-shirt or put in on over your yoga clothes and add boots to go out on the town after class.  As the weather gets cold, you can put it on over long johns just for lounging or for going out.

Blog Image spirit+tree+organic+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Spirit Tree Organic Tunic

Since this is a Soulflower tunic, it’s made of soft GMO-free, organic cotton and is made to be just as comfortable and simple as it is beautiful.  The shape is cut to accentuate the female figure.   But the material is soft, so it’s non-binding.   The result is a tunic that is flirty and fun, yet comfy like lounge clothes.  In fact, the thing about Soulflower is that it seems like they make all of their designs as if they are lounge clothes as well as going out clothes.  It’s awesome because you can feel good if you’re just lounging around the house, yet be ready to go out in a hurry.  So you can wear the clothes for multiple purposes, such as lounging, going to class and work, yoga class, out for a hike or bike ride, and out on the town.  It’s also so nice to go out and still feel snuggly and comfy in your clothes.

Blog Image organic+spirit+tree - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Honor nature

This tunic is not just for fall and winter, either.  It can be worn with leggings and sandals in the spring and as a bathing suit cover-up in the summer.  So many options!

As things change in this world, I am always looking to buy stuff made in the USA that is low impact on our environment.  The Soulflower line is made in the USA and dyed with low-impact dyes.  Thanks Soulflower for bringing it home and keeping it clean!

Blog Image spirit+tree+tunic - Spirit Tree Organic Tunic : Eco Friendly Fashion
Love trees!

Soulflower’s graphics always astound me.  The designs are beautiful, yet simple, and they reflect nature and have positive messages to inspire those that wear them and those that get to see you wear them.  Their designs always have the effect of stopping someone to let you know how cool it is and how good you look.   Every piece of clothing represents the art of mindfulness, presence, and thoughtfulness.

I chose this tunic because I love trees!  The tree design and the color of the tunic are to remind us of the spirit of the tree.  Trees live in harmony with their environment.  They live much longer than we do generally, so they have much wisdom to teach us if we learn to slow down and listen.  This fall season is the time to get out and listen to the trees!

These photos were taken in Pisgah National Forest in the Laurentian forests that inhabit the tops of these Southern mountains.  We’ve lost many of the species that once thrived here due to invasive insects and diseases.  Be sure and pay attention to what is native in your area and never plant non-native trees and plants in order to prevent the spread of pests.


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Soulshine Bursts Boho Headband

I am so glad that headbands have become fashionable again since I was already wearing them anyway!  Although I am not one to dress according to what is fashionable, I like to be comfortable, and part of being comfortable is knowing that you look good in what you’re wearing.  Soulflower has found the perfect balance in comfort, fashion, and style!

Anyway, I was looking through the headbands and thinking that I wanted one, and I came across a review that  said she thought the headband she ordered seemed flimsy and to save your money by cutting up an old t-shirt.  It made me re-think my order, but I decided I wanted to try one anyway.  I am glad I did!  I like the idea of cutting up a t-shirt, and I will probably try that; but I am extremely happy with the Soulflower headband, and I’ve been wearing it more than any of my other ones now.  I find that it’s not flimsy at all; in fact it’s quite tough!  I will definitely be buying the other colors and designs!

In order to check its toughness, I put it through the paces.  I took it on a road trip and on a multi-day river trip.  I wore it during different activities, and I was frequently stuffing it down in my bag.  I found that not only is the headband ultra-tough, but it’s super small and easy to pack!

The other reasons that I love the Soulflower headband are the material, the fit, and the design.  The material is their ultra-soft cotton/poly blend that they use in many of the items in their yoga line. The cotton makes it soft and airy and the polyester makes it durable and quick-drying.  It’s organic cotton and recycled plastic too!  When it’s hot outside, I always want my hair out of my face, but many headbands make me itchy and hotter, so I put them on and take them off all day.  Not this one!  The material is silky-soft, light and airy, so it feels good to wear in all kinds of weather.

The fit of the headband is perfect.  I have a very small head, and it fits me great without falling around; and the material is stretchy, so if you have a bigger head, it will fit you too.  You can change up the look to fit your mood by wearing it over your whole head or scrunching it up smaller.  It stays on great through all kinds of activity like yoga, hiking, traveling, and just playing around.  On our road trip out west, I found it to be a necessary travel item!  Since I went many days without a shower, it was great to cover up and control dirty, wind-blown travel hair.  

One of the most amazing things about Soulflower is their designs, and they don’t hold back on their headbands!  I have many items with the Soulshine graphics on them because it’s one of my favorites!  It reminds me to stay positive and to do my best to make others around me feel good too.  Thanks Soulflower for always finding creative ways to spread the good vibe!

Also, here’s a tutorial on how you can double these headbands up for a fresh-fun look: Double Headband Magic

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Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra

If you like being comfortable, you will love Soul Flower’s line of pull-over yoga hoodies!  I now have two, and I wonder what I used to wear.  They are like your favorite t-shirt, but in hoody form!  These hoodies are made from a soft blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic polyester.  The cotton makes the fabric soft against your skin while the polyester helps it dry quickly and keeps you warm; making these a great choice for spring and fall or after the sun goes down in summer.  I wore this in a light rain and it didn’t soak the water in and it dried very quickly.   

Blog Image DSC 0440 - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
Give Joy!

These hoodies have a loose fit, (I got the small and it fits juuuuust right) so they are great for pulling on over your yoga wear or over your little party dress as the night grows cooler at a festival or show.  I actually just wore the Mehndi Hands hoody at a spring festival.  It got cooler at night, but not cold, so I wanted something that would keep me just a bit warmer.  The extra coverage and the awesome hood were just the ticket!  Also, because it’s a Soul Flower item, I could add a layer and still have on something cute and fun!

Blog Image mehndi hands close up - Mehndi Hands Hoody : The Heart Chakra
Mehndi Heart <3
Blog Image
Take Joy!

The Mehndi Hands graphic is absolutely spectacular.  It’s a beautiful maroon color against the brown hoody.   I have to add that the color of the hoody makes it very convenient for travel and festival wearing because it doesn’t show dirt!  Anyway, the graphic is open hands with a heart inside and the heart chakra symbol inside the heart.  How awesome is that!  It’s located right at the heart chakra too, so it reminds us to act from the heart. Others might be different from us, they might annoy us, but we do our best to love them anyway.  Chakras are able to give and receive energy, so also remember to receive the love that is given to you.  Soul Flower’s love is given to us through their eco-conscious clothing with conscious designs so that as we wear it, we give our love to the world around us!

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Strike A Pose in the Yoga Organic Tank

Oh, Soul Flower, you’ve stolen my heart again! I’m in love with your whole yoga/loungewear line, and this yoga tank is a true beauty! It’s a visually striking top that is comfortable to wear. I’m stoked that we’re having such warm weather in the South right now so that I can wear it as much as possible! It’s another Soul Flower item that can go anywhere too—yoga class, out on the town, or lounging in the yard to let the sun’s rays warm your shoulders.

Blog Image yoga+pose+organic+tank - Strike A Pose in the Yoga Organic Tank
Yoga Pose Organic Tank

As you slide the tank on, the first thing you will notice is Soul Flower’s signature soft organic cotton that bathes your skin in luxury. The next thing you will notice is the super comfortable fit. It’s loose in the upper body, which allows room for whatever you have to fill it, and plenty of room for movement. You won’t get uncomfortable underarm binding in this tank!

Another wonderful design feature is the long length, which not only provides good coverage, but it helps the top to stay in place as you move into any position.

Blog Image yoga+pose - Strike A Pose in the Yoga Organic Tank
Wonderfully long length

The design is gorgeous—a female figure sitting serenely, and she is filled with flowers. The design reminds me of the chakras. The root chakra is her legs and the design climbs up and culminates with her hands above her head in the crown chakra, which, on the shirt is at your heart chakra. This reminds me of our interconnectedness and to act with love toward all beings. Even if you don’t get the whole chakra thing, the design on the shirt reminds you to lift up through your body and be filled with energy. It’s like having a yoga class in the shirt! This is one of the things that I respect about Soul Flower—so much thought goes into all of their designs that they seem to resonate somewhere deep in the sub-conscious.

Adding to the beauty is the dark blue color of the tank. The color blue is said to invoke relaxation. It also goes well with the colors of Soul Flower’s yoga pants, capris, and skirts, so you can mix and match your yoga lounge wear. I know I have been!

The cherry on top is that the top is eco-conscious. It’s made in the USA with GMO free organic cotton and dyed with low impact organic dyes. Thanks for keeping it real, Soul Flower!

The Yoga Pose Organic Tank made me want to do arm balances, so I put together a sequence for you on my blog: It’s a great way to start warming and strengthening your body as we head into the active time of year!

 Happy Spring Everyone!

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Freedom Never Felt So Good!

I love to be able to move around: dance, do yoga, play, sit on the floor at a dinner party… and I don’t want my clothes to hinder me.  At the same time, I don’t want clothes that are so loose as to get in the way or are boxy; besides, my husband will complain if my clothes are too baggy.  These pants are the perfect combination of loose, fun, and free, while accentuating the female figure. They hug the butt and hips just a bit without being too tight, and then the legs of the pants flow and dance around with freedom and sass.  Wearing these pants feels like wearing a flowy skirt that twirls and a pair of pants at the same time!

Blog Image yoga+style+pants - Freedom Never Felt So Good!

The tiers of heavy-duty 100% cotton fabric wave over each other to create a cool effect that’s fun to look at and to experience.  Instead of the pants feeling big and clumsy, the pants are put together just right so that the fabric never gets in the way.  The cotton is also somewhat stretchy, so that the pants will stretch a bit if they are a little snug in the butt and hips.  However, it’s not super stretchy, so choose your size accordingly.  I am 5’3″-5’4″, have 35.5″ hips, 32″ low waist, and a 29″ inseam, and the smalls fit just right with no extra room.  I am thrilled about the length since I have trouble finding pants that aren’t too long for me.  I have been tying them around the tops of my hipbones; and I probably could wear a medium too, and then I’d tie them up higher.

Since the cotton is heavy duty, the pants are nice and warm, but not too much so.  I wore them outside on a cold winter day and inside at a dinner party and was comfortable both times.  I’ve also added long johns underneath.  Since cotton is breathable, they’d also be great on a cool summer day or evening as well.

You can’t go wrong with the earthy color choices that the pants come in.  I got the brown and they go with almost anything.  You can match them with other earth colors or wear something bright for contrast, and it still looks good.  These pants do steal the show though, so be sure and let them have center stage!

Another wonderful thing about these pants is that you can go anywhere in them.  They look great dressed up for a show or a party.  They’re super fun and comfortable to dance in!  They have this cute little hip hugger tie that ties around the hips and make me feel like a belly dancer, which encourages me to shake those hips!  They’re also great if you have an office job where you need to look kinda dressy, but you want to maintain your funkiness and feel comfortable.  They’d also be great for going to class since they’re so comfortable; and then they transition well to the pub after.  They’re also super fun and easy to do yoga in and they’d be great for belly dancing and hooping as well.  

One of the many reasons that I love Soulflower is that it is a company run with consciousness—of the environment, of human relations, and of art.  The Waves of Freedom pants are fair trade from Nepal, and they are a true work of art that will accentuate the artistry of every wearer.  

To celebrate the art that is you, I’ve put together a playful standing pose sequence—play with me at


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Lotus Long Sleeve Burnout Review

The Burnout Tee makes me feel anything but burned out!  When I put on this silky soft tee, my mind and body feel totally revived and alive.

This is yet another item from the Soul Flower line that I have trouble changing out of.  When I wake up in the morning, I love pulling this soft shirt against my skin with a layer over the top.  Then, for my afternoon yoga practice, I keep the shirt on because it’s yoga ready!  Then as the evening chill set in, I can add a vest and a warm hat, grab a porter, and I am in bliss.

The fit of this T is what I am always looking for in a long sleeve yoga top.  I actually am always looking for a long sleeve T that fits to my body while I practice, yet is not binding or constrictive.  This T is like a second pair of skin that moves with me—the only time I notice it is in a moment of pure bliss as I notice the softness.  The T also keeps me warmer than I thought it would, being a burnout fabric.  I am very pleased with how it keeps me warm at the beginning of my practice, yet isn’t too hot as my body heats up.  I also love how the lotus chakra pattern reminds me of the alignment of my charkas throughout my practice.  It’s a good indicator of how my body is aligned and reminds me to feel the openness and flow throughout the charkas.

This shirt is also good for other activities, such as hiking, walking around in town, or just hanging out and looking good in the office and at home.  As I’ve gotten older, I don’t go out nearly as much.  I spend most of my time in my office and hanging out at home with my husband.  Soul Flower’s clothes are comfortable enough that I want to wear them day-to-day, but instead of making me fell frumpy, the simplest clothes can make me feel gorgeous.  I imagine it would be good for students because of this reason too.  When you have so much to do, you don’t want to have to think about your clothes—you want to just put on something comfortable that you can wear all day; and with Soul Flower, you can be assured that you’ll look good wearing it.

These pictures were taken near Summersville, West Virginia on a reclaimed mountaintop removal site.  For more info about mountaintop removal and the work being done, visit


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Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover

I recently was bombarded by life issues, and I found that my energy was depleted.  I really didn’t have time to do much besides deal, and my body felt run down and tired.  In times like these, I like to turn to cuddly clothes, resting at home, and restorative yoga.

GatePose - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover
Ahhhhhh – Release!

Good thing I had Soulflower’s Take It Easy Fleece Pullover to put on to keep me cozy as I tried my best to take it easy as life threw it’s swings.  When you put on this sweatshirt, get ready for some serious downtime!  Put on some soothing music, grab a glass of wine or a hot cocoa, and take some time for you.  You’ll confront life’s difficulties much better if you are well rested and calm.

Dandasana - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover
Be sure and smile during your yoga practice–don’t take yourself too seriously!


As you’d expect, this Soulflower label sweatshirt is super soft.  The cotton and rayon are soft on your skin, and the polyester locks in that warmth from your body.  I love how the wide neck reveals the collarbone making the sweatshirt feel sexy.  I love this about all of Soulflower’s designs—I can feel comfortable and sexy—why settle for frumpy?  I love all of these features, but perhaps my favorite is the warm fuzzy little hand pouch on the front of the sweatshirt.  I have cold hands, and this makes it so convenient to warm them up!  Plus you can put stuff in there, like say, tissue for when you get the inevitable winter colds and flu; or maybe some lip balm to soothe dry lips from winter’s fury.  Even more, as the long, dark, days of winter envelope you, the warm, sunny design on the sweatshirt will remind you to enjoy taking it easy.

For yoga, this sweatshirt is the bomb.  You can wear it over a short sleeve or yoga tank until your body heats up and then put it back on to cozy up for savasana.  You don’t have to worry about it flopping around on you either—it has a band around the bottom and around the wrists to help it stay put.  As you slide in and out of poses, the soft elastic fabric is non-binding.

supported+child%2527s+pose - Takin It Easy In the Take It Easy Fleece Pullover

Because this time of year tends to be stressful and busy, and it’s also a time when we often get sick, I put together a Take It Easy Restorative Yoga Session for you!  Check it out at

The bolster used in the photos is from Inner Space Yoga:  Support small business!


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One Reason to Love the Summer Heat!

It’s full summer here in the southern U.S., and that means that the long days are hot, sultry, and sticky.  Luckily, I’ve been spending my days whitewater raft guiding and staying cool in the water; but the long days in the sun steering thousands of pounds through technical sections of whitewater leave me sunburned and exhausted.  After a long day in “the office,” I am stoked to peel the wet clothes from my skin and slip on this super soft organic cotton Sun and Surf Eco Sundress and kick back with a cold sangria.

I fell in love with this dress because of two reasons:  the super soft, cool, and comfy cotton for our southern summers, and I admire the beautiful waves decorating the dress.

Since I live this active, wet lifestyle, I am always searching for clothes that feel comfortable when it’s time to dry off; and Soul Flower’s signature soft, organic cotton fits the bill perfectly.  I need a dress that is not binding—that moves and stretches with me and that feels soft against my skin.  I am also searching for something that I can go eat sushi in as well as break out some yoga poses on the bank of a river.  This sundress has been perfect for all of that!

I am a water person and I love being in the water all the time.  I got into whitewater paddling as a way to play in the water, and I stuck with it because the river is a fascinating medium. Becoming involved with rivers has changed my life, so that is what the waves on this dress mean to me—the waves represent the waves that I surf and play on everyday.  I love the clear, fresh flowing water in rivers where as I surf, I can look down and see the carved rocks of the river bed and feel the energy of the wave with my boat.  Also, the fact that this dress is made using organic cotton is important to me because organic cotton does not pollute our waterways.

This sundress is more than a dress too—it also works as a bathing suit cover up.  So, if you are planning to hit the river or the ocean, and you are looking for that soft cover up to drape over sunburned skin that you can then wear into an evening sipping cocktails, eating dinner by candlelight, and/or dancing under the moon until 3am, this sundress is the only one you’ll need to pack.  And since it only weighs a few ounces and folds up really small, no matter how you’re traveling, you can be “travelin’ light.”

Enjoy Summer!

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Carry Your Own Sunshine Tank Review

When I was about 5, I made these little books about the sun.  I colored a sun on each page and wrote down a benefit that the sun provides.  I then walked around my neighborhood door to door and sold them for 10 cents each (and today I am a publisher!)  I am sure that some of my neighbors were going through life drama, and when they opened that door, and I was standing there so innocent and confident with those books, that their troubles momentarily melted away.

Since then my own life has had its dramas, and I have to continually learn the lesson that I so naively taught then—that no matter what, be sure and carry your own sunshine.  Yoga has been my main tool as an adult to help me learn to be a happier person.  Now, whenever I find myself becoming tense across my face and getting upset about a situation, I go inside and find that ray of light.  I have finally learned that the world will never be exactly as I would will it to be, so I may as well carry my own sunshine.

Wearing this tank is a good reminder to me to send out the warmth of the sun to the world around me, but it does so while keeping me cool as a cucumber.  This tank is super soft cotton and it feels cool and refreshing on the skin making it a perfect tank for a hot summertime yoga practice.  I love how it is not tight too.  Being a yoga instructor, I have a lot of tight Lycra tanks, which can be hot in the summer.  This tank is loose enough to not be constricting or hot and tight enough to not flop around during a yoga practice.  As a matter of fact, the material of this tank and the Soulflower lounge pants are so nice against the skin, I feel as if I am wearing nothing at all!  I visualize this tank to be a great tank for a mid-day yoga practice during a summer music festival.  You can put it on and lounge around camp to rest up between bands.  Also, I have included a Festival Yoga sequence for you to try at your next festival!  Here ya go buds:

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Go Go Tie Dye Hoody Dress Review

Blog Image tie dye hoody dress - Go Go Tie Dye Hoody Dress Review Blog Image versatile hippie tunic dress - Go Go Tie Dye Hoody Dress Review

When I first saw this dress, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it—the colors and the style were mesmerizing. But would I ever wear it?, I thought. You know how it is—you see a dress that you love—it’s gorgeous. You finally break down and buy it, and then it sits in your closet, too impractical to ever actually wear anywhere.

When I opened the package, I immediately knew that would not be the case with this dress! I put it on immediately. It was a freezing cold day and I wore it over my long johns to the river to go paddling. It looked fabulous yet relaxed at the same time and most important, I was super comfortable due to the stretchy organic cotton and lycra blend. After we were done paddling, I slipped the dress back on and I noticed the second best feature for me, a whitewater paddler who travels all over from river to river—it was easy to change under.

I proceeded during the week to wear the dress on a road trip in the mountains, hiking, at work in the office and to yoga class over my yoga clothes as a tunic.

Then my birthday came and I wore it as a festive birthday girl dress. A couple of days later, I wore it to a St. Paddy’s Day party. This was like day number 6 in the dress. My husband asked if I would ever take it off and I said an emphatic NO! He said that was cool because he loved it on me anyway.

Then the weather warmed up into a fabulous warm spring fling and I could wear the dress without the long johns! We packed up our van for a weekend of travel and kayaking. I stuffed the dress in my clothing cabinet. We went kayaking and when we got back, I pulled the dress from the crumpled mess, shook it out, and easily slipped the dress on. The crumpling of it was not a problem and it felt SO GOOD against my skin after kayaking on a warm spring day. And I could dry my hair with the hoody. It was the perfect thing. I wore it after kayaking for the next few days and to another party.

This dress is so comfortable and easy to wear, I can actually do yoga in it! It will be perfect for some concerts too because it will be so easy to dance in.

This dress turned out to be the perfect addition to my wardrobe because it is versatile—it can go from riverside to being stuffed in a bag or cabinet to van living to out on the town. It’s nice enough to wear out, yet relaxed enough to kick back in. It’s stretchy and non-binding, so I can move around and just be free. I can even spill something on it and it would just blend in. (If you know me, you know this is super important!)

The extra super cool bonuses are that it’s eco-conscious and affordable. The dress is made of organic cotton, fair trade, and the company even donates some profits to environmental organizations—they tell you which ones on the tag! This dress is by the people for the people—kind to the environment, to the workers, on the eyes, to your skin, and your wallet! I never thought one dress could do so much!


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